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  1. It's cheaper to pay some overworked people in other countries and then pay to import the goods, than it is to manufacture them here. Political opinions aside, that is a sad fact of life
  2. Luke + Brilliant Evasion + Deflectors takes like 1 damage at R3.
  3. I meant in terms of Holdo shenanigans, I'm not worried. Reinforced Sinker with Palp on him will be fun. Reinforced Norra won't be. It'll be a fairly expensive mod though.
  4. You put angled deflectors on the pod and it definitely dies in 1 turn off it gives Poe the reinforce. If the full transport takes it and Holdos the reinforce, it's a Y-Wing in a faction that does not spread damage around. Falcon/Bomber can't take it. I'm not worried about it at all
  5. Rey pilot has 2 force That's roughly 24 points right there (I'm assuming Leia will cost roughly the same as Emperor Palpatine) at least.
  6. 2 Force (Rey + Leia). And if you need to do both a coord and a white 4k, you have no mods. Not downplaying the combo, just correcting
  7. I would change the dice system, by decoupling accuracy from damage. Like, the current red dice would be the accuracy dice, and the number of uncanceled hits during Neutralize Results would be the number of damage dice you roll. Damage dice would have basically equal chance of damage or no damage, and would mostly be unmoddable. Most current two dice primary ships would roll light damage, while everyone else would mostly roll medium dice. Certain weapons would roll heavy. Light would have 1 crit symbol, medium 2, and heavies Then you'd say that all primary attacks would roll two accuracy (3 at R1) dice, unless otherwise specified. That way you could have mods to change accuracy without generating way more average damage. Each extra accuracy die would generate an average of about half a damage, before you take into account green dice. Plus then you could have torps and missiles fill different niches (missiles throw 3/4 accuracy dice, but only ever roll two damage dice on a hit, while torps throw 1/2, but throw 3 damage dice on a hit, as an example)
  8. Strictly speaking, not rolling enough positive results is never a mistake, but it can in fact cost you the game. I can minimize the chance of being hit, like putting Soontir at R3 and obstructed of a 2 dice attack, but the dice can end up getting Soontir killed. You did everything you could to minimize risk That's the whole point of batreps: to objectively determine the source of your success or failure. To quote the best Captain: It is possible to commit no mistakes, and still lose.
  9. Honestly, most I5s and 6s should go up across the board. Make it more in line with the Republic's scaling: Anakin is a full 7 points more than Obi-Wan, who himself is 7 points more than Mace. That's not even factoring in 7b. With 7b, each is 8 points more expensive than the next higher initiative.
  10. If they recost everything to be more in line with Republic, then the jump to I4 will be important, because there will be a lot more I4s and under
  11. The more I think about it, the more I hope they retune the cost of everyone else to fall in line with the Republic's pricing. It really feels like they costed initiative correctly, especially with regards to Anakin vs the I5s, or the I5s vs the I4s. That said, I feel like the non-I2 clones could go down a little in cost. Oddball is like 2 points too much, in both ships. All the named torrents could drop 2 points. The named ARCs are otherwise pretty decently priced, but I think Sinker could go down to Wolffe's price.
  12. Truth. Wedge being 11 points more expensive than an I2 generic is a joke. He should be at least 12-15 points more expensive, before you even factor in the talent slot or his 6+ point ability. Soontir is actually pretty decently costed over the I1 generic. However, if they fixed the initiative pricing, ships like the TIE Interceptor would have to go up in price as a whole. Honestly, with how the Republic has been priced, I'm wondering if they are going to be recosting a significant portion of the other faction ships. Anakin is significantly more expensive than the cheapest jedi, who is an I3 with 1 force. Even the Jedi with 1 force and +1 initiative over the generic, Bariss, is 4 points higher.
  13. Wedge's ability is an always on Outmaneuver. OM is costed at 6 points. So Wedge's +4 initiative only costs him 4 points (with the last 1 of the 11 going towards the talent). That's laughable
  14. I mostly use R3 for the flexibility. Let's say you're going against a Soontir and Vader list. If I can get the lock on both of them, then best case I can jam both. Worst case, I only jam one. Plus, seeing as you know who will take multiple shots, you can always choose not to jam one of them. If I have both locked, and I have more shots on Vader, I might just jam off his focus so that he has to burn his force, if he has any. Or I might jam off the lock if I don't have anyone with shots on him. Now Sinker is getting shot by a two dice attack. Or I could ignore Vader and jam off Soontir's token. The threat of jam is enough of a deterrent that my ace players at my FLGS don't shoot at Sinker at all because of the jam. Every turn Sinker is alive makes it that much harder for your opponent.
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