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  1. There's a reason I don't listen to anyone here about game design. Or pretty much anywhere, ever.
  2. Dash is fine. Outrider needs to be expensive, otherwise you have an I5 4 dice primary chucking 4 dice at R2/3 with no obstruction bonus, which is hilariously broken. Dash + LW + Kanan + title. You then get 78 points to spend on a wingman. His big problem right now is that 2-ship lists are decidedly difficult to fly. But "fixing" that by making him cheaper is hilariously NOT the way to go.
  3. A focus token, by definition, is always better for any single roll. The reason people say that 2 force/calculate tokens are better is because for any roll, the most likely usage is to turn one eyeball to a result, so with 2 force, you get two rolls where you can convert the eyeball. All that said, two Focus tokens will be better than 2 Force tokens.
  4. I hope if we get one of the two, it's the V-Wing. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather see the Eta-2. But there's already too much whining about jedi that putting them in true 3/3 ships would induce catastrophic levels of salt. The V-Wing, otoh, would allow for a more traditional interceptor. Also, if I remember correctly, the ship that Padme takes to Mustafar was decently armed. A couple of laser cannons, at the least.
  5. I'm glad that FFG doesn't take most of the forums seriously for balancing purposes.
  6. The idea is that you get the foresight activation shot, and then in engagement if you don't have a focus for the CLT shot (or you just don't want to spend a focus at all), you can just use foresight again (you don't need to spend a force to shoot it during engagement) and get a free mod while denying them a range bonus.
  7. It honestly feels like they said that they don't want the GAR in Hyperspace.
  8. SavouryRain


    I am laughing at all the posts that were all but guaranteeing the Jedi would go up. But then I feel sad because 7b is not hyperspace legal. They really don't want the GAR to have 3 dice attacks
  9. SavouryRain


    It's to stop a large ship using feedback array and static discharge to ram a ship to death. Now, the large ship will take 2 damage each time it does it, instead of 1
  10. SavouryRain


    Kinda bleh that certain factions get screwed out of an I6 ace
  11. Jedi aces have always been good against the field, but not great in the cut. There have been exceptions though
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