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  1. Sorry I’m not very good at editing posts yet. I’ll try to edit for clarity. My post starts with the sentence on clawdites.
  2. The fact that RAW you could stand up after that rifle shot appears to be part of the issue here.
  3. So far I have had only 3 characters since starting to play and neither have been played much. 1 is a twilek who I plan to start as entrepreneur then go performer. A second is a clawdite mechanic who usually looks human. 3rd is a somewhat protocol droid who is a bodyguard.
  4. I had not encountered him and wanted to be helpful. Yes I realized it was about 6 months old but did not think that qualified as a dead thread. My apologies I am fairly new to forums.
  5. Thanks for letting me know about that button. The only example I can think that is similar to this in legends is special use of tsutanamis (correct spelling?) corran horn could absorb energy and channel it into great feats of strength such as actually being able to use the move power. However I believe that that move would be better explained by the protect unleash power or that power hybridized into some form of bonus force pips or something. It would be very hard to balance for regular use.
  6. Sounds like this would be pretty powerful. Maybe overpowered depending on xp cost.
  7. To be honest this was totally started as just a thought in how much do would be required to get all of the form trees maxed out. Now after reading the great advice I might actually have to make one of these builds. Thanks for all the input guys and yes I do agree. All 6 specs put together would be ridiculous and unbalanced/ boring because it would likely have very little flavour outside of combat.
  8. I’m sorry but the fact that you bring out the line about the Niman disciple not doing much in combat and then bring out that the campaign never got past the first session? Depending on circumstances there are tons of reasons besides him being a miman user that could have resulted in him not fighting. p.s. Sorry if this resurrects the thread in the wrong way but I didn’t want to leave this unsaid.
  9. Oh actually I was more wondering about the text crawl
  10. Where can I find this? I’d love to use it if I ever make a campaign
  11. Good to note if I ever try to play it.
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