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  1. I mean...i won't argue "slippery slope", but I will say its philosophically incongruent to think that proxying one ship is substantively different than proxying another ship based solely on how similar the molds are.
  2. Yeah, I had to modify my post...about half the ships got a reduction. I feel like Scum needed the FO treatment...everything cut except the very best ships. They made it interesting enough to theorycraft, but my instinct is that it's still not enough to make the faction viable.
  3. Yeah, scum went down 1-2 points across the board on maybe half the ships. Not sure it was enough...guess we'll find out, but my instinct is that it's not enough.
  4. It's definitely a good thing in our local community. There's an ebb and a flow between casual play and prepping for competitive events that helps breath life into the community. Without the cooldown, we'd kill off our local scene I think.
  5. So much this. I've been trying to pull myself away from the inferno swarm in hyperspace and everytime i fly the CIS swarm, I just wind up wishing I was flying Inferno. If I want to line 6 ships up together and fly as a unit, I might as well do it with the best swarm available. Also...Inferno makes CIS swarm super sad in a joust.
  6. So it is a meme format after all, I'm in...
  7. I mean, Han probably just needs a point increase period, that ability is SUPER good. But... My argument for the slot change is that you can't price Han high enough to dumpster the combo without rendering him completely useless.
  8. Or we could just pull a Leebo and yank the illicit slot off Han. I know, i know..."but muh fluff!"
  9. Spot on. You can fix Leia with a simple cost change. But Han could be increased in cost by 25 points and still be viable...because the underlying problem is the ID/R2/Han interaction, not the price point.
  10. It's the dawning realization that you're not actually flying 6 ships with 6 different dials and 6 decisions to make...you're setting one dial per round for half the game... E Z
  11. Oh god...one of the players from a neighboring city tried to argue this and wouldn't listen to anyone, including Brent Wong, about how K2-B4 works. He thought anytime he spent a calculate he could also generate an evade. He told Brent that until a judge told him that ruling at an event he was going to keep reading the rules the way he thought they worked.
  12. I'm pretty sure none of us are actually good, except for like 3 people. Feel free to debate who those people are...
  13. Idk man...this reminds me of the old defense of Ghost Fenn or Final Form bc every maneuver felt significant...when in reality they matter way less than for other ships.
  14. Yes on both? Whether the pilot is an auto-include because the faction is just poorly priced or because it's too efficient, being an auto-include is a problem regardless. In this case, I think we have evidence that both the Starfortress and the YT should be price adjusted, but also that Lulo is just way too good for her points. When the running joke is "Resistance list building starts at 162 points"...then the pilot is probably too good. Contrast with FO...lots of non-viable pilots, so a few rise above, but nothing is auto-include necessarily. (Kylo gets closest maybe, but it's not comparable to Lulo IMO.)
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