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  1. I agree that L5R is procedurally more involved in adjudication of a roll. However, in D&D 3.5/Pathfinder, the provisions of those rolls are almost always outlined in the book itself. It is concrete. Whereas, in L5R, I am seeing a lot of input coming from the GM on what gets rolled. There is probably better terminology I could have used to explain myself there. However, that has been my hurdle, as it had been a very long time since I have played a system where the exact process of resolving an event hasn’t been spelled out in a source book. It will take some getting used to again, but I will get there and probably have a large set of house rules generated to facilitate gameplay at my table.
  2. I came from Shadowrun, DND 3.5, Pathfinder, GURPS and a myriad of others. Technically I came from 1st edition ADnD, but the last time I tried a game like that I wrote pages of house rules that effectively turned it into 3.5. Admittedly, I am headed that way now and that is how I am likely to overcome the snags I get caught in.
  3. So the crutch of the issue is that I come from a gaming career dealing almost exclusively with rule intensive systems and I need to retrain myself on rules light games. Thanks for the guidance everyone, it was very helpful 😀.
  4. This system is driving me a bit nuts and I could use some assistance in finding out if there are clarifications to some subsystems or if I am designing my own rules. Incapacitated: It says I go unconscious if I take a critical strike, but what if I reduce that strike to 0-2 and it becomes a technical miss? Do I still go unconscious even though I wasn’t affected? Poison and Jurojin’s Blessing: Jurojin’s Blessing halves recover time for poisons and supernatural afflictions. Most poison’s apply status conditions that go away when you refrain from a particular action. How does that interact with halving recovery? Are there any supernatural afflictions that you can naturally recover from where Jurojin’s Blessing actually applies? NPCs: Almost every NPC has advantages and disadvantages that aren’t detailed at all. Are those rules defined anywhere? More may follow, but right now I feel like I bought a system in beta. The rules seem like they were rewritten multiple times but earlier sections were never revisited when later subsystems were revamped. There are things I like about the system and I love the setting, but at least a quarter of the time I have to wonder if I am running this game correctly.
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