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  1. as per the rule reference: So the implementation in fly casual is correct. the point that matters is the second one.
  2. i do not want to be too nerdy here, but i'm pretty sure you don't see a lucrehulk trought out the whole Clone wars series. you get the separatis supply ship instead. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Separatist_supply_ship But it's so iconic from the movies, we'll get it a one point for sure
  3. Order 66 for Kanan was covered in the Kanan's comic. I don't think they will take some time away from the conclusion of the Clone wars for Ashoka and Rex to show more of Kanan
  4. Order 66 for Kanan was covered in the Kanan's comic. I don't think they will tqke some time away from the conclusion of the Clone wars for Ashoka and Rex to show more of Kanan
  5. Look like this type of ship for me: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Recusant-class_light_destroyer
  6. To start to answer some of your questions: If you wanna play GCW or sequel factions, buying second hand 1.0 collections and the corresponding conversion kits is usually a good option as it is price efficient and give you lots of possibilities. For now, to get all the components you need to play X-wing, you must buy a core set. But if you wanna play empire of rebels, it is trully worth it, just for the ships. Medium and Large ships are fun to play even though not all of them are competitive. The rebel falcon is a good one to get to try those kind of ships. In 2.0, the Slave 1 is not an imperial ship anymore, scum only. supply problems really depend on your location. From me in France, is it ok.
  7. While on my rewatch of some episodes of the Clone Wars prior to the release of the new episodes, i spotted this: Season 5 episode 19 "to catch a jedi" at the 8min21 mark. Looks a lot like a loth-cat to me. But Wookiepedia does not mention it in their appearances. And this would be the first on screen appearance of the loth-cat
  8. No you can't. Double edge ability allows you to perform a bonus attack. The VTG double tap is also a bonus attack. And as per RR page 6, ships are limited to one bonus attack per round.
  9. no, this one is from episode III, you can see it in the corner with the name of the artist and the date
  10. Thank you for the info. I was not worried about wookiepedia, that's such a minor detail. It was my recollections of the tech books from episode III and prequel artbooks
  11. Thank you, I was feeling a bit alone: spotted it immediately but no one was mentioning it. You sure for the Attack of the Clones part? To the best of my recollection, it was designed as the P-38, a starfighter for the people on Utapau before not being used and then repurposed as the Rogue Class in Clone Wars
  12. We are not at "qui gon's noble end" level but some titles are pretty specific!
  13. It looks a lot like a vibroblade. I also loved the fact that neither the Mando or Kuiil have any knowledge of the force.
  14. I think you're right. the one that had strong beliefs in the empire either died during operation cinder and the battle of Jakku or fled to the unknown region with what is to become the first order. The only "imperials" left are the low levels thugs that only joined the empire because of the power it gave them.
  15. Wolfe plus two jedi seems a good choice to me for a nice brawler list. I experimented with the following: Saesee Tiin (44) Sense (6) R4 Astromech (2) Delta-7B (16) Mace Windu (46) Supernatural Reflexes (16) R4 Astromech (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting (6) "Wolffe" (51) Clone Commander Cody (3) Total: 192 I do not take 7B on Mace to keep the 3 evade dices and his ability allows to keep your force level up. Sense-Saesee allows to give info to the rest of the list and to negate a bit the init 4 of the whole list
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