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  1. Your right! I did play Eldritch for a little while. I just assumed the art came from Arkham seconded.
  2. My personal favorite piece of artwork for the game is the art for Against All Odds. To me it best depicts everything about the game: a man and a woman atop a moving train shooting at a tentacle monster, while a shocked old man watches everything from out a window on the bottom. I used to play Arkham second edition a long time ago and I think this artwork was used as box art for one the expansion, so that might also factor in why I like it so much.
  3. Can someone tell me why Switchblade level 2 is on the list? Everything else on the list makes sense, but I still haven't figured out why Switchblade level 2 is on the Taboo list.
  4. LCGs have a huge accessibility problem. Is having a few reprints annoying, yes. But it in the grand scheme of things it's not that big of a deal. Making sure the game is always cheaply accessible will go a long in keeping the game live and thriving, which is beneficial for everyone.
  5. From what I know about other card games, cards yet to be released are designed at least a couple years in advance. Then again, I can't say this for certain with Arkham Horror. I just assumed all the investigators were already designed, so they know how to make all the player cards work well with all the investigators and they don't end up making major design mistakes.
  6. The stats for Tommy are the same, and the ability and elder sign effect are similar. For Agatha does anyone think the stats will be the same and the ability and elder sign will be similar too.
  7. Mandy doesn't want to search her whole deck, because of her signature weakness.
  8. It says in the press release that you'll only need to buy one core set.
  9. I have a strong feeling that either me or Daniela Reyes well be in this cycle.
  10. I agree that all the cards on the taboo list were powerful, but haven't all the investigators been designed and balanced around having these op cards available so early? I'm not against bans/nerfs in any game. It's just right now I'm not seeing viable alternatives. I'm looking at you Streetwise.
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