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  1. I'd like to see focus on more of the Sil 3 ships and smaller. Not only do I personally like them, I feel they are more likely to be made by Engineers in non-engineer campaigns. As they generally can be made in the downtime between other more general story lines.
  2. I'm aware of K.I.S.S. and I see and agree with your points. And I like the modular pod clamp. Full disclosure, I'm a software engineer IRL, so... I suppose me being a Engineer in game is a bit redundant. More in depth thoughts on the Clamps and Docking ports: I like the idea, and I think it works well to add in situations where you can various interesting ship designs or variants that make use of it. It's honestly a great idea. I would however, have it round up on Sil -1 docks so as to make it a bit more difficult to fit ships one size smaller than you. (Keeping in mind here that the Ghost is Sil 5 [for some reason] and the Phantom is a Sil 3 ship. [I think] If you do this, one other thing you may want to include as a module is a Shield Generator that expands to any attached ships so that the attached ship may use the mother ship's defense. This, while being a useful improvement to defend the attached ships, would also make the combat flow a bit easier if it was used by making the entire 'Voltron' stack all act as one entity for the point of Defense. Should just cost 1 HP on Sil <= 4 and 2 hp on Sil >= 5. Then the mothership Hull could reduce that cost by 1, potentially?
  3. If you find you are often running too high on Hard Points, perhaps add a module or device that lets you 'restock' the Consumables of docked ships. Like a "Refueling Depot" or something. Basically lets certain ships (like fighter craft or other such vehicles) have a way to restock without it taking out of the Carrier itself, or constantly needed it to stop to refuel fighters.
  4. It does. I guess I was just thinking of a 'gunner seat' mod and trying to justify it.
  5. True. Maybe do both the Integrated attachment change, and the Limit on the max Hanger Bays. Also for weapons, look into having rules for how they are mounted onto a ship? I think the base rules doesn't really specify what firing arcs they can have when installed. As for your rules, there is only really the Weapons Banks which only affects larger ships. However what about smaller ships for Firing arcs?
  6. For Integrated Systems, depending on your design intent, you could always change it to say "Install one vehicle attachment that requires 2 or fewer Hardpoints. No check is required to obtain this attachment and it costs zero Credits. Installing this vehicle attachment costs 0 Hardpoints" This way you can still add the Integrated Attachment, without it just being a flat increase to Hard Points. Since the design intent of it in the book seems more that it is supposed to let you get a 'free attachment' rather than just adding more Hardpoints.
  7. Thanks. Also on your prior point on Sil 3 and the Hangar Bays. I see what you mean, and I agree. I suppose I was just thinking about how it would work with the Folded speeder bike designs that could be made.
  8. I still think that's rather large for a Sil 3 ship, since those are the range of most Star Fighters, and Larger speeders. The biggest speed barges (like Jabba's big Sandbarge, and the Jawa crawler) come in to Sil 4 The only Sil 3 ship I can find that has dedicated 'hangar' is the Guardian 5E Personal Defense speeder (Dangerous Covenants) which is capable of carrying a single speeder bike (Sil 2). I am curious what Sil 3 ship you had in mind for such a carrier role, since most seem like they'd fall into the Sil 4 category. Also, do you know where that is listed? I've not seen that before, and it would be nice to know the page so I can make use of it.
  9. That math only holds true if the Total Hanger Bay for a Sil 3 ship is +5, which is what is being suggested, not a +10 which is what is currently listed in the pdf. (Unless my copy is outdated?) Still, I do agree with all the math you posted, but that still fits in with using the lower numbers. Also I also think the Ghost should have been a Sil 4 ship. No idea why it's considered Sil 5. The Dedicated Hangar bay you have could also have worked on the Ghost as it could have had 1 Sil -1 frame (aka the Phantom) and still have room for a few speeder bikes + all it's cargo. Still though, a +10 on a Sil 4 per Hangar bay would still allow the ghost to have both the Phantom (3) and 3 sil 2 speeder bikes, as well as 1 sil 1 folded speeder bike. I think this is more than reasonable for a single mod. Although, talking about the Ghost did remind me of something: In Rebels we see multiple instances of magnetic tethers / docking clamps being used to allow ships to 'carry' ships that would normally not be able to fit inside it. A few examples include the CR-90 and Ghost both fitting A-wings to the docking clamps, as well as the Gazanti Classes which would docking clamp on 4 TIE fighters, and even the Arquentis later holding onto a few TIE variants in it's front dorsal area. Perhaps there could be some other modification which allows your ship to have external clamps to other ships to carry them around, at the risk that those ships are still 'target-able' in all circumstances. That would also fit the normal Dropships carrying larger walkers (such as the AT-AT or AT-TE carrying Airships)
  10. Instead of -- it should be +0 Also I think the size on Sil 4 should be reduced to +10. A Sil 4 ship is something along the lines of the Flacon. Even the ghost is considered a Sil 5 ship, and it had a special construction to allow for just one tiny Sil 3 ship to be handled, as well as a few speeders on it. Once we look at Sil 5+ though, the sizes of ships tend to vary wildly however. But for Sil 4 and smaller, it should be hard to fit anything else on them.
  11. I think the speeder bike can be handled better by treating it with some special rules. Maybe instead of just VSL, have it's SIL count as 1 lower than it actually is for all crafting purposes, and have any hull chosen for it start with one less armor in exchange for a reduced crafting time. That way there's still benefit to crafting one without making every speeder bike being stronger than anything that can be purchased. (Exception: Maximum speed is based on actual Sil) Since most speeder bikes only have 2-4 HT / SS
  12. That's why I was thinking 2 + Sil. Any lower, and you'd run into issues of having issues installing engines on poor crafting checks. (Although with only 1 difficulty base for the speeder bike, that's a pretty poor roll) That said, a good crafting check can already allow you to blow all speeder bikes out of the water without trying to hard. Already every hull gives at least 1 armor, which is already better than most speeder bikes can possibly match. Honestly, there would have to be some sort of threat to decrease armor to even be able to make something as 'bad' as some of the speeder bikes in the books.
  13. The things I spent on are in the [brackets]. Including the advantages. Is there a better way to style what you spend?
  14. So looking at various speeder bikes in the books we can see a few examples of 'classic' speeder bikes: [All at Sil 2] Aratech 74-Z (Edge of Empire Core) Speed 3, Handling +1, HT 2, SS 4 Mobquet Flare-S Swoop (Edge of Empire Core) Speed 3, Handling +2, HT 2, SS 3 Nebulon-Q Racing Swoop (Stay on Target) Speed 3, Handling +2, HT 3, SS 2 Guardian E2 Escape Speeder: (Dangerous Covenants) Speed 2, Handling 0, HT 2, SS 3 Starhawk Speeder Bike (Fly Casual) Speed 3, Handling 0, HT 3, SS 3 As you can see from all of this, Speeder Bikes are, in general, incredibly fragile vehicles, with nothing in the way of Armor, Defense, or Hull / Strain. Assuming crafting success with only 2 net advantage, and one mod, using 3 + Sil HP, the current rules in the collective can give a few vehicles such as Custom Fast: Speeder Bike [Extra Hard Point], Single Ion Coil [Enhanced Output, 1 increase speed by 1 Mod], Race Ship [Maneuvering Fins, 1 increase System strain by 1 Mod], Assembly [Extra Hard Point] Speed: 3, Handling: +2, HT: 1, SS 3, Armor 1, HP: 4 Custom Cheap: Speeder Bike [ 2x Reinforced Construction], Single Ion Coil [Enhanced Output, 1 increase speed by 1 Mod], Basic [Maneuvering Fins, 1 increase handling by 1 Mod], Assembly [Under Budget Speed: 3, Handling: 0 , HT: 4, SS: 4, Armor 1, HP: 3 So even accounting for very low rolls, and only one modifications one is already matching most published speeder bikes. Given that these are some of the easiest crafting checks you can do on vehicles it's very likely a character can put out something even more amazing than these. Honestly, the more I look at it, the more the rules kind of break down on the speeder bike side, just because how limited most of the ones in published materials are. Perhaps give Speeder Bikes the ability to spend Advantage to reduce the crafting time down, as a tempting alternative to further upgrades? Something like Special: Speeder Bikes may spend advantages to reduce the crafting time by 2 hours per Advantage spent on each core component. This still can not reduce the crafting time below 1 hour.
  15. Looking at all of this for my own Engineer in a similar campaign. One thing that has always bugged me is how crafting a Speeder Bike vs crafting a Land Speeder works. Rules as written in both systems building a speeder bike is only 250 credits easier than building an equivalent land speeder. I've always seen the Speeder Bike is having a role for craters more in line with the 'first vehicle' somebody interested in vehicle crafting will make. The description in the book even includes it being often made of spare parts. (Although I am certain many will try to make it out of far better) Ultimately though, the issue is that building a speeder bike will almost always seem a mechanically worse choice than building a land speeder, especially when you factor in that the party likely needs transport for everyone, not just one (or potentially two) party members. To this end, and after looking through both the FO book and the Nubian design collective, I'd like to suggest the following adjustments / determinations for the Speeder Bike: Customization Hard Points: 2 + Silhouette Special: The Speeder Bike frame counts as one lower Silhouette for any VSL calculations (So a Silhouette 2 would only have the VSL of a Silhouette 1) in addition, the crafting time of the engine and hull both take 50% long as they are listed as taking. The Speeder Bike is unable to take any Dedicated Bays and Berths. The above changes should allow Speeder Bikes to be more quickly built, and give them a place in crafting that makes them a more interesting choice for crafting, especially when time is a more precious commodity. I was considering giving it a Special rule similar to the patrol boat (+1 max speed) but after looking through most of the rules, it seems most land vehicles rarely reach beyond speed 3-4 which is already well within the speed settings included for Sil 2 vehicles which most speeder bikes fall under.
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