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  1. Because they don't get a consistent supply from FFG.
  2. Look, I'm really excited that there is already a new expansion for keyforge coming in a few months. It is super fast for how new the game is and I'm excited. BUT It ain't enough. The keyforge scene at my local shop is already dead and it ain't for lack of interest. A couple months ago we had a solid group of round 8 people who would regularly come, but now no one shows up, me included. I regularly ask the guys who work there if anyone still shows up and their response as to why no one comes is "Fantasy Flight sucks." And well, I don't think they are wrong. The store finally now has regular product (one or two boxes of decks), after months of not being able to even get a box of new decks, let alone a starter kit. If they did a few starter sets theyd sell out immediately because they were one of the only stores to sell them at MSRP (which they all should have been). But if one of the two formats revolves around needing product, well that don't really help out local game stores when FFG either can't or won't meet demand. Also prize support is garbage. The chain counter cards and stun/power cards are cool, and the coins are alright, but it ain't great incentive to pay to play either archon or sealed. There should be more than just trinket accessories for winning. Give a deck away to the winner, that'd be great incentive. (I am skeptical of the prize wall and aember collection system, especially if I aint able to regularly play to earn any.) Anyway, I really like keyforge and I think it has the potential to rival MTG, but if FFG won't step up and support the production needed for a community to properly grow, then I ain't gonna spend my money.
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