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  1. Vader alone would kill an rt in 2 strikes, with pierce 3 and impact 3, not ideal imho.
  2. i wouldn't bring at-rt if i know i'm facing vader and/or bossk. they both eat armor for breakfast.
  3. By the way, aren't you allowed to bring just one commander + 1 operative in skirmish? jyn AND Cassian shouldn't be legal
  4. Well, one of the strenghts of stormtroopers is the fact that they are cheap bodies with a good defence, a thing that gets often overlooked nowadays. sure 50% doesn't look like much but it can be hard to overcome so many bodies in skirmish. I can see some isseues specifically with your list, here are a few tips: -in skirmish force users are really good and hard to deal with, unless you bring your own. my advice is to bring luke. he can't beat vader 1v1 usually, but he can keep him in check. -Bring units with pierce: luke,chewe, fleets with shotgun, wookies with bowcaster, snipers to bypass the red save entirely -Paths are not ideal in skirmish, they rely on flanking tactics and the skirmish table is too small to do this effectivelly In general your list is at a big disadvantage vs your oppenent's. he has 2 very good pieces ,1 of which you don't have any real counter to, and you don't seem to have the firepower to deal with all those red save wounds. Try to switch somenthing in order to get more firepower maybe. also 4 (i presume) naked storms are not a big manace in ranged fights: it looks like he is really just trying to overwelm you with bodies, so learn to prioritize targets.
  5. The coordinate-relay chain was embarassing and almost disgusting. And, as the developers said, unintentional. That, and the free-disengaging tauntauns where borderline 'cheating' (as of 'breaking the rules'. i'm not saying those who used them where cheaters or anything, i did use them too). I Totally agree with what you are trying to say, you just picked the wrong example. btw iden was available in season 5 of invader, but i think the sub-par performance of the empire was due to the fact that GAR is just better at range 3 gunfight and empire players failed to adapt (understandable, it was the first time facing arcs for many of them).
  6. OK, first thing: don't play hostage vs clones expecially if you expect rex. He can just use scouting party to move his hostage back, and the clones hostage carrier can use standbys to move away too (likely with courage 3!). I see you don't use any hq uplink on your b1s: having one (or 2) can really help you out with order control, wich (to me) is one of the best things about CIS. Even having a unit just hanging back and recovering every round can help. for example, in a list like this you can achieve complete order control every round: 792/800 (10 activations) Count Dooku (Force Choke, Force Push, Force Reflexes, Aggressive Tactics) B1 Battle Droids (HQ Uplink) 2× B1 Battle Droids (E-5C B1 Trooper) B1 Battle Droids (E-5s B1 Trooper, HQ Uplink) 2× B1 Battle Droids (E-5s B1 Trooper) BX-Series Droid Commandos (BX-Series Droid Sniper, Offensive Push, Deflector Shields) 2× BX-Series Droid Commandos Strike Team (BX-Series Droid Sniper) with 6 range 4+ weapons ,3 of wich with pierce, you can poke at clones from a safe distance while waiting the right moment to hit them harder. full order control hepls you with that because it lets you choose when to activate your most important pieces.
  7. i think this change was made mainly to prevent entering melee with the hostage carrier in the hostage exchange objective. It was technically possible to melee that unit during setup on some deployments with a scout move.
  8. I agree on what you said about vader and saber throw. But i don't think 2 b1s are worth losing the gun, because it gives Grievous some more flexibility and it adds something CIS lists don't really have now: ranged pierce. I guess it's a matter of preference, i just would never leave home without it. Regarding the 5 vs 12 point cost, maybe the speed-2+scale on GG , the critical 1(usefull to get past cover) and the versatile keyword are what makes the gun cost so mutch more, although is harder to tell how mutch saber throw should cost (in fact, it was changed form 10 iirc) because , while it's used mostly on vader, it's not a character-specific upgrade.
  9. The gun on Grevious is almost as mandatory as saber throw on CVader, it lets you get the maximum value out of relentless and gives you some nice flexibility when in melee. I think another possible reason you may want to add it to the melee instead of the second saber is if you really need a crit (against some dodge-stacked enemy maybe?). otherwise the difference seems minimal, but it's nice to know the exact numbers.
  10. Are we talking just units or upgrades too? Because i think some upgrades are AGGRESSIVEly changing list building and TACTICS lol. To be fair, some units (most of them belonging to the first waves) needs something more then just a point reduction to be viable. I woudn't play Han even at 90-100 points.
  11. Let's be honest, the only unit that was not ready to be used in the mod was cad bane( just because his command cards are not in the mod yet) + the unsploleid mandalorians and inferno squad. maybe those will change the balance when released,but the other units are already usable, staps and at-rt included. yes, padme misses her 2-pip, and the arcs don't have fives and eco, yet they are proving EXTREMELY good-and i bet they won't get any worse when they'll get all their options. oh, and i don't see the bx poison bomb beeig better then the sniper if it's anything like the bombs we have now. So i think this is a fairly good representation of the 'meta', at least before staps and co. (september?).
  12. If you don't plan on playing competitive, just buy what you like. From now on, all i'll write is exclusively from a competitive point of view: Heroes to avoid: Jyn and Han, maybe Chewbacca : the first 2 are just really bad competitive choices right now(jyn has alweys been, to be fair). Chewe may be usefull for is guardian keyword in some lists. Cores to avoid: All of them. seriusly, rebels are the only faction that takes 3 cores (rebel troopers because they are cheaper) just because they HAVE to. some lists run more rebel troopers with the dlt-20a (4-5). Special forces to avoid: Wookies and Pathfinders. Because they are not sniper strike teams. rebels need the strike teams to add some long-ranged pierce and increase the number of activations. if you take those (wookies and path), i'd advise against buying more then 1. Supports to avoid: None of them. they are all at least decent. I wouldn't take more then one 1.4 FD, while tauntauns ad at-rts are best used in multiple copies. Heavies to avoid: Both. the landspeeder is probably in the worst spot right now, and the airspeeder is just mediocre. you could field one of those, just make sure to build your battle deck accordingly. To be honest, i'd rather take a rebel hero for the point i pay for one of the two. Again, those advice are from a competitive point of view. Feel free to buy whatever you like, mosts of those units are fine-just not as good as others.
  13. Well, your answer covers both of my questions! Thank you!
  14. Yes, i made sure to use only upgrades included in the packs i suggested. as @ScummyRebel mentioned, you shuld look at Tabletop Admiral. There you will find all the units and, if you click on an upgrade card, it will tell you in wich expansion it's included.
  15. Hi everyone, I have a question about NTFS (and more in general about the command phase): I have a unit that is outside of range 3 from leia. if i issue an orther to leia and then she gets to move, could this cause here to be in range 3 of that unit and issue them an order(so that they get to move with NTFS)? Or are the orders given simultaneously? Thanks
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