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  1. Why not go with something that's not English, but just sounds sinister? You can make up any nonsense alien word, like "Vesh Taal," and tell the PCs that it means something like "Void Syndicate" in whatever alien language it is based on. Kind of like "La Cosa Nostra" or the names of various real world criminal gangs. Here's a list that might inspire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_criminal_enterprises,_gangs,_and_syndicates
  2. My current campaign's PCs tool around in a modified YT-1930 called the Ascendant Phoenix. Past campaigns have featured a Ghtroc freighter called the Blue Bantha, a YT-1300 called the Tyrellian Starseeker, and a beat up model 578-R transport called the Enterprising Virgin. There were a few others, but I've forgotten the names.
  3. I don't know. Humans are pretty well-covered, too, and yet we're always finding ways to explore what's cool, unique, and/or interesting about us. Why can't the Chiss have as much variation? Maybe start with figuring out what it is you'd like to explore, then ask yourself how could that be made to apply to some Chiss? What fits one doesn't necessarily need to fit others. The Mandalorian has a different take on Ugnaughts than I had previously seen in Star Wars canon. Do something different from Thrawn. For example, what would be considered deviant or outcast behavior among the Chiss?
  4. My PC group is 4 humans, 1 Twi'lek, 1 non-canon alien, and 1 droid. Personally, I prefer a ratio like this. I think it better reflects the feel of the movies.
  5. One of the WEG books describes the technology of lightsabers. If I recall correctly, the "blade" is described as an arc of energy, projected out to the length of the blade, then arcing back to the baseplate to form a "circuit" of sorts. So, essentially, it's a bunch of individual lasers forming a larger energy flow. Not that Star Wars is built on a solid foundation of real-world science, so whatever explanation you prefer for "laser sword" is probably just as valid. EDIT: Found the reference. Star Wars Sourcebook, page 101.
  6. At least in the 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded version, interrogation would be an opposed roll, but there could be modifiers. For example, if Leia has been trained to resist Imperial interrogation techniques, she might have a +10 advantage to her Willpower roll (6D+1 as of the Battle of Yavin). That would make her fairly difficult for 7D+2 Interrogation droid to break. Add in any character points or force points she may have used, and she could have held out for a while. But Leia's probably a bit tougher than most of the folks on the receiving end of an IT-0's manipulators.
  7. The only active gaming I do (other than Star Wars; I use the WEG D6 system for that) is with the Hârn setting and rules. My current campaign is in its twelfth year. In the past, I've run a lot of Twilight:2000, 2300:AD, and Champions. Way back (in the late 70s/early 80s) I ran D&D. I've played all sorts of stuff on occasion, but I'm usually the GM.
  8. A lot depends on the characters the players create. One of the first things I do is to ask "what would bring these characters together?" Sometimes, the answer is fairly obvious, but involving the players in coming up with the answer is fine, too. It's also important to remember that they don't have to want to be together; a common enemy can do wonders. I suggest not starting them off as active members of the Rebellion. I think it's a lot more fun if they find their own reasons for becoming rebels.
  9. I wouldn't take that book as anything official.
  10. Nah. Some droid will roll in, unnoticed, plug in, reverse the polarity on the whatsis-thingy, and the Imperial super-weapon will just blow itself up whenever it fires. Then the rebels will escape to hyperspace. Happens alla time. 🙄
  11. Reach out with your feels. You know it to be true.
  12. For what it's worth, I prefer WEG. I don't consider it a "downgrade" at all.
  13. The ice rings around a gas giant? Or take the action down into the atmosphere of the gas giant itself. You could have mega-lightning discharges, planetary-scale storms, diamond rain, or dodging around amidst a herd of floating gas-bag like cloud creatures (stray laser blasts can ignite them).
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