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  1. Was I expecting to have a replacement deck by now? No, of course not. But I did expect to have some sort of resolution decided by now.
  2. It has been 12 working days and 10 working days since I last received any communication from FF/Asmodee and even that was just an auto reply. It's not the money involved. The dozen or so people local to me that were interested in getting into the game have now decided against it. They don't want to spend their gaming dollars on a product that might take forever, if ever, to get replaced if theirs has issue. So this is more than just a $10 deck to me. It is affecting any sort of Keyforge community that might have formed here.
  3. Local shop won't take opened product. Nor should they have to. This is Fantasy Flights mistake and they should be the one to correct it. In the past when I had a defective product (an AT-43 figure) FF jumped through hoops to get me a replacement in a very timely manner. But this waiting for weeks after jumping through the hoops they want me to without even any acknowledgment is down right rude.
  4. How does buying one of my usable a decks offset the cost of my defective deck? I still spent the $20, $10 for working deck and $10 for the defective deck. You buying the good one for $10 does not pay the $10 for the bad one. I have been emailing the parts request addy. They ask for photos of my deck and proof of purchase two weeks ago and I sent the pics a day later. Since then no responses.
  5. I have been trying to resolve a broken deck for more than two weeks now. I got a deck with only 35 cards + 1 Archon card. My emails have gone unanswered now for over a week. This has to be the worst Customer Service I have ever had with a game company. I own 28 Keyforge decks, 2 copies of Discover, loads of X-Wing models and was going to start with Star Wars Legion. Well now I am going to unload all this stuff and take my game spending dollars to another company. Thank you for driving off another loyal customer.
  6. any chance for a quick set of measurements for your homemade foam core tray? I would love to have that ready to go when my copies of the game arrive in a few days.
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