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  1. Maybe something like this? 104th Battalion Pilot + Synchronized Console 104th Battalion Pilot + Synchronized Console Obi-Wan Kenobi + Sense + Calibrated Laser Targeting "Odd Ball" + Clone Commander Cody + Synchronized Console Gives you 2 I5 pilots plus sense. Synched Console to pass locks around. And Cody to give you some advantage on missed shots.
  2. (Casual) I've had success with jedi ace on the flank with Jag (3p0) and Matchstick (Vet Turret Gunner/ion). jedi and Jag had R3 and locked Matchstick. I like Sinker Swarm. I've had some success flying Torrents with syched console and homing missiles as complimentary pieces. V19s as a whole require some practice to get used to the dial and getting your approach right so you don't need to stress to turn around (at least not with all). I've had some difficulty finding LAAT builds I like. I flew CLT Ani with Warthog (fives/cody) and 2 missile torrents. Ani played bait the whole game while the clones just pounded stragglers. LAAT and 3 Arcs looks interesting. As mentioned 4 ship builds are pretty easy to put together. If I find myself with 2x ~60ish ships I usually throw in jedi Anakin to keep some of the pressure off heavy clones.
  3. My LAAT experiment was Warthog (Cody/Fives), 2 missile BSPs, and Anakin CLT. I doubt it's meta, but it did well in casual.
  4. Clearly the Emperor foresaw the role played by BB-8 and R2-D2 in his final(?) undoing....
  5. I enjoyed not caring about losing modification to the LAAT guns so I could rotate. If I missed, Cody just shifted that bit of damage to one of the other ships in the squad that was getting double mods.
  6. Only managed one virtual casual game so far. Didn't quite play the way I expected it too. Wiped out my opponent while only losing one torrent and 2 shields from the laat. Will definitely play again with only minor tinkering. The green dice were definitely against my opponent.
  7. I concur that systems phase would be a better phase than activation.
  8. What if it gave reinforce to one half of the ship, but hits/crits to the other side were under shields?
  9. Order66 Triple Jedi vs either Sinker Swarm or LAAT beef?
  10. Back when the Sheathipede came out in the dark days of 1.0, I had hoped it would be a pure support ship. Instead of a front/back arc, I would have been happier with a 2 dice range 1 turret. For 2.0 I would have liked to have seen a single arc turret with range 2 and the ordnance symbol to prevent the extra R1 die. 1 or 2 crew. Give it a chassis ability for support (maybe link any action into coordinate or extended range coordinate or something). Any linked actions emphasize support or defense.
  11. Instead of using 1 die for non-combat ships, they could have limited range. Or had a slot for 'defensive weapon.' Then there would be an additional design space while also showing more difference between a TIE/ln and a space tug.
  12. My group is pretty small, too. I'd say it's Scum, Imperial, then Republic. Rebels are probably a close 4th.
  13. I went with Battlefoam for the ability to create custom trays. But just ended up using pluck for everything.
  14. Angled Deflectors: At activation you may spend 1 shield to recover up to 3 charges; you must select front or rear. You must spend a charge any time reinforce would trigger and gain the effect of reinforce. Starts with 0 charges. Maybe place the charges on the applicable arc.
  15. I feel the same. I converted Resistance but don't buy/play them. I hadn't bought into scum when 2.0 was announced and still haven't. I've limited myself to the 2 I was invested in (imperial/rebel) and clones.
  16. Remember black paper packaging is 2e. Plastic blister is 1e.
  17. I think it was Fort Hyperspace that talked about commitment points that helped clarify for me some thoughts on approaches and obstacle setup. This touches both on your own approach and your opponents' approach.
  18. I thought the support ship was Kit Fisto riding with Oddball and Syched Console.
  19. It would be cool to be able to drop the ring as an obstacle in standard play. Or something.
  20. I play Rebel, Republic, and Empire. Still have Resistance, but I don't really 'feel' the faction. If it weren't for Republic, I wouldn't have anything that gets me excited to buy new things. This is the first year since I've been playing where I don't think I am going to spend up to my budget for X-wing (V-Wing and Actis will likely be left as gift options for December). And I'm pretty sure I only hit my budget last year because I picked up epic ships. I'm not really bored with my options for casual, I just hop factions for a different feel. But I do get frustrated sometimes looking at the toys the factions I don't play get. RZ2 vs RZ1. Side slip. Networked calculations. Heroic. It would just feel nice to be included in some of the new toys. And to be excited to purchase things.
  21. What about something like this? Strip shields and do damage with the E-wings and wreak havoc with the A's. Gavin Darklighter (60) Deadeye Shot (1) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (8) R3 Astromech (3) Ship total: 74 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort (51) Deadeye Shot (1) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (8) R3 Astromech (3) Ship total: 65 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 3 Phoenix Squadron Pilot (29) Deadeye Shot (1) Ship total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2 Phoenix Squadron Pilot (29) Deadeye Shot (1) Ship total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2 Total: 199
  22. Jar Jar [crew]: After attacker rolls, the defender may cancel all results. Roll 6 red dice. Alternate taking dice with the defender choosing first; results cannot be modified. Each player applies the selected results to their ship.
  23. I told myself that I'd stick with clones and Jedi. So far so good. However, my local group occasionally plays Aces High at 50 points which makes Ric awful tempting....
  24. I find plenty of options to play with using my collection (2 Republic ARCs, 1 Rebel ARC, 2 Guardians, 1 Y, 1 Delta blister). I'll pick up a LAAT at some point and maybe an N1.
  25. I suck at bombing. I did fly Wedge/Corran/Essege for a while. It was kitchen table good.
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