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  1. 200 total points. 6 total obstacles. Standard play from 1.0
  2. Maybe put charges on it? Something like 4 charges, Attack:focus. Spend the focus and a charge to gain a lock; spend charges to give allies a lock on the same target. Covers half a swarm once or one or 2 allies multiple times. Maybe give a strain token, too, since you can't dodge as well while painting a target for allies.
  3. I like Sinker swarms (personal favorite is Sinker, 4 golds, and another ARC). I like Ace with mini-swarm. I like putting in a high PS spotter and missile torrents with syched console. All results for casual play, your mileage may vary.
  4. I couldn't get TTS to load right. Vassal felt clunky at first, but after a handful of games my local casual group can now play in equal or less time than our in person games.
  5. I had fun with a casual list that looked something like CLT Obi (R4), Sinker (C3P0, Cody, Shield Upgrade) and 3 gold V19s. Can drop all the toys off Sinker to upgrade to Anakin.
  6. With the recent discussion on arc-dodgey lists and how current scoring disincentives attempting to remove the opponent from the board, I had a thought. It may or may not be a good thought, my frame of reference is definitely on the casual side. Instead of margin of victory, would there be significant benefit to only counting the value of the ships you half or destroy? In my opinion the benefits are: - incentives removing as much of your opponents list from the table as possible - encourages using lists that 'bleed MOV' under current ruleset What do you think?
  7. I recently tried 3 greens (outmaneuver/predator) plus protorp Luke. Opposing squad was Vader, Deathrain, and a couple named TIES. Opposition green dice were slightly above average and led to an extremely frustrating night. I couldn't push damage with outmaneuver and predator and blocking on Vader. I even failed to push damage through on the punisher and with Luke's Torps. All in all a bad night. May try outmaneuver/crack next time.
  8. If painting wood (or especially plywood/MDF/pressboard) I would definitely use a primer (either as base or topcoat), it costs significantly less and seals the wood better.
  9. While I don't disagree that it has the speed, the flanking threat is low since it can't attack when it gets there.
  10. My kitchen table is just a bit too narrow, so I cut a couple 37"x37" pieces of 1/8" fiber board to set on top.
  11. What about a reload action? Linked Evade>>Reload
  12. How about for ships of the same size, both receive -1 to agility. The player of the larger ship can relocate the smaller ship regardless of which ship used the tractor beam; smaller ship receives -1 to agility. Friendly fire is allowed.
  13. Seems to me there is some design space for cards that require gunner and crew slots. Also some interaction for multiple missile slots; perhaps an upgrade that could allow firing a second missile ignoring the attack(lock/focus) requirement for the second missile. Could make range 2 bullseye a nasty place to land (launch a procket and a homing missile using a single focus), providing a control element. I will also add that I was extremely frustrated when FFG added configurations to the alpha-class that negated the conditions for SLAMing while leaving the k-wing hanging.
  14. Would a lightweight version of autothrusters help? Still punishes positional mistakes, but provides some benefits to plink from the edges. Configuration: If you are at range 3 or outside of the attacker's primary arc, you may change one green result to a focus result.
  15. I concur. The chassis is not good right now. The only thing I've found to work for me (at all) is to use Esege as a focus battery (PerCop, Barrage). I paired him with Corran and Wedge. And I still get the feeling that I could get similar or better results by replacing the K. I only stick with it in my quest to find lists I like to play with all the ships I own.
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