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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Vontoothskie in Moldy Crow is too expensive, and a whole chassis is paying for the sins of three months of Palob.   
    Seems like people are forgetting the Dials a bit.
    The Moldy Crow title gives the Hawk the stateline of a jouster, but a khiraxz or X-wing can still fly circles around it. for example would you take Palob naked save Moldy crow vs Talonbane with 8 points of upgrades? I know I sure wouldnt, but theyre 58 and 50 respectively. How bout MC Palob vs Wedge?  (58 vs 55).  The only really favorable comparison i see is vs the U-wing, but the U-wing isnt exactly dominating right now.
    My point is if your opponents are any good your hawk is gonna be outmaneuvered almost every game and thats worth factoring into the points. so maybe 15 points instead of 18 could be healthy for Moldy Crow?
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Revanur in Official Rulings thread is being updated   
    You would really think a unique upgarde would go up in points because of how it interacts with a unique pilot from another faction?
    I am not saying Sloane won't go up, but I would be surprised if it was caused by her interaction with Nien Numb
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to JBFancourt in Darth Vader Crew Break Down   
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Proud Tradition Stopping Shuttles that roll a 3rd attack die go whee!
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    so I won't have to send a text, @pyoinator @ToiletPaper Fiend
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to theBitterFig in Dropping concussion bombs   
    Looks like a plain SNAFU up from FFG.
    Fairest thing to do is the 1-straight that's listed on every other bomb, but appears to have been forgotten here.
    This is only a problem if we choose to make it a problem.  Choose to treat it as a 1-straight in lieu of official errata, like every other bomb?  No problem.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to MasterShake2 in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Have you ever heard the tale of the Magnificient 7.  I thought not.  It's not the kind of tale you'd hear from an X-Wing player.  It's an Armada Legend.  Rieeken was so wise and so powerful that he could keep unique squadrons and ships from dying.  It's an ability some consider to be unnatural.  They were so wise and so powerful that the only thing they were afraid of was losing their power, which, of course, they did.  Seven separate nerfs across the fleet including the first ever nerf to an admiral and both ship titles Yavaris and Gallant Haven.  It's ironic, this fleet could protect itself from dying, but not from the nerf hammer.
    *magnificient 7 rides off into the sunset*
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Just don't joust the Phantoms... except they don't suffer too much from being arc-dodged and can turn on a dime to punish your arc Dodge the next turn. And this was back when your choices for purple aces that don't care about Juke are:
    Vader, Luke, Kylo, and that's it.
    No list is unbeatable. But that does not make every list wholesome and in the spirit of the game's objective of setting dials for dodges or killboxes with engaging asymetric but equal pointed forces with your opponents in such a way that your trades are better. The very idea of points is the same for currency and not a barter system: a universal quantity of value indicator.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in Does primed thrustes is a good choice on kilo without bid?   
    Are we talking about Kilogram Ren or Kilometer Run? 2 very different pilots.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to player655164 in bumping buzz droids?   
    Thank you!
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in Automated Terget Priority ... [Nvm] Standard Discussion Now 👍   
    It really shouldn't. The definitions are clear, if it was supposed to be the closest valid target, it would say that. It doesn't.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to emeraldbeacon in Ani, chop, ftc...   
    * - unless there was a target in range/arc for Anakin's ability to trigger BEFORE the shenanigans started, AND one in range/arc, once his ability finally resolves.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to DR4CO in Ani, chop, ftc...   
    FTC and Chop work fine.
    Anakin, however, needs a target when he is added to the queue, so he wouldn't work in this example.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Ccwebb in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    @Managarmr nicely stated.  
    We needed to act fast when this first broke.  We didn’t know what it was.  
    Now I find it funny, that according the CDC, that there has been zero cases of the Flu since January.  
    The numbers now show us this is a very highly contagious virus.   So stay away when your sick.  It can only be transmitted by direct contamination; no need to wipe down grocery bags when you get home.  It has nearly 99.75% recovery rate.  https://www.webmd.com/lung/covid-recovery-overview#:~:text=Experts don't have,% and 99.75%.

    This is a virus.  There is not a vaccine for the Flu, common cold, or any other viruses.  This will be with us forever now.  Let’s be adults and wash our hands, stay at home when sick. If a business requires a mask, wear a mask. But let’s stop living in fear over this.  
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Kleeg005 in Xi Class Shuttle article   
    Remember when Cikatro Vizago used to be able to give an illicit to just anyone and FFG said "HOLY ******* ****, THAT'S WAY TOO POWERFUL!!!!!!  NERF THE EVERLOVING **** OUT OF IT!!!!!!"  Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh......  Scum players remember.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to JBFancourt in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    The reason masks have been so criticized is not that they don’t stop droplets.... it’s that any virus permeates a mask almost instantly. 
    People touch their masks with their hands (studies say quite a bit more due to the mask than normal touching of face). 
    People touch everything with their hands and transfer virus.... ergo.... a Walmart full of people wearing masks = almost nil protection due to the masks themselves. 
    It’s like the blue gloves 🤣🤣🤣 I literally drive through the McDs where the attendant has touched a 100 people’s things then hands me mine 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t worry germs won’t grow on the color blue. 🙄
    That’s why the CDC says don’t wear them. It’s better to wash/sanitize hands frequently. Something the blue gloves actually stops.
    AND the whole exercise has NEVER been to avoid exposure! It’s been to delay exposure. YOU. WILL. BE. EXPOSED. TO. COVID. 
    There’s also the fascinating example of the country (don’t remember) who took no measures. Was swept by the disease. Death toll took a SLIGHT bump. And now they have some of the lowest numbers due to essentially herd immunity. 
    Just because there’s dissent on how to properly handle the process does not mean there’s ignorance on the other side. A different conclusion does not equal stupidity. 
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to JBFancourt in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    What gets me are the masks... 🤣 pre-2019 the CDC says they are a slight protective measure at best and ineffectual against viruses due to the virus permeating the mask then you touch it and transfer, etc.... post-2019 it is the holy grail of life saving measure. 
    Placebo, anyone? Give the peasants something to do so they feel like they’re helping?
    Edit: this may be born out of my annoyance, I understand sometimes something is better than nothing. Just hate the preachiness. 
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Ccwebb in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    COVID-19 is truly a fearsome virus.  It can distinguish between a place that is serving 51% alcohol, beauty salons or funerals vs Walmart’s, airports or protests.  (Sarcasm intended)
    I am all for safety; want me to wear a mask and wash my hands?  Be a decent human being and stay home when sick?  Fine.  But it gets really suspicious when you say no to this group but yes to this group. 
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to JBFancourt in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    @ScummyRebel is right, too, in a sense: it’s not just that COVID is here to stay, it’s always been here.
    Granted, I understand that this is a recent mutation.
    I do feel myself being more and more drawn to his outlook tho. 
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to ScummyRebel in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    You do realize that the study I cited the CDC walking back is the very study you are using i back your argument, right?
    And your option 3 is equivalent to my option “stay locked away for eternity.” Spoiler alert: it mutates. There is already scientific data showing that it’s made changes since November-December, meaning your vaccine is not going to be effective. It’s going to basically be a flu vaccine: maybe it works maybe not. Depends on guess work of “the experts” (the same experts who have 30% efficacy or lower in the flu shot). 
    Fact: covid is here to stay.
    Everything else is arguments, opinions, and twisting each other’s words. How you deal with that fact is all that remains.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to JBFancourt in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    I sympathize with aspects of both views here.... Honestly, I probably lean towards a less government intervention route. But I’m not a nay-saying anti anything person either.....
    Honest questions I shout into the void, no agenda, just my own pondering of current events:
    1) Has anything been accomplished by the measures taken?
    2) Is the very real price being paid been worth the benefit gained?
    3) Is death the only enemy to fight?
    I know both sides can answer these two different ways and the questions solve nothing.... just my latest pondering 🤷‍♂️
    I will probably regret this post... but I’m bored currently lol 😝 
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to ScummyRebel in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    1. You naturally picked the worst of times out there. We’ve had expectancy all over the map.
    2. There is nothing “dark ages” about accepting there are illnesses out there. Particularly illnesses with very low mortality rates. Nobody shut down over the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, and that virus stacked way more bodies than covid has managed to.
    3. The comment has nothing to do with plastic crack; it’s a comment about everything else too. Any time you leave your home, you are taking a risk you get sick. If you are not sick, you are not risking anyone else’s life (the cdc has walked back the asymptomatic infection and said that, surprise surprise, it is just not really happening the way they thought at first).
    My point is everyone has two options in life:
    1. Accept this bug is out there like they’ve accepted the flu is out there, OR
    2. stay locked up for eternity.
    There is no option 3, unless option 3 is you decide to leave camp 2 for 1 eventually.
    Covid is not going to go away. It may stop being reported on in the same quantity at some point, but it is out forever now.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to Ccwebb in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    So true.   
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to ScummyRebel in August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP   
    Or just risk accept that this is life now. Our ancestors didn’t hide from the world because of maybes (and before you say “but they didn’t understand disease”, they did at least understand they would get it from other people).
    But, so many have put so much investment into the fear factor of covid that they can’t back out now without losing too much image, so double down it shall be.
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    ToiletPaper Fiend reacted to emeraldbeacon in Double console fire   
    Every critical card triggers separately and simultaneously, but only stack if they have measurable effects.  Two Weapons Failure or Structural Damage cards would result in a net -2 to that given stat, while two Damaged Engine cards would double-increase the difficulty of your turns.  A pair of Disabled Power Regulators would give you two ion tokens per engagement, but a single ion maneuver would clear them both.
    But multiple Damaged Sensor Array or Blinded Pilot don't stack... their effects are static and non-cumulative.
    Double Loose Stabilizer or Stunned Pilot would both trigger on a relevant maneuver.
    But what you really have to look out for is double Direct Hi-

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