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  1. I’m glad it’s ruled this way. To me, this makes the most sense since the ships are always moving, except when performing a stop maneuver. 🍻
  2. I’m almost positive that stress does not prevent me from dropping or launching a device. Can someone confirm this for me please? 🍻
  3. So basically she could buy 2 market cards in one turn to get an advantage?
  4. If a player has a crew that they also have a bounty on, can they just fly that crew/bounty to the destination and turn them in or must that battle at some point before turning them in for the bounty?
  5. Am I missing something here? I thought all green tokens were removed during the end phase unless specified like the Moldy Crow title.
  6. Just want to be clear about this rigged cargo chute. It can only be dropped using a 1straight template even if Emon is dropping it or if a pilot has skilled bombardier since it is not a “device”. Am I correct with this?
  7. Under any circumstances, can adv sens grant a linked action or an ability such as IG-88c? just trying to make sure me and my group are playing it correctly. 🍻
  8. Another question regarding most of the HWK-290 pilots. When it says”in your firing arc”, is that 0-3 or 1-3? The question came up during a game.
  9. If i fight a patrol and roll 2 hits and the patrol rolls 3, i know i lose. Do they take any damage? How much health, hull, hit points do they have? I cant find anything on this anywhere
  10. Speaking of shields, if L3-37 is docked with Han and she has no shields but Han does, can her ability be used or do Han and L3-37 both have to be shieldless?
  11. I play at Epic Loot but the number of players has been dwindling for the past 2 months. They have tournaments every Saturday but sadly just not enough numbers. i wouldn’t mind driving to Dublin to play except i work until about 8pm every weekday. 😭
  12. I’m not opposed to traveling on the weekends for some gaming, as long as numbers of players was double digits 👍🏼
  13. So its a secret society of x wing communities 😉
  14. I live in the midwest (ohio) and was wondering where the largest X wing communities are around the country. sound off 🍻
  15. Just to clarify the way this works, do i spend the charge before i even grab the damage card that will be flipped face up or grab the card and flip it face up to see if it’s a pilot or ship damage and then spend the charge to discard only if it’s a ship damage card? Any help is appreciated 👍🏼
  16. Would this be resolved in player order? Therefore being the second player would have the advantage?
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