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  1. “Reasonable” and FFG rules are 2 completely different things unfortunately
  2. If you reveal a white maneuver and use Leia to make it a blue maneuver, I believe you are good to go
  3. Doesn’t that little symbol in the bottom left corner mean that you have to have slam on your action bar or am I missing something?
  4. Amazon has good deals like that. I got my YV-666 on amazon for $16
  5. Can any other ship equip advanced slam besides the alpha class star wing?
  6. After much more reading and rethinking, I have realized the error in my thought process. Thanks for the replies that helped me get in the right frame of mind. I am now in camp 2 as well 👍🏼 🍻
  7. Please show me on the card where it says you cannot roll more defense dice than the number of hit and crit results “but not less or exactly the amount of hit and crit results”
  8. That’s exactly my point, the card says nothing about lowering the amount of dice pool after the maximum has been determined.
  9. I’m still not sure why everyone thinks intimidation has to trigger before predictive shot. If you look at the cards, predictive shot tells you the maximum amount of dice you can roll but not a minimum. Intimidation tells you that the defender rolls 1 less. Keep in mind you must declare who you are attacking and then spend a force charge to trigger predictive shot. Then you check for other effects, keeping in mind that the defender “cannot” roll more dice than hit/crit results. But there is nothing on the card or in the RR that says you “cannot” roll less defense dice than predictive shot allows. I wonder if strained or tractored ships are free from rolling 1 fewer defense dice when being shot by predictive shot as well? 🍻
  10. I’m not trying to do anything with these cards except for making sure that I’m playing them correctly. Please don’t assume that I’m trying to use them in a way that they are not meant. But this card interaction doesn’t have a clearly defined way of working together or not, at least where this community is concerned. I haven’t tried this combination together. I like to ask the community about card combinations before I use them. This is actually the first time that I’ve asked a question and got conflicting answers. That in itself says that maybe ffg should look into it.
  11. I thought this community site was for these types of discussions... Since there’s no consensus on how these 2 cards work within the community, I suppose we may never know how these are suppose to interact. 🍻
  12. No matter what everyone thinks about these 2 cards together, I would just like clarification on if they work together or not.
  13. 1 if the predictive shot and intimidation work the way i hope, 2 at the very most since predictive shot says the defender “cannot” roll more defense dice than hits.
  14. So it seems there’s a split in the way these cards work when together 🤔
  15. If an arc-170 with intimidation ends its turn at range 0 of an enemy ship and a jedi in a delta -7 with predictive shot has that same enemy ship in its bullseye, will intimidation take away a die after predictive shot has been chosen? Will these work together or not?
  16. i wonder if it’s ok to put white out over each maneuver that gets changed from red to white and then use a blue magic marker to color the white maneuvers that change to blue? That way we can all keep track of these forever changing maneuvers. if the official RR doesn’t say anything about using white out or magic markers, it must be ok 👌🏼 🤦🏻‍♂️
  17. I think everyone can agree that FFG has flubbed many cards wording. But I’d have to say that if FFG’s intention is what you’re stating, then this ability would have to be double the current cost, at least.
  18. If Leia’s ability works the way that some people are saying it works, she could change every maneuver on a ships dial to blue at some point in the game I suppose....forever. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. I know that this isn’t agreed with everyone, but anytime you spend a charge or force charge, there is an end to the effect you’re spending the charge for or else, why spend a charge or force charge? At least for everything that i can think of. Yes, I know the wording on the card is not good.
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