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  1. Electronic baffle lets you remove a red token during the end phase at the cost of taking 1 regular damage
  2. I’ve seen this pilot’s name pop up a few times the last couple days. Does his pilot ability trigger after he takes a target lock action (although his ability says “acquire a lock”) and will his ability trigger even if he has no focus or evade tokens to remove?
  3. I would swat R5 for R3 on the E-wing
  4. Crack shot happens after defense dice are modified correct?
  5. @A Fistful of Dices your only fault is using logic instead of the game rules. A friend of mine and myself run into these same quandaries. Getting used to all the rules and how timing and abilities work is all you have to know in this game...logic means little to nothing to FFG 😉
  6. Remove that stealth device from the patrol leader immediately
  7. Is his ability good against all attacks or just primary attacks?
  8. He worked just fine on R2 in a Y wing along side Delta 7 Obi and Ric
  9. I’m just surprised that I never see this card used...seems good to me
  10. Is his coordinate action giving an action, then stress, then either a focus or force recharge? I want to be sure before I try using him.
  11. Doesn’t it matter that the actual card is printed as an elite talent and not a torpedo, missile, laser canon, or turret? It is a bonus attack. The attack header just says that this talent is used as an attack, not for defending (or something else). Im with Frimmel on this one.
  12. Does feedback array also allow a bonus attack from Jostero?
  13. I couldn’t find the answer anywhere so I’ll ask here. 1) When performing a tractor boost or barrel roll, does the move ever “fail” because a “bump” into another ship? I do know that obstacles are allowed to be overlapped btw. I just need to know if a partial boost or barrel roll is how it’s resolved when bumping into other ships. 2) Recently while playing against a friend who had ships with the tractor ability. We were unsure of what would happen if a ship has multiple tractor tokens when it comes to defending. I was ok with him removing a defense die for each tractor token. I think this is wrong but I need to confirm.
  14. Go with Duchess, Countdown’s ability is not that great. Plus the lower cost and higher initiative on Duchess makes her worthwhile. As far as 7th sister, I haven’t used her myself
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