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  1. I’d like clarification on this plz.


    Start of activation (not stressed).

    Fully execute a white or blue maneuver. ( no enemy ship in front arc at range 0-1 at the moment).

    Ftc a boost or barrel roll (now there is an enemy ship in arc at range 0-1).

    Use chop to do a red evade action.

    Use Ani’s ability to spend a force charge to remove stress.

    Is this legit to do using the ability queue or not?

    I’m trying make sure I’m using the ability queue correctly. 🍻

  2. I’ve been thinking about force charges and the complaints about how force is “easy mode”.


    How about limiting the range for force users? Weak force users (Inquisitors, Jedi knights, etc) can only use force charges while at range 1 while the stronger force users (Vader, Kenobi, etc) may use their force charges at range 2 or possibly 3. When I say limiting the range for force users I’m only talking about a force charges default use, not special force abilities.


    I’m not sure if anyone else has brought this up. My apologies if it has. 🍻

  3. 5 hours ago, Teratroopa said:

    So effectively Kraken changes Wat's focus icon to a calculate. Ill keep DFS-311 in the list for now, I'm sure it'll get some decent mileage with the FOA as well.

    No, it adds the calculate action to the carrying ship’s action bar. You can calculate on turn one with your Kraken carrier (in this case Wat) and just hold it every turn until the first engagement and have a calculate and focus token for that engagement and even have DFS-311 toss a calculate his way as well if you fancy that.

  4. If you really like the pilots from your first list, you could always trade elusive for swarm tactics on Ved. Just keep Stele at R1for the engagement phase and let him shoot after Ved.


    Just throwing that idea out there for you 🍻

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