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  1. I’m saying tomorrow or Thursday 😎
  2. It’s really simple, if you feel like it’s wrong if someone’s “nubs” are past range 1, just politely ask them to move them back. Problem solved. 👍🏼 Me personally don’t care if someone’s “nubs” are sticking out 😉
  3. Sad day indeed....RIP Chewie 😢
  4. Could not find the answer to this question. Are linked actions allowed to be coordinated? Any help is appreciated 👍🏼
  5. I have been told by my local store that it will be in store on May 16...can’t wait 😁
  6. It should be as simple as this. At any time your ship is placed down at the other end of a maneuver template, if any part of your ship’s base is off the playing area, you have fleed the play area. The end, no actions/shenanigans. 🤔
  7. Perceptive copilot only works if have focus as an action. Hope that helps👍🏼
  8. Thanks for the replies 👍🏼👍🏼
  9. After completing any maneuver (excluding red?) I can spend a force charge to perform a boost or barrel roll action. If either of those actions fail, can i still perform a regular action? I want to make sure that I’m playing these Jedi correctly.
  10. When a red action or red maneuver is granted “even while stressed” do you gain another stress to become double stressed? 🤔
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