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  1. Pretty much a waste of cardstock, yeah.
  2. That's a fair assessment, although I'd wager a lot of fans of these films have probably never picked up a comic. I think some of the movies are fine on their own, and I liked some of the first wave as standalone movies but once it requires you to start seeing everything to enjoy one movie it feels like homework instead of fun to me. My question, and for some reason I obsess over it, becomes "Why don't I like this thing almost everyone else loves? What am I missing?" This is exactly one of the things that kept me away from comics- events that required you to grab issues of a dozen series to understand what's going on. At some point you get conitinuity lockout and the franchise becomes bloated and impenetrable to potential fans.
  3. I've tried really hard to like these movies. I've seen half of them by now (watched all of them from Iron Man to the original Avengers) and there's just nothing to that makes them special as far as I can see. I feel like maybe I'm too old- Iron Man didn't come out until I was in college- but I know people in their 50's that are into these movies and I just. Don't. Get it. What am I missing here? Guess I'd like to understand, but I'm getting tired of trying. I don't get why people like watching sports either, I'm not sure why that doesn't bother me but this does.
  4. Not flexing, just saying that you absolutely don't need to watch the other movies to understand Endgame. You may need to watch them to like/enjoy it, though. I was pretty bored.
  5. I don't know who the Russo brothers are but they must think the average filmgoer is an idiot. Out of those I've only seen the first Avengers and had no trouble catching on. The film explains most things and the rest you can infer if you have half a brain.
  6. Just saw Endgame. Really? No one that's ever seen a movie would have trouble figuring out what was going on. The previous movie is explained on screen- space Grimace uses the Dragon Balls to wipe out half of life. Okay, got it, I didn't need another movie to catch onto that and the rest of it is built out of Legos with plot cliches written on them. You've been sold a bill of goods if you think you need to watch all the movies. I've been absent from Marvel for pretty much everything between Avengers 1 with the exception of Guardians 1 and 2. The only things I found confusing were characters that were on screen for a minute or less in the LOTR battle at the end. And the time travel thing more or less negates those movies happening anyway. It's intermittently entertaining and I don't regret seeing it, but I don't get all the hype on the series. I want to like it. I always wanted to. But it leaves me cold.
  7. So 14+ hours of movies to enjoy the newest one. Endgame is gonna be out of theaters by the time I can watch all that. Doesn't seem worth the effort I guess. Too late to get into it now, I guess. Also I legitimately had no idea Guardians of the Galaxy was tied into any of this. I've seen those but had no clue they were part of the MCU. I've seen Iron Man 1-3, Captain America, at least two of the Thor movies, and the first Avengers movie (pretty much quit watching at that point because it was getting too hard to follow).
  8. So is there a cheat sheet for new people? I kind of want to see Endgame because I don't want to be the only one that hasn't (same reasoning behind seeing TFA) but I'm hesitant to because I've never really read comics (and when I did, The Avengers were dedcribed to me as "kind of a joke") and have only seen the first few movies. The MCU seems really intimidating to me, but I'd like it not to be.
  9. I mean seriously. The secondhand market is pretty hot for 1st edition Gunboats. And the Empire isn't getting a whole lot in the next couple of waves.
  10. I would argue Starkiller was just as big a Sue if not moreso than Rey (being Vader's super secret apprentice that Palpatine somehow didn't know about and retconned into the founder of the Alliance in the old EU) and he was a dude. A Mary Sue is specifically someone who the universe bends over backward to let them win and be special. Wesley Crusher is a self insert for Roddenberry but considering how many times he's wrong in order to learn something you'd be hard pressed to convince me he's a Sue. The sequel trilogy has a lot of problems with tone and writing. None of these faults fall on the actors shoulders, and I think the cast is excellent but hampered by baffling High School fanfic tier ideas and a lack of substance. I have a lot of problems with the sequels, but they all are the fault of the people behind the cameras. It's a similar situation to the prequels- Portman and Christiansen are fine actors in other roles but George let them down by surrounding himself with yes men that wouldn't challenge his dull dialogue and cheesy character direction (and FWIW Hayden at least has some great scenes in ROTS amd Portman's "No confidence" speech is pretty great.). I feel something similar is going on at Lucasfilm with JJ.
  11. You never know, it could be a descendant of that TIE Fighter in Rogue One's trailer that was mysteriously absent when the actual movie released.
  12. Yeah, the Phantom and Defender buys were motivated less by "I can probably use this in the game" and "Hey, this is something I remember from 90's LucasArts releases." Same reason I have a HWK, too. I intend to learn to use the Phantom but will probably work slowly into it.
  13. How does the cloaking/decloaking mechanic work?
  14. Any tips on running the newer ships? Have never flown Def, Phantom or Interceptor before.
  15. So I'm still pretty green at this. I'm gonna list what I've got and see if anyone can scramble together a manageable list for my next game. Last played at the suggestion of a mentor TIE Advanced - Vader TIE Advanced- Maarek 1 TIE Fighter - Wampa 2x TIE Academy Pilot What I've got is: 2x TIE Advanced 3x TIE Fighter 2x TIE Interceptor 1x TIE Defender 1x TIE Phantom
  16. In the Phantom Menace, Maul is essentially a visual effect. He was set up as a threat that's hunting the two Jedi but other than that he has no real character. Anything else is just added on after the fact. There's no reason for him to survive except "oh, we wasted a character with a cool appearance". Which seems to be the seed of The Mandalorian show idea, too- the movies didn't do much with Boba Fett, so here's a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor that's totally an original character. Maul and Boba share a lot, in that they were more powerful as just images. Boba Fett is a clever bounty hunter in cool armor in Empire. That's all we need to know to be interested. Maul is an evil counter to the Jedi that looks like the devil. That's a great visual hook. We don't need to know the guy's life story to think he's interesting, and a lot of times it's disappointing when that story does get fleshed out. I don't know anyone that thought Boba was cooler for his appearance in AOTC. As an aside to that, my biggest problem with both the Prequels and Sequels is that there are too many setups without payoffs. Oh, Maul's a big advertised villain? Oh, he's dead at the end of the movie. Oh, Jango Fett is important this time? Oh, he's dead by the start of the third act. And then there's a payoff without a setup in General Grievous. Without a series created years later we have no context for who he is or why he's important. Johnson basically took the setups JJ set up and completely destroyed the chance of a payoff.
  17. I felt the Falcon should have gone with Han (obviously necessitating a different, less stupid death shock value twist death than he got). Why do the new films seem unable to come up with decent ship designs that aren't just copies of the OT ships? I realize that it's like poetry, it rhymes and all but...imagine if the US military decided "Nope, screw those F-16s and F-22's. We're gonna fly slightly pointier versions of the P-51 and P-38 for eternity."
  18. Give X-Wing Anakin more power and nerf Battlefront II Anakin power. 😛
  19. The Stackpole/Allston books are good. I remember liking Truce at Bakura. Having recently re-read Shadows of the Empire...most of my nostalgia there comes from the video game. Thrawn trilogy, like everyone else said. Haven't bothered with new canon. Too hard to try and let go of the EU I put time and money into before Disney Lucasfilm went "lol **** you none of that counts anymore". Yes, I'm bitter about that.
  20. Some Sort of God: When he has a Stress token and is range 1-2 of Luke Skywalker, Threepio may become angry and use his magic. All enemy ships in range receive a stress token.
  21. Artoo and Threepio flew the Falcon when Luke, Leia and the gang were escaping Xixor's palace in Shadows of The Empire.
  22. I started playing to fly Imperials, but have not been that thrilled with 3 TIEs and 2 Advanceds. Will see if that remains true now that I've got Interceptors, a Phantom and a Defender. I want an Assault Gunboat but alas I can't justify spending the market price on them.
  23. I do literally describe myself on my profile as "grumpy TIE Fighter man". So unpleasant...sometimes, sure. "What we see Rey doing later" Because obviously what Lucas had in mind when he wrote it in 1976 was to justify an overpowered character's ability to escape in a middling soft reboot made 40 years later.
  24. It's a cheap way to get (some) people that wrote off the new films after Safe Soft Reboot and Misaimed Garbage Fire. You'd have to be pretty green to think otherwise.
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