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  1. I think the Nabbo Royal guards are a possibility. It'd add some variety to the Republic
  2. Hopefully some Buzz Droids!
  3. I'd expect the ARF troopers to be special forces. Mostly as a mirror for the Scout Troopers, but with greater range and armor
  4. I think Rex's 1 pip could fuse well with the new range 1-2 gun the Clones are getting with the Phase One expansion. Adding Peirce 1, and rolling the two extra black and one white with 3 additional red dice. I think adding all of this to 4-5 black dice (depending on upgrades) could be cool. I do agree his two pip is weird, but does Token sharing apply to this? Could using the aim from another clone fulfill the requirements? And Rex gains an aim when he moves so could he increase his own range to 3?
  5. I think there are two ways for low activation lists to stay relevant (asides from blue player being the player with the least activations, which is a wonderful idea). In games that I've played with 8 activations against 10 or 11 activations on the enemy team, Sonic Charge Sabs have been excellent. Disrupting enemy formations and keep enemies away from objectives using bombs (for me at least) had always been a strong counter to being out activated. The other would be adding more objectives that promote more defensive strategy.
  6. Thanks to the both of you! I'm thinking about 2-3 buildings and a handful of trees and rocks.
  7. I've been playing Legion for about a year now, but I'm now just getting interested in making terrain. What are some quick, cheap, and easy ways to make Terrain for beginners?
  8. Do detached units count towards the corps requirement? For example could I have 2 Shore troopers and 2 mortars? Or would I need a unit of storms or snows?
  9. That's exactly what I was talking about! When the article first released it definitely had the Phase 1 clone helmets, or I've just gone insane.
  10. Did anyone else notice the helmets on the BARC model change? They looked like phase 1 helmets the first time I looked but now they have the BARC helmets. Am I crazy or did anyone else notice this?
  11. Which characters are playable, and what are their different abilities?
  12. I've been toying around with Boba and Bossk since he was spoiled and finally settled on this list. The only part I'm considering changing would be command card's as both Boba and Bossk have such good card's PS: This is my first time posting so I hope the format is alright. ++ Standard (Galactic Empire) [793 Points] ++ + Commander + Imperial Officer [60 Points]: Improvised Orders + Operative + •Boba Fett [168 Points]: Duck and Cover, Emergency Stims, Hunter, Targeting Scopes •Bossk† [133 Points]: Emergency Stims, Hunter, Tenacity + Corps + Snowtroopers [68 Points]: Flametrooper Stormtroopers [87 Points]: DLT-19 Stormtrooper, FX-9 Medical Droid Stormtroopers [68 Points]: DLT-19 Stormtrooper + Special Forces + Imperial Death Troopers [110 Points]: E-11D, Overwatch, •DT-F16 Scout Troopers [99 Points]: Duck and Cover, Fragmentation Grenades, Sonic Charge Saboteur + Command Hand + Command Hand: •Covert Observation, •Merciless Munitions†, ••Reptilian Rampage†, ••ZX Flame Projector, •••Assault, •••Z-6 Jetpack Rocket, ••••Standing Orders ++ Total: [793 Points] ++[ Created with BattleScribe
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