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  1. Im sorry for asking this 3 times already, but want to know if I should keep editing XMLs or I can just stockpile things and wait for an update.. Are we getting schematics in the data editor? I really want those xD Thanks in advance!
  2. Ooh thanks for the clarification, I will wait then, in the mean time, is there any way to disable PCs from appearing in the GM tools as adversaries? So I can use the GM tools adversaries? If not I will make another instance of the app and that will be it, quick fix. And.. I want to ask, is there any chance you give us a way to make our own templates? I put a LOT of custom items into my game, so having templates for my players would be awesome. Also a template to make a base for individual players instead of groups (Maybe in the vehicle section, like the fortifications) would be awesome, as now I'm having to create different groups just to give my players their personal workshops and stuff.
  3. EDIT: Ok, after one hour of basically destroying all of my custom stuff, emptying all of my characters to find the culprit.. I've found it.. Its tinkerer. I didnt even realize that it gives me this error even in old versions.. So.. Thing is, character has modder spec, if I get tinkerer and use it, for example, in a cortosis shield.. Error.. If I deactivate tinkerer, it works.. Weird. Even creating a brand new character, giving him a holdout blaster and then buying the modder spec and then the tinkerer talent, triggers the error! Something fishy going on! Get this error on GM tools after opening, don't know what is going on.. Using last version!
  4. So.. No clue why this happens, in the GM tools, adversaries, I have 1 player character that throws an error.. Code in spoiler.. Character XML added to post Marbo - Gank Technician.xml
  5. I've been using this tool and messing with the data editor a lot (I love to make custom content for my players) and put a lot of effort into it.. There is only one problem.. Im going crazy modifying XMLs for the templates.. Even more with buildings (Base and fortifications) templates.. So I want to ask for 2 things: 1-Please add templates to the data set.. PLEASE.. I can't make another custom XML without going crazy lol.. Most of the items I add are not meant to be bought, but made by the players, so each time I have to go and make the template and decide what upgrades they can get and stuff.. I've done it more than a hundred times and it drove me nuts xD 2- Please add bases to the character itself, not only the group.. I have a character who has a workshop, it's not the groups workshop but his personal workshop, and there is no way to put it into his character file, it HAS to be in the group.. I've worked around this by custom xmling a workshop in the fortifications crafting, but there is no way to put the upgrades into it, which is sad so please, help Thanks a lot if you are able to do this things.. Also.. I know you have little time, so I wanted to ask if you had a GitHub with your project xml's.. I wouldnt mind at all to just pump the stuff from the books, I own Cyphers and am about to get Dawn of Rebellion.. If you had a GitHub I could collaborate, I would go all in and put the work for the items and stuff, that way you would have time to dedicate for the programming part that I do not know **** about 😛 Thanks in advance, you are the best! PS: Little bug report, termite torpedos are not listed as Ordnance, launcher is good, but the munition is bad xD
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