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  1. if thats the case, then wtf? 3/4 ships in the wave were shipped out fine, but 1 of them just randomly wasnt? how does that even happen?
  2. My entire weekend has been ruined because my store didnt get any eta-2's I got the other ships, which is good, but almost all the lists I want to play the most need the eta-2....
  3. YV-666 + false transponder codes + Jabba the hut = Awesome!
  4. Agreed. I am Canadian, and there was no way i was gonna spend that much. At 150 CND, i just might get this.
  5. i personally dont mind the app dependance. and since i really only play solo there wouldnt really be any sort of bottlenecking. But if your character skill cards and equipment are are locked then im out. thats just a straight up downgrade from second edition.
  6. well i mean, if you know about this game then you probably already own some or all of second edition already, so, other than completionists, it shouldnt matter if they stop making it. if you dont own any, then you probably werent interested to begin with, or had never even heard of it before, so, again, it shouldnt matter if they stop making second edition. Just my two cents
  7. Watching the stream I was very interested in this game, it looked super cool. Then afterwards I saw the price... not happy about it. Also, unless I'm misunderstanding, it seems like there are no classes? Each character instead has a skill-tree like system of skill cards they can get? If so, then I am definitely out. The only way i would even consider getting this for the price would be if there's an actual class system like second edition.
  8. 100% disagree. I love fully coop games and app based games I have no gripes with. Still not sure I'll even get the game since its so expensive, but I am glad there's no overlord. If you want an overlord, go play second edition.
  9. the price point is really yikes, but otherwise its looks pretty good to me. however, for me to even consider getting it the game has to have a good class system, at least similar to second edition. if it doesnt, instant pass. if it does, i could definitely see myself getting this.
  10. I 1000% agree. IMO there is no excuse for not giving this 3 attack dice. it truly pisses me off that it doesnt.
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