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  1. thanks for confirming allies are unique for the table. as for allies becoming heroes, i really hope they consider it, because the hero i want the most in the game is X-23, but i fear that she will end up being an ally to someone like wolverine first. if that happens and they never make her a hero i would be inconceivably disappointed.
  2. i'm not sure if this has been answered somewhere before, but i haven't found an answer yet. Are allies unique to the player, or to the game? i.e. if i play a hawkeye ally, can someone else also play a hawkeye ally? I am kind of assuming that its one on the table at a time, but please correct me if I'm wrong. also, if that is the case, are we then assuming that any hero who is introduced as an ally in the game is likely never to get their own hero deck? because if someone then plays that hero, nobody would be allowed to use the ally card corresponding to the hero. I really hope this isn't the case because i would absolutely hate it if one of my favorite heroes ended up as an ally card so i would never get a hero deck for them. Anybody know if this will be the case?
  3. As much as i want this ship, i hope it's far down the line. For me i want to see the LAAT, V-wing, the twilight(really want a large base ship), and a coordinate shuttle(Nu or Eta class). We already have a jedi ship, so until all these are out, we dont really need another.
  4. Yeah, it's all a lie, it's not really coming, lost legends is a hoax. on a serious note: I was like 100% sure it was going to be out this week so when the available now article dropped without lost legends i was so incredibly disappointed.... i mean its been like 2 months since the live stream where they said they were trying to get it out within a month....
  5. I know, doesn't mean it didn't break my heart to not see the ships i wanted XD
  6. I'm incredibly disappointed with this wave. I was very much looking forward to the LAAT, twilight, or V-wing for republic, and droid gunship or tri-droid for separatists. That isn't to say i don't like these 2 new ships, because i will be getting them, but i was just REALLY wanted different ships
  7. I completely agree. I have lots of lists where i play them then after i make revisions, both large and small. They just take up so much space having 2-4 versions of some lists
  8. Dear FFG, I'm a big fan of list building and have created a lot of lists. That being said, I hate that there's no option of organizing my lists on the squad builder. In my opinion, at the very least, you should be able to filter your squads by faction. It might also be nice to filter out lists by ship, meaning we only see our lists with a specific ship in them. Beyond that I would absolutely love it if we were able to create custom folders/tabs/tags to put our lists in so we're able to organize them how we want and not have to scroll through a giant list to find the squad i'm looking for. Bottom line is: the saved squads is a disorganized mess, especially when you have 50+ lists like me, and I would very much appreciate it if there was some sort of organizational feature added. Thanks
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