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  1. Im making a new thread now. See attached link.
  2. Hello all! I am brand new to the Armada franchises, and as such I am still a young Padawan in the ways of the Armada, I wanted to make a post based of a comment thread I had earlier asking about squadrons. Seeing as I am joining into the fray about a month ago, I have come to really love the versatility of the Squadrons, but the rules slightly confused not only myself, but a few new players I'm learning with at our local game shop. This post is mainly for the following: 1. Rule clarifications 2. Guides on smooth and fair play 3. A way for new players to meet old and get people interested with all the current expansions (and for those Blasted Imperials to drool at the new SSD coming from the Imperial Shipyards) So far, sabotage efforts by the Rebels have kept her from joining the fray.. but I fear It won't be long before the Rebels will have a new weapon to defend against. (or run from, depending on who you talk to in the Cantina...) Thanks for stopping by, and Please push up the comments that have the most current rulings! to start Please clarify: How do squadrons work once all ships have been made active (also add stipulation when squadrons have been activated by Fleet command) When initiative changes (when all ships have gone once, or all command wheels exhausted.) Exceptions to rules (upgrade cards that allow toggling the activation slider.) The Rogue ability (if it allows repeat activation before initiative changes.) new expansions and the dynamics that change on the core rules. Thank you all in advance for your contributions and look forward to learning with you all!
  3. I need some clarification because I am a newer player. When it comes to Squadrons post activation, maneuvers and attacks, if another ship in your fleet makes a 2nd squadron command before all tokens are exhausted, are you able to use a squadron that has already been activated (save the Rouge ability) or can you only activate squadrons that haven't been given command yet by a Star-ship? I have been combing through the rule-books for the last hour and there is no clear rule written. help please!
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