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  1. To all our American friends...Late of the Rings is now available on Pandora (if that happens to be your streaming service of choice).https://www.pandora.com/podcast/late-of-the-rings/PC:33485 Enjoy!
  2. Stuck in a sack? Don't despair, there's a new episode of Late of the Rings to brighten your day. Join us as we discuss the 2nd Shadows of Mirkwood AP - Conflict at the Carrock Available now at all your favourite pod places. Enjoy! http://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/1042546/4597436-episode-8-a-pint-of-honey
  3. Glad to hear you're enjoying the show, and thanks a lot for the fun facts! Good luck with your games, and I hope you continue to listen to and enjoy the cast, we hope to have a new episode ready within the next few days.
  4. There was a bit of an unexpected delay with the new episode... but remember, our podcast is never late. Episode 7 has arrived precisely when it meant to. Hit your favourite pod place and join us as we begin our exploration of the Shadows of Mirkwood Player Cards... https://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/1042546/4361276-episode-7-radagast-on-ice Enjoy!
  5. We're back! Episode 6 of Late of the Rings is available now at all your favourite pod places. Join us as we discuss the structure of the show going forward and search for clues on The Hunt for Gollum. Enjoy! https://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/1042546/4129457-episode-6-it-s-a-disaster
  6. During episode 5 of Late of the Rings I mentioned playing a two player game solo and called it playing "Double Fisted". This naming has caused some debate. So it's time to settle it with democracy: An internet poll! I am not sure if it is possible to insert a poll here at FFG so please either let me know your thoughts as a reply here, or follow either of the links below to register a vote at either BGG or Twitter. I will reveal the results in episode 6. Q. When playing two decks as a solo player, what do you call this? A. Playing Two Handed B. Playing Double Fisted C. Something else entirely (let us know what) Links to the poll: BoardGameGeek Poll Twitter Poll
  7. Totally agree. I am a glutton for the wall banging, and I don't mind certain quests being really tough (e.g. Heirs of Numenor), the satisfaction of beating them is 2nd to none. But like you say, with Dol Guldur it just feels like if you don't have a good set up you already know you can't win. That to me is not a challenge as such and it's simply not fun IMO.
  8. Late of the Rings is now available on iHeart Radio Enjoy! https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-late-of-the-rings-63033151/
  9. Got beef!?Episode 5 of Late of the Rings is available now at all your favourite pod places.We discuss the game's difficulty level and make our Escape from Dol Guldur.Enjoy! http://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/1042546/3884765-episode-5-lady-galadriel-s-beef
  10. The EPIC Episode 4 of Late of the Rings is now available at all your favourite pod places. https://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/1042546/3745094-episode-4-tickled-by-a-king We do hope you enjoy it!
  11. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback on the first 3 episodes! There will indeed be more to come... Episode 4 is coming (very) soon.
  12. Fantastic! Thanks a million for the positive response. Enjoy the first quest - We wish you the best of luck with your first steps into Middle Earth.
  13. Episode 3 is available to stream or download now at all your regular pod places!https://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/1042546/3616348-episod...We hope you enjoy!
  14. Glad to hear you are enjoying it! And good luck with your first steps into Middle Earth - many wonderful adventures await you!
  15. Hello LotR:LCG friends & mellons, We are here to officially introduce our brand new (and first ever) podcast to the FFG community Late of the Rings It's an idea we've had running around our heads for some time and now had the opportunity to make a reality. Excited by seeing our game continuing to grow and bring in new players & fans we felt there could be room for a new Podcast that takes us all back to where everything began almost a decade ago. Late of the Rings is a lighthearted yet informative exploration of the game we adore. Featuring discussion on cards & quests, our various adventures in and out of Middle Earth, as well as offering advice for new players and veterans alike. One experienced player. One newcomer. Two microphones. Lots of silliness. There are two episodes currently available to stream, with a third on it's way. They can be found at all the usual pod-like places: (and coming soon to Pandora, iHeart Radio and Google Podcast). Now available on Pandora, iHeart Radio and Google Podcast. You can find links to all these apps or listen directly here: https://lateoftherings.buzzsprout.com/ We hope you decide to take a listen and enjoy what you hear. John & Em
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