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  1. I like the last one too...I think I just need to try all this, then I'll make my choice. Thanks everyone !
  2. Thanks for your help ! So here I am : LIST 1 Kylo Ren : Hate Backdraft : Fanatical Malarus : Elusive Omega Squadron Ace : Predator LIST 2 Kylo Ren : Hate Quickdraw : SF Gunner Longshot : Trickshot Null Still can't choose between those 2 :p
  3. Thanks a lot for the advices ! So now I'm hesitating : LIST 1 Kylo Ren : Hate Backdraft : Fanatical Malarus : Elusive Longshot LIST 2 Kylo Ren : Hate Quickdraw : SF Gunner Longshot : Trickshot Null What do you think?
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to make a competitive list for tournaments. I was thinking about something like this : Kylo Ren with hate Quickdraw Malarus Scorch What do you think?
  5. Mine : - Republic : Plo koon / Shaak TI / Quinlan Vos / Ahsoka / Aayla Secura / ATRT / LAAT - CIS/Sith : Maul / Savage / Ventress / IG227
  6. Ikr. I just hope it was a troll, or else I'm afraid that kathleen kennedy may have an FFG account
  7. I think we will definitely have at least 1 vehicule / 1 more character / 1 more trooper unit and 1 specialist unit before the end of the year, just after the drop of the core box.
  8. Well, looks nice ^^ Omg yeah, I have to admit I totally forgot the Gungan, because of my hate of Jarjar actually.
  9. What about wookies? They should be part of the Republic army. So...what could be thoses factions if this is not wookies nor geonosians or mandalorians...?
  10. Wookies, Mandalorians, Geonosians maybe?
  11. Ok, so I think I misunderstood you when you said you didn't want that era on "your" SW. I thought you meant you didn't even want to play against clone era's armies. My bad. I would love a mercenary/crime lord faction too Anyway, we almost all don't like a particular era in SW, but I'm happy to see that FFG is trying to cover them all, so that everyone will be satisfied ^^
  12. Well, fair enough. If you don't even want to watch it, then no need to argue about it ^^ Lol you were the one who was triggered, that's why you were so agressive when you said that prelogy and/or FFG's work on it was "****". You have the right to dislike it, I have no problem with that, but you can say it in a different way. I personnaly love both Original trilogy AND Prelogy but I hate everything that Disney did, except maybe Rogue One. But when episode 7-8-9 era will come out, I will not be mad or something, even I f I don't like that era, i will just be happy to fight against new armies, new opponents, see an evolution in the meta, etc... I think you're focusing too much on the lore around it, but this is a wargame, so you can't care that much about the lore, or else you will be playing only Endor and Hoth battles like, for ever... Does it bother you when you play Vader and your opponent also plays Vader? If it does, maybe Legion is not a game for you. If it doesn't, you should be happy to see some fresh new armies to fight against, especially if you don't like them, that gives you a good excuse to exterminate your opponent 😛
  13. That still doesn't make sense because you too want to "hard pass" on a thing that you know nothing about but trailers. You don't even know if you would like the prelogy or not because you didn't even give it a try. Still, you want to pass on it. Just watch it, you may like it and reconsider thoses releases with a fresh eye
  14. So you've never seen the prelogy, but "absolutely agrees" with prelogy's haters just by judging it with trailers? Ok. That "****" like you said is the future of SW Legion, too bad for you. No need to be disrespectful towards FFG's work btw. And as other said, clone wars era is way more fitted for Legion than the original trilogy is.
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