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  1. I feel like the figure pack is lacking in content. Sure you get figures for Atarin, Gulgator, and Coalfang, but you don't need these figures to play the campaign. They would otherwise show up with generic figure stand ins. I would've loved to see maybe some new starting items, or even a new roll. I still love the content that was included (the figures look amazing!) I just was expecting a bit more.
  2. after a couple playthroughs of the campaign my tiles are starting to get a little warped. I have not done anything to intentionally bend them and have stored them nicely. are there any ways to un-warp them or prevent warping?
  3. the conclusion once you finish the campaign is also voice over. it's there fore setting the tone at the beginning and wrapping up at the end.
  4. what areas of middle earth wold be cool to see in future expansions? I personally would like to see an expansion for Mirkwood forest. travailing the twisted path of an old looming forest sounds fun to me. I think the tiles and enemies could bring a relay cool new feel to JIME.
  5. I don't know how Lord of the rings/the hobbit saga expansions would work. Journeys in Middle Earth is a "fail forward" type of game and that would present some issues. What if Frodo never escaped the ringwraiths on weather top? what if Bilbo got burned up by Smaug in the Lonely Mountain? I fail to see how this game would incorporate this into a campaign other than every adventure having the warning "if you lose this adventure you lose the campaign". I do want them to do a Lord of the rings/the hobbit saga expansion but I fail to see how that would work.
  6. I don't know. it did not give him much background in the story. he seams that he knows a lot about ancient spells and such though.
  7. Warning possible spoilers for those who haven't played bones of arnor campaign this orc is gulgotar, atarins second in command. you can see him in the second adventure when you infiltrate the thieves layer. he is referenced a lot throughout the campaign. I don't know who the warg is but I think he/she will be important in the dlc campaign the third guy is Atarin, the main bad guy from bones of Arnor campaign. in the last adventure you finally face off with him to stop him from raising an army from the dead. he is also referenced a lot throughout the campaign.
  8. In my game of JIME today, both Beravor and Legolas have the title "Luckwearer" but there is only one in the box. what do I do in this situation, or did I just miss something?
  9. the names of each enemy figure type are: the orc with the sword is a "Goblin Scout" the orc with the bow and arrow is an "Orc Hunter" the orc with the two axes is an "Orc Marauder" the man with a knife and club is a "ruffian" the warg is called a "Hungery Warg" the troll is called a "Hill Troll" the skeleton is called a "Wight"
  10. When is the lord of the rings journeys in middle earth game mat going to be shipped. It is listed as available for late preorder so I expect it to come soon but my order says it is still pending. If anyone knows please let me know. I would prefer to have it when I bring JIME to game night.
  11. really great video. you got all of the points nicely. I will defiantly be picking these two up. i'm exited to see how the future of this game will turn out.
  12. announcement for a new dlc campaign and Villains of Eriador Figure Pack this expansion format is interesting. I wounder if its going to be as extensive as the lcg (there are a ton of expansions for lord of the rings lcg). I am excited for these to come out. i'm hoping that it adds more diversity to each scenario.
  13. will the app generate different terrain based on location in middle earth? it wouldn't make sense to playing a scenario in Mordor only to be venturing through lush woodland and flowing streams. this mainly applies to future expansions considering that most of the core set takes place in the same region
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