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  1. Really like it, just a concern: you haven't spelled out a Solo mode ability, as well as Squad mode attack and defence patterns. Here is my proposal. Solo mode ability: I'M COMING FOR YOU There are many enemies of the Imperium who don't wish to face an Angry Marine in close-combat. Therefore, those cowards often hide behind distance or swarms of their mooks. This will not deter an Angry Marine though, for his training allow him to close this distance while avoiding the worst of the enemy fire. Once per combat, for one turn, an Angry Marine improves his Agility Bonus by +1 for the purpose of determining Movement (for all the forms of Movement actions). This occurs before potential doubling by the Astartes jump pack. The Marine also inflicts a -10 penalty on Overwatch attacks against him. Improvement: at rank 3, the Angry Marine also gets a +20 on his Intimidate test to do a War-cry if he charges while using this power; at rank 5, the penalty to Overwatch is increased to -20; at rank 7, the Angry Marine gets +10 on Movement skills (except Silent Move). Attack pattern: JUST HIT THEM Half-action, cost 2, sustained The squad is driven by the furious assaults of the Angry Marines and starts to display his dedication, the sight of a squad of raging Astartes is a terrifying sight to behold. The Battle-Brother and those in support range get the Fear 1 (Disturbing) trait or increase the Fear they provoke by +1; they get +10 to resist Fear. Improvement: at rank 4, they get +10 to-hit (both melee and ranged, even though the latter will probably be ill-regarded by the Angry Marine) against those who failed to save against Fear; at rank 7, their Fear trait is 2 (Frightening) or is increased by +2. Defence pattern: THEY WILL REGRET IT Free action, cost 3, sustained Even when the tide of battle turns against the Angry Marines, they retain the ability to sell their lives at a high price, retaliating until their last breath. The Angry Marine and those in support range may, when attacked in melee, forgo their Reaction in exchange for an immediate melee attack (at +0) against their attacker, its damage increased by half their Rank, rounding up. Improvement: at rank 5 or more, this attack gets +10 to-hit.
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