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  1. Are you kidding me?! GW is a soulless company of jerks. And I'm being polite. GW products are 3x to 4x more expensive than FFG products. Trust me. I've been playing 40K since 2nd Edition (mid-80s). I'm so happy to switch to FFG products. I've saved so much money since then. I laugh at those who complain about FFG costs. Cuz its nothing compared to GW products. For 40K, you can spend a $100 to $200 on an army. But, because of the uncontrollable power creep in 40K, you won't be winning any games. Most likely, the only time you'll touch your miniatures is setting them up on the board and removing the dead. It takes around $400 - $500 to get a semi decent competitive army. Even then, you may win 10% of your games. As new books and rules changes come, you will feel compelled to purchase additional units... Expensive units. Don't forget the infamous WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get"). You have to build your units exactly as you plan to run them in the game. That Space Marine miniature doesn't have a Bolt Pistol? Too bad, he can't use it in game. Plus, if you're missing a 4th Plasma Cannon in your Devastator squad, you have to buy another Devastator Squad box. This is very common. You end up buying multiple of of the same box to finish one squad. That's $30 to $50 per box. Is your wallet feeling it, yet? Thank you, FFG, for not using WYSIWYG rules with your games. Then there are Commanders/Leaders miniatures. Are you willing to spend $30 to $50 for a specific Captain or Lieutenant? How about a Space Marine Primarch? That's $100 to $150. Thank you, FFG, for having Count Dooku and Captain Rex be affordable. Don't forget GW's Forge World. Its the upper-upper-upper elite products for your army needs. Want the best unit for your army? Well, that unit may only be available at Forge World. Get ready to spend $150 to $22,000 (yes, thousands of dollars). Like the Land Raider main tank normally costs $80. But, Forge World, has a special type of Land Raider, which only adds extra weapons or details, and costs $150 - $200. Thanks FFG for saving my wallet. GW can get away with this because they have a HUGE share of the market. For the longest time, GW relatively had a monopoly in their industry. They have a large base of loyal customers. There are even generations of players -- granddad, father, son, grandson. GW can name their price. I have to give GW credit that their models are very well done. Afterall, they've been in the business for decades. I hope FFG usurps GW in the miniature wargaming industry. Sorry for the rant. Hope I made sense. Because I have to drive some place, like now, and I had to get this off my chest. Aim True and May the Force be with You!
  2. Read the rulebook. Read thru the topics in this forum. Try the lists people are suggesting. Watch some Legion BatReps or Battle Reports. Use a list builder, like https://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/. Or BattleScribe (my personal preference).
  3. Gotcha and agree. We don't 100% know what plans FFG has for the CW factions. They might introduce a new unit type that will eventually be available to the other factions. Yeah, coming from 40K, i was surprised FFG had mortars play like direct fire weapons. Tho, in 40k, i really hate dealing with enemy indirect fire units. That's probably why FFG ruled mortar units as such. To keep gameplay fun over realism. Commander Cards with indirect fire is better gameplay because you can only use it once per game. Imagine dealing with opponents who can indirect fire every turn. Ugh!
  4. Yeah, i intentionally not mentioned Ion Gunner on a BARC. The difference between an Ion Heavy Weapon slot in a trooper unit versus BARC + Ion Gunner is more than 20 points. That's too big of a point tax. I'm looking forward seeing how different the CW factions will be. Especially if it means getting Twi'lek units. Twi'lek units on Blurrgs. You're probably right about the 3rd GAR corps unit being an entrenchment unit with a mortar detachment. But if FFG follows the same release method, they won't be out for a while. It does mean Special Forces units, which I'm ALL FOR!
  5. - You're saying GAR might get a different mortar detachment unit? What makes you say that? I agree it is possible. I'm just curious why you said that. - Possible because GAR lacks Heavy Weapon options. With Phase 1 & 2 Clones already announced, GAR doesn't have a Flamer nor Ion weapons. You'd think GAR would get an Ion Heavy Weapon to fight against Klankers. After all, Klankers got a Rad-gun (shiver).
  6. Yeah, I really hope the 3rd Corps unit are the Twi'lek Resistance lead by Cham Syndulla. The Ryloth campaign was big in the Clone Wars. Plus, out of all Prequel content, Twi'leks are better allies with Clone Troopers than Gungans. And, I especially want Twi-lek mounted on Blurrg. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/3/35/Syndulla_charge.png/revision/latest?cb=20121005170757 Most likely Wookies will be a Special Forces unit, like the Rebels. Then again, FFG might have different plans for GAR Wookies. We'll probably see GAR get a conversion kit for Rebel Wookies or new GAR Wookie expansion. Probably the later. Seeing that GAR have attached mortars instead of detached units means the faction will not be a clone (😁) of the Imperial faction's unit structure. Though, I can't wait for GAR to get sniper units. This time, sniper units better be separate Special Forces units.
  7. You're taking my comment WAY too serious. Besides, I believe in Darth Jar-Jar!
  8. OMG! Thanks for pointing that out. That's awesome. Makes equipping Mortars and RPS-6 even better now. I'm an X-Wing veteran and a Legion newbie. I'm still trying to learn all the keywords in the game. And, I still don't have the timing windows memorized. X-Wing = Memorized. Legion = Not memorized. THANK YOU, FFG! Its a breath of fresh air not dealing with WYSIWYG. I may be an X-Wing veteran. But I'm a grisly old fart coming from Warhammer 40K (started in 2nd edition). How FFG made Legion better when compared to 40K is astounding. I don't regret switching over.
  9. Why not have the sidecar give the BARC extra Wounds by like 1, 2 or 3? You've essentially increased the personnel by 100% and increased its size by at least 33% (probably 50%). Armor wouldn't make sense on a fast-moving, flanking unit. Not sure what to do against snipers. I'll be happy with removing the Damage Threshold and increase the Wound capacity.
  10. Oh? Do you know where does it say this in the rules? I did not know that.
  11. - Yeah, I know what can be done with Force Push. I just use my Obi differently. Having Rex & Obi in the same list will be challenging because both of their command cards are fantastic. Gotta find the right timing and balance between each commanders' cards. I'll practice with Force Push since I'm already familiar with Force Reflexes. - True about Scout 2. Gotta playtest and see which I like best. - R2D2 has Repair 2 and Capacity 2. Alex Davy explained in the last livestream. R2D2 can repair 2 wounds, or a wound and ion, or 2 ions. When R2D2 does, it counts as a single Capacity. So R2D2 can self heal up to 4 wounds. That's assuming he survives whatever attack is aimed at him.
  12. Completely agree. Why Z-6? I much prefer the DC-15. FFG probably didn't want to have Phase 2 Clone Expansions come with 8 models -- not economically viable. So they picked the most iconic Heavy Weapon -- Z-6. Big bummer. At least GAR finally gets a Suppressive weapon. My only concern is the points cost. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ @TallGiraffe, Ahhh!!! I don't think so. The card does not specify the Heavy Weapons trooper comes with a 2nd weapon. The Imperial DF-90 Mortar Trooper does: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwarslegion/images/7/7b/DF-90_mortar_trooper_old.png/revision/latest?cb=20190801190204 Sorry, there will be no Gungans in my army. Unless they are equal or better than Death Troopers. Or, if FFG and Disney confirm Darth Jar-Jar. If I must have a Gungan unit, I'll be modding the models to make them look less like Gungans and more menacing. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^
  13. The more and more I play GAR the more I'm loving the faction. Their synergy combined with good offense and defense is a great combo. With all of your feedback and changing my playstyle, I no longer feel like other factions have an advantage over GAR. When new units, like ARC Troopers arrive, GAR will be oustanding. Thanks! Good info. Thanks. I've been toying around with lists without Aggressive Tactics. It saves me some points that I can include a Phase 2 Corps unit. The one thing I find myself discarding at the end of each turn are extra or unused Surge tokens. Your advice made my list that much more efficient. Esteemed Leader on Rex has its potential. It'll help me be more aggressive with Rex without fear of losing him. I'll test with or without EL. I'm not completely sold on Force Push. I usually prefer Obi be locked in melee until his target is destroyed and my other units are shooting at other units. Force Push is something I need to play with. If I don't like it, I'll at least be more familiar with it. I like having 2x Recon Intel on my Corps units. That way, during deployment, 5x units can perform a 1-move -- Rex + Scout Party 2 + 2x Recon Intel. That just brings my Murderball that much closer to the enemy with DC-15s. I haven't considered DP-23s because I prefer DC-15s Range 4 attacks. With Rex's 2-pip, I can have a whole squad reach out to Range 4. Yeah, after Alex Davy explained how R2D2's Repair 2 and Capacity 2 works, it makes R2D2 even more better. He's essentially 8 HPs for 35 points. That's pretty good. As long as nothing one-shots R2D2 (can be easy). As for C-3PO, you're completely right that a Heavy Weapon is worth WAY more than this egotistical hunk of junk. I have yet tested Obi against other Force users. Grievous doesn't count, but Obi sure did chew him up.
  14. My sentiments exactly when I look at my opponents' Droidekas and wishing I had something similar. Or that BARCs were as effective for their point cost. Currently, the only upside to a BARC is equipping an RPS-6 launcher and not worrying about Cumbersome keyword. Or equipping an ion weapon. But the point cost is too much and I rather have a Corps unit with RPS-6 launcher and deal with Cumbersome.
  15. As long as the weapon you are adding to the dice pool is eligible. Core sounds similar to Corps , like Marine Corps. My mistake. I corrected my OP. Thanks for catching that. Armies can have between 3 - 6 Corps slots. At the moment, GAR armies have very limited unit selections -- Command, Corps, Support, and Operative (coming soon). So using a Corps slot for a Mortar Trooper will not be idea until better and different unit types arrive for GAR... (Come on ARC Troopers!)
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