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  1. Correct on both counts. I only made boxes for those that were missing. If a 1.0 box was sufficient enough, then i didn't bother making a 2.0 version.
  2. Little did i know you and i were building similar lists and wanted to name them the same -- The Fantastic Four. I posted my list on GSP's List of the Week. (It didn't get picked for stream.) Here's that list. You can swap between Countdown and Sabaac, or Ion Missiles and Mag-Pulse Warheads. "Rampage" (39) Synced Laser Cannons (6) Target-Assist MGK-300 (3) Fifth Brother (42) Passive Sensors (2) Homing Missiles (5) Seventh Sister (43) Passive Sensors (2) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) “Countdown” (43) Concussion Bombs (3) Shield Upgrade (6) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  3. Thanks! Glad you like them. As for the Servant's of Strife (SoS) Vulture Gearbox, they were designed for 1 gearbox per ship. Since the SoS comes with 2 Vultures, you need to split their "assets" between 2 gearboxes. This occurs frequently with the boxes i made. After i split them, i just use a pencil and mark (small dot) next to whichever pilots were placed in that box. Also, some gearboxes were made to give you extra space for at least 1 ship token. This is to account for future Aces Packs (AMG???). Fly well and May the Force be with You.
  4. Sounds better than what we got from the actual Sequel Trilogy... as long as we didn't end up with trade embargoes, coarse sand, and Gungans.
  5. Triple Fearsome Predators is going to be fun to fly. Hopefully you can squeeze in, at least, a pair of HMPs to act as anvils while Trifighters are the hammers. Independent Calculations sounds intriguing. Not sure if I like it or not. Depends on cost. I do like the design space. I'm surprised Thread Tracers have 2 charges instead of 1.
  6. I know why FFG is limiting 3-attack ships. But I so wanted the V-Wing to have 3-attack stat. In any case, V-Wings look fantatic, especially with Payload and Astromech slots. Woohoo! Right?! V-Wing might be the first ship that players will fly Oddball.
  7. Thanks for the compliment. These MicroHangars and GearBoxes makes organizing and storing pretty simple. You don't need to rummage thru your collection for dials and base tokens. You just grab the boxes you need and go. The only issue is investing time to make the boxes, which i do while watching TV.
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