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  1. Thank you! I'm gonna try :D keep up with your good work! i want to see your progress!
  2. How do you guys make eyes so good? The time i tried they came out horrible. Yours looks really amazing! You can see them glowing!
  3. Oh i do that but with citadel produts... because that's my local store is selling :S I will wash&shine all the knights together after painting them.
  4. Like this you say? Mmh, i dont know. The skin will be similar to this, but way more brilliant. Regarding the armor colors, i want something more.. "winterish". For Daqan, i will use purple for some details like the spearmen runic plates or Zacareth's runic sword By wash you mean shades?
  5. Hello everyone! Long time no see! I actually was extremely busy and had almost no time to paint and play In these months i was able to buy the miniatures a i needed, a lot of colors and paint... almost nothing. I'm working an my Daqan army at the moment... i have nothing finished, but i decided my color scheme! Still need shade and terrain, but it's something! Meanwhile, can someone help me chosing the scheme for my Latari elves? I want them to have turquoise skin and pale hair. I want them to be "snow elves" and have a winter theme. Yet i can decide on the colors for the armor, weapon and clothes... can someone help me?
  6. Wait... isn't that 5 damage? The armor sponge the first 3 damage, then the other 5 "pass"? Or i always understood armor wrong?
  7. With a lot of efforts and some tips i painted the golem: I tried to use the Carthridge color scheme from the manual The good: drybrush effect. I was actually at how easy it was and how good was the result, both for the stone and for the terrain. The bad: shading. Again, i wasn't able to shade it effectively. The orange mantle looks...dirty The ugly: runes. I wanted them to be more... glowing
  8. They are really good! Especially the ghost horses, they are...perfect! Also the golem is awesome too, those runes are really glowing! You are good with light effects
  9. Wow man they are awesome! Especially the eyes, they look so...glowing XD how did you do them?
  10. This poor reanimated was sacrificed for the greater good. Army's color scheme test! The gold and red feel really weird, but i'm liking them honestly. I don't like the cloth's color and... i don't like the spectral green. First pic has the hexwraith flame used once. Too light. Second pic has it used another time. Too dark. It's also way too hard for me... using super liquid paint apparently is my Achille's heel... imagining to do that for every figure... ****! I'll try with a simple acid green for the undeads' "skin" Oh, also using nurgles rot for blight oozing from the weapons. So far so good!
  11. Thank you so much! That really helped me! EDIT: really noob question: after applying Hexwraith Flame, do i still need to apply shade?
  12. Thank you very much! I hope to get results as amazing as yours! Can you suggest me a green wash from citadel to use? I bought Waywatcher Green and Hexwraith flame, but i'm starting to think that they won't get the effect i hope.
  13. I wanted to use the base products because i think i will make a mess XD I have already tried Agrax on the marines, i guess will try the Oil on Ardus and see what happens. Then i- try some mixes like you suggest By they way, if i want a spectral glow kinda like this one for my Waiqar: Should i use a bone white base and then apply a blue (actually, green: i want a spectral green) shadow or glaze?
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