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  1. My understanding is: If you're tabled, the winner gets 200 points regardless of how many points were in the list, and the loser only gets credit for what they've killed/half-pointed. If it's by points, each person gets the points for what they've killed/half-pointed, so those 12 points don't show up. What is both are tabled due to tied initiative ships blowing each other up? This just came up on the forums, and the conclusion was: both players get a win, with a 200-200 score (hence the worst possible MOV). PS: Not trying to be critical, but you might have gotten a quicker answer if you'd posted this in rules reference. Even though the question is in the context of organized play, this forum is more about announcing tournaments, etc.
  2. I was thinking about Palpatine too, trying to come up with a fun list for my 7 year old nephew to fly. Got me thinking about an actual list to use at my FLGS, and I went with: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle - •Colonel Jendon - 57 •Colonel Jendon - Darth Vader’s Shuttle Pilot (46) •Emperor Palpatine (11) Alpha-class Star Wing - •Major Vynder - 56 •Major Vynder - Pragmatic Survivor (39) Fire-Control System (2) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Concussion Missiles (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 87 •Rexler Brath - Onyx Leader (82) Juke (5) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The Jendon-Vynder combo seems too good not to try (and I was on the receiving end of that combo at a CAC event), and of course Rexler with Juke is just a power piece. Hopefully this will survive the points change.
  3. Oh, this sounds fun! That's a bit of a ways from Eugene, but I won't be teaching that month...
  4. As an Imperial player, I've been enjoying the Marvel "Tie Fighter" mini-series which is sort of a prequel to this, I guess? Certainly whetted my appetite for this book.
  5. Listened to this on my commute last week. I liked it, it seemed a little fractured, tough to follow when Asajj is studying the flashbacks which cut back and forth, while she's being grilled by her Jedi Master who may be a hallucination (or a Force ghost?) Also, had I not previously listened to "Master & Apprentice" recently, I would have been even more lost...
  6. We called this “Stay on the leader” in our league at my FLGS. I went with: Avenge-Omegas (58) "Avenger" [TIE/vn Silencer] (12) Proton Torpedoes (7) Proton Rockets (8) Squad Leader Points: 85 (28) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 28 (28) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 28 (28) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 28 (28) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 28 Total points: 197 It was... not a rousing success.
  7. I played a CAC event in Vancouver WA last weekend and got smoked by: naked Vermeil, Sabbac, and two Sigmas with Juke. Everyone at initiative 4, I couldn't kill Vermeil in one, and he flew away with all my target locks. It was a real headache for my Omega Aces swarm!
  8. First Order: What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!
  9. No, see Rey IS Palpatine. There'll be a 2-sided card coming soon...
  10. Yeah, I don't want to get into a "my faction has it worse" thing, but we (FO) can't even drop bombs! Seems like a card pack with (among other things) Brilliant Evasion, Gas Clouds and Plasma Torps is due soon if we're to believe that there's no more buying out of faction. Oh, and Vader's droids for Imperials.
  11. Force-using generics would be a real nice addition to the faction.
  12. To honor Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca's Initiative is increased by 3 while you are behind in points. Also works if he is crew on a Kashyyk Defender.
  13. Tried this tonight at my local. Good fun! Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. That's pretty apt, and really nails why I like flying them! As far as the ship at hand, I'd be happy if it were just an alternate sculpt for the Silencer, with a new title (for 6 pts, you can now equip a gunner or some such). I'm concerned that between this and the red Interceptor on the Rebels show, we're going to get a slow trickle of interceptor-ish ships for a faction that really needs some variety. Especially given the exciting new flavors of bombs we're about to see, it'd be nice for every faction to be able to equip the things.
  15. Sounds like you’ve got your obstacle plan sorted out, so I would remove Collision Detector and give Sister Prockets, which makes her scarier on the initial engagement. Another option is scale Sister down to a generic Inq with SNR for maximum squirrelly. Depends on your play style and the role of the ship.
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