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  1. Roll blanks on your green dice so you won't be tempted to spend tokens like that.
  2. I spent a focus token to get a single evade on a low initiative Upsilon, then promptly rolled 5 red eyeballs on my attack. I know that's only a 1/1024 chance, but it taught me a valuable lesson.
  3. Triggered and subscribed. Would love to hear some words of advice on this topic...
  4. Y'know, I have the Aces and Hotshots and haven't even opened it yet, largely because: I'm having a blast flying Major V! My build is Daredevil and DPC, I've been flying him with either: Extended: 2xSBK pilots w. PA. This is a great front line for Vonreg to play cagey ace behind or: Hyperspace: 4xZeta Squad Survivors. Beefy little mini-swarm. Curious to see what other people are playing now that the faction has so many more options. I know everyone got 3 new pilots, but when FO was so limited, it seems like (proportionally) so much new stuff to try out. Good problem to have!
  5. Oh it’s on there! I wish I had a use for those 2 points, because as you said, the bid isn’t relevant. Honestly, if my ships didn’t move first, I wouldn’t know how to fly this thing!
  6. Here’s my Vader carrier of choice. I love the prox mines, they seem to come in handy: Darthimator (67) Patrol Leader [VT-49 Decimator] (14) Darth Vader (5) 0-0-0 (9) Admiral Sloane (6) Proximity Mines (2) BT-1 (3) Shield Upgrade (4) Dauntless Points: 110 (22) Academy Pilot [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 22 (22) Academy Pilot [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 22 (22) Academy Pilot [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 22 (22) Academy Pilot [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 22 Total points: 198
  7. That's not a bug, they're supporting BOTH the old points and the new! 😝
  8. One thing I just discovered, now that I'm newly able to fly 8 of them: the FO Tie dial is one of a small handful of ships whose dial did NOT change from version to version (other than the green arrows turning blue, obviously). So, if you do decide to switch to version 2.0, hold onto those dials!
  9. I'll never forget bringing Kylo, Recoil and Malarus to an event and my first matchup was 2 i1 Defenders with HLC and the Omicron Palp shuttle. I got absolutely tabled, I'd never seen a list like that in my local meta. Good times!
  10. Sticking with the same IP and the same company, I've been going through an Imperial Assault campaign with 4 other players and really enjoying it. The campaign is 1 against many, with the Imperial player taking on the 4 Rebel heroes, but there is a skirmish mode which I've heard good things about...
  11. You run with a very interesting crowd of individuals! I'd consider it a badge of honor to make a friend lose it so hard that he threw our toys on the ground. Well played!
  12. I'd spend your 42 points on Nightbeast and add proximity mines to both Decis. I love me some prox mines on these things...
  13. You may have helped FFG with a sale here. I never imagined I needed a 2nd Reaper, but now it seems like a wise and prudent choice!
  14. That was my experience with my nephew. At 5, I wouldn’t trust him with the fragile ships. At 6 we did some quick-builds and he took right to it, managing dials, finding the right template, figuring out actions, the whole bit. We literally played 3 games over 2 days. I bought him the core set and he’s been playing with his Dad (who’s a tech guy and digs the app) ever since.
  15. Subscribed. Interested to see what this evolves into. I've been enjoying Sloane a lot!
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