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  1. Also, I looked into this. I found no non-Mars decks that had Psychic Network, Orbital Bombardment or Blypyp*. There were some with Phylyx and some other cards. Honestly, there are too many cards to check but it seems they have allowed mavericks of cards that do their thing well enough even without their house (e.g. Commander Remiel) and not ones that would not work without it (e.g. Jehu the Bureacrat). At least Sneklifter, One Last Job, Wardrummer, Rock-Hurling Giant etc. don't appear without their house. I guess this was what Garfield was referring to with Pitlords. *searched decksofkeyforge.com
  2. I believe Pitlord is the only card that appears as a maverick and refers to a specific house. This is because it slipped through the cracks. No maverick Pitlords were supposed to be printed. Richard Garfield talked about this in a podcast interview. Garfield also talked how he wanted to print this kind of cards in the future so that the referred house was also shifted when mavericked.
  3. I like the nerfs on Bait and Switch and Library Access. There were other ways to go about it and some might have been better but these erratas are justifiable and they fix the problems. Alpha on LA was an option but I guess they preferred not to fix a set 1 card with a set 2 mechanic. Otherwise, it seems they tried to keep the changes to the original text to a minimum. What I really dislike is their solution to the maverick Pitlord. First of all, it's a very small problem as there are only 16 or so maverick Pitlords registered in non-Dis decks. But somehow they decided to break their rules for this. They added the clause that a player can't choose a house that is not on their identity card or on a card they control. This is ok but doesn't fix the problem. The Golden rule states that when a card text and a rule contradict, the card text takes precedence. So a Pitlord would still force you to choose Dis, even with the above rule change. Then they claim that the CANNOT vs MUST rule means that you can't choose Dis in this scenario (Maverick Pitlord, no Dis in deck). This doesn't work because a) that rule applies only when 2 card effects contradict, not card and rulebook, and b) Golden rule still would be in effect saying that the card text takes precedence. But according to the FAQ, somehow the Golden rule doesn't apply to Pitlord. This is a dangerous precedent. Which other rules trump card texts? How do we know? This rules fiasco is baffling because they had a really easy way of solving this. They were errataing cards anyway, so just errata the house Pitlord refers to to be whatever house it is printed in. So a Brobnar Pitlord would make you only choose Brobnar. Then all Pitlords would be fun, powerful but tricky-to-play cards while now most of them are so and some rare instances are just over-the-top super powerful creatures with no drawback. I really hope they change this ruling in the future.
  4. Crucible Cast #6 gave a ruling on this problem: Gabos attacks an elusive creature (with active elusive) -> another creature is chosen for the damage -> no damage is dealt as elusive cancels damage. Additionally: Gabos attacks a non-elusive creature -> an elusive creature is chosen for the damage -> elusive does not prevent this damage as no elusive creature was attacked. This was not quite how I was expecting it to go but I guess the logic is that Gabos is fighting the creature it originally attacks and only dealing the damage it would be dealing during fighting elsewhere instead of the attacked creature. Thus all fight modifications of the original creature are in effect and none of the new target for the damage are in effect.
  5. Currently, about 15,000 new decks are registered per week and it is slowing down. This natural as the new set is coming out soonish (?). I doubt we hit seven digits before the new set but there should be a significant surge of decks once AoA hits. I expect we get to a cool million within a week of release.
  6. Kalilei

    Going To Time

    Sealed rounds do get more time. If you look at the official OP regulations, Archon rounds (bo1) are 35 minutes, Sealed rounds (bo1) are 45 minutes.
  7. I have a similar case. One of my decks has a defective card. The poor Raiding Knight has a frilled lower edge. It is a visual and tactile defect you can feel even through a protective sleeve. I made an application for replacement through the Asmodee site*. They sent me an email asking for photos and proof of purchase. This despite the fact that I had included photos in my original application. I sent them what they asked for with a more detailed explanation of the situation by email to the address they had emailed me from. It has been several weeks since then with no answer. *The application form is quite terrible. You only get 200 characters to explain your problem, which is nowhere near enough for a detailed description.
  8. Remiel doesn't ready creatures, neither does Ulyq. There is no combo, though great synergy: Reap with Ulyq -> use Remiel to reap -> use a non-Sanctum creature to reap, then reap with John -> ready Ulyq -> use another non-Mars creature. Now, if you also have Crystal Hive out, things get really silly.
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