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  1. I just tried it again and still gives me the same error message.
  2. Hi Atom, yesterday i wanted to choose what’s yours is mine as a sidequest an it didn’t work. I got that „ null“ error message again. I would be very happy if you can fix that agai. Thx 🙂
  3. ID: 263589667 Grisban should have 2 xp Leoric should have 2 xp Avric should have 1xp and the skill:Vigor Tomble should have 1xp and the skill:Bow Mastery Thank you very much for all your help !
  4. Hi again, i encountered something weired. I made a mistake during the campaignstep and since u can not edit anything, I had to delete that step. Normally that is not an issue but this time the tracker still „remembered“ some gold values and spent experience points but not the skills that have been bought . The gold can be fixed during the next step but not the experience points. Unfortunatly i can’t describe it any better. Thanks again for the time that you are putting in this project, it makes campaign-life a lot easier
  5. I just logged in and when I tried to select the next quest I got an error message. The screenshot is attached.
  6. Thanks for answering so quickly! Well then our hopes are with you
  7. Hi everyone, me and my group started a new campaign just a few weeks ago and we are using this tracker for the first time. This tracker is awesome 🙂 Our next session will be in about a week, are there any news when the site will be online again? Thanks again for your awesome work Atom !
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