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  1. The winner of the Brazilian Grand Championship flew 6 Techno Union Bombers with Prox mines and Struts. https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1396
  2. Personally I would also fire Arvel and Hire Jake on Crack leaving two points for bid or something else
  3. he can spend the focus for himself for the extra die.
  4. Or try this: (35) Evaan Verlaine [BTL-A4 Y-wing] (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (3) Selfless (5) Ion Cannon Turret Points: 51 (48) Biggs Darklighter [T-65 X-wing] (3) R-3 Astromech Points: 53 (45) Heff Tobber[U-wing] (6) Leia Organa (3) Selfless Points: 54 (41) Blue sqd escort [T-65 X-Wing] (3) R-3 Astromech Points: 44 Total 200.
  5. What Magnus said is correct the lack of real punch coupled with some low AGI will hurt. Since the list is not totally reducing damage but spreading it around you are still taking the hits and Biggs and Evaan can only take so much before reaching a critical mass. In that case you will have to hit the other side with a ton of bricks and outmaneuver them also. Maneuverability of the list is also not so great. Swarms may cause it a problem blocking and mass of fire. In general no matter what list I was flying I think that target priority would be as follows: Evann because Evaan can give the extra die mod and has selfless which doth not work on thyself and has a double tap possibility. also 51 points Biggs because well he's worth a lot of points too (53) and at this point he has probably used up his shields taking one to many for the team. removes a 3 die attack. Lowhhrick and or Kyle in that order as targets of opportunity.
  6. I really like your answer, well thought out. Since Biggs is protected Evaan gets focused down, I will assume 2 hits an two crits from Luke's double modded shot = and we will assume a blank roll spent evade token from Kyle and Biggs takes one for the team. Evann - shields down, Biggs - 1 shield. Thane shoots lets call it 3 hits and a crit with Lowhhrics reinforce spent for an evade on Evann and same defense. Biggs takes another for the team and Evann is left with 4 hull (half points scored) Wedge is up to bat next and we go back to 2 hits and 2 crits at that point I do not see Biggs being that Honorable and letting Evaan live another rnd. The risk of taking the direct hit crit is there and that would put Biggs at half also, so Evaan dies, and 51 points are off the board with Biggs shield-less. Following rnds target priority becomes hurt Biggs/Lowhhrick/ Kyle and Wedge shooting 1 Agility ships is fun as mods do not help so much. However it is all hypothetical put it on the table and see what happens. Vs a Swarm list with 4 esc's and two Proton Torps and 1 two die attack you can try to protect the vs the torps but the esc's may use up the mods and then the torps roll in. Energey shell charges do not really telegraph who to protect. I like the conceptualization of the list I will give it a try but I think it needs more firepower. Live long and ..................May the force be with you.
  7. @Minimono I am going to assume this scenario and ask the question who do you protect. And before you ask who would run the below Luke ,Wedge, Thane list. I just ran it this weekend and took two ships off the board (ini killed) at rng one target locked and focused for the cost of one shield to Wedge. Thane, Luke, Wedge all with advanced proton Torpedo and R3 Mech. All have locks from Previous rnd. Thane locked Evaan Biggs Luke locked Kyle, Evaan Wedge locked Biggs, Kyle All have rng one of their targets and a focus token. Luke will fire first, then Thane maybe ability procs, then Wedge last. One of those ships is dying (ini Killed) and at least one other should be halved after shots fired. Even without APT and at rng two 9 double modded shots should take either Biggs or Kyle off the board. If the enemy uses target locks on a pilot, it will be easy to find out who to protect. Not so easy to choose who to protect now. At the start of engagement does Kyle keep the focus or pass the Focus/evade and have nothing for mods. At the start of engagement does Evaan spend the focus to give someone the extra die and have no mods. Lowhhrick could give an evade spending the reinforce but would then be facing 6-8 focus modified dice with out any mods. If you protect Evaan +1 die and an evade/focus, Biggs and then Kyle get focused fired. If you protect Biggs +1 die and an evade/focus, Kyle then Evaan get focus fired. If you Protect Kyle +1 die and an evade/focus, Biggs then Evaan get focus fired. The list looks cool though and should be able to take some time to chew through.
  8. @Green Squadron 3 Try the below list. I took it to a medium sized Hyperspace trail last month and took 14th place, not to shabby. The Torps can put lots of hurt on aces and or large/medium based ships U-wings, Arcs, Falcon, Deci etc. Energy shell charges rock also to go with the alpha either to soften up targets for the Torp kill shot or to do their own thing. Lock and Calc due to the prob droid works well. The list has no struts so I brought gas clouds and if the opponent had asteroids or debris I tried to place them where they would effect my list as little as possible. prepping the field is important. The list has a two point bid so that you can decide if you want the ini. this is good especially if you play other I1 swarm lists. Range control is everything. I crushed a four u-wing list killed three of them for the loss of two TFD's and half a bomber. Vs Sontir, Vader, Scourge and Mauler 1st rnd of combat I one-shotted both Scourge and Mauler at rng three, next turn I dropped Sontir rng two and the rnd after vader died at rng one of 5 of my droids. all for the loss of 1/2 droid. Do not chase the aces and or 5 a-wing lists make them come to you you have the advantage of concentrated fire and if it comes down to final salvo (almost happened to me in a game vs Vader, Sontir and Inquisitor list, game was decided in the last rnd. I had tried to chase the aces and they out maneuvered my list all day the final shots had me losing half a vulture and I was 1 dmg from half of Sontir so I lost 12 to 0 and I should have one if I just made the aces come to me. If I would have one that game I would have made top 8 cut. Watch out for lists with Proton bombs auto crits hurt this and or any droid swarm list. Quad Vipers can be tough rng control (you want rng 2 or 3, 2 is better) or make them come to you. Hyena-class Droid Bomber - Techno Union Bomber - 44 Techno Union Bomber - [ (26) Proton Torpedoes (13) •DRK-1 Probe Droids (5) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 19 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 24 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 24 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 24 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - Trade Federation Drone - 24 Trade Federation Drone - (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Hyena-class Droid Bomber - Techno Union Bomber - 39 Techno Union Bomber - (26) Proton Torpedoes (13) Total: 198/200 Good luck at the GC, live long and ................ May the force be with you.
  9. @Hinnyboy As per Sheldon "Time is neither short nor long, it is constant" Thank you for the links to the templates I am sure this will help. I will attempt to work on the Phantom automation, Pilot cards and missions in the mission arc "Chasing Phantoms parts 1-4. I hope that I can get this right but I am sure I will make mistakes. As soon as I have some drafts I will reach out to you again. My friend and I are really jazzed up with being able to help make HOTAC 2.0 being a thing.Once the Phantoms are done we can see what I can help out with next. Live long and ................... May the force be with you. Rick AKA Asmodeon (T3 nickname)
  10. @Hinnyboy "The force is strong in this one" Well I have downloaded the content through the link at first glance it look well put together. A friend of mine and I have played HOTAC 1.0 and that was loads of fun. We will look to play-test some of this new content and provide feedback as we play. I have noticed some typos in the rules and mission docs, will have to make a list and let you know at a later date, I want to play-test a few missions first. I noticed that some of the missions have not been converted over from 1.0 to 2.0. I am going to attempt converting them based off of your new input rules etc and 1.0 content. What did you use as templates (program etc) for the rebel ship cards, Pilot sheets, automation ship cards and Imperial Pilot cards as I would like to be able to take a stab at working on defender, Phantom etc automation cards and ship cards as well as looking at possibly converting the Wookie gunship, Sheathipede and Attack Shuttle as other possible ship options. Live long and .................May the force be with you.
  11. @Hinnyboy HOTAC resurrected, you and all who helped are truly HEROIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Struts are great for some swarm lists and I use them sometimes but not en-mass 2-3 will do the trick. As for not bringing massed struts this allows for other builds and or upgrades or you can have a bid. I know there is a lot of strife with point fortresses and bid war but if I play a mirror match per see and win the bid because I left off 2 points by not bringing 2 struts I get to chose who is first player so I would have an advantage of choice. Moving last at I1 is a unique and cool experience.
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