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  1. A belated thank you for that! And now after a long wait here's a new update, with the first draft of the Adversaries collection
  2. Thank you for that; I'd love to get those Cryolator stats off of you as it's continued to stump me. Crafting is something that is on my to-do list, but at the moment my plan is to get the core mechanics under control and then handle things like Adversaries. But I'm certainly open to ideas
  3. Updated! Revisions to all three files with some new equipment, a few changes to a couple of weapons and a few general quality of life updates
  4. Update again! All three files have been updated with some new equipment and a few edits.
  5. This is one of those cases of game logic versus common sense. Yes, in the Fallout video games, you can carry a couple of hundred pounds of weapons, armour, ammo, consumables and junk on you without issue. However, that's hardly realistic either. I chose to go with something more realistic that fit more with the overall Genesys system and its values
  6. Thank you very much for that. It's been a long and involved process, but I'm pretty happy with the results. Also, updates! The Factions file has been updated with several more factions.
  7. First round of updates! Changed a couple of weapons. Changes to weapon modifications and added a few more Formatting and other small quality of life improvements The links in the main post now go to the revised/updated files. I'll continue to update them as I go and as things (inevitably) change.
  8. This is a little pet project of mine that I've been belting away at on and off for the last six or so months. It started as an expansion of the excellent Fallout Genesys theme by GM Phil, but quickly grew to something much, much bigger. While I did build from the core of Phil's work, I have considerably expanded on it in a number of ways. The result was that I wound up splitting it into three different files. Fallout Genesys The "core" file which should be everything you need to play. This covers the following areas: World Background (As a guide to newcomers to the series) Character Creation New Rules (Radiation, Power Armour and Chems) Basic equipment, including weapons, armour, chems and more. This is intended to be a stand-alone file; all you need to play is this and the Genesys core rulebook. The other two files are optional but can be used to give your game more options and flavour. Fallout Genesys Armoury The first "spin off" file, this one is an attempt to create a reasonably definitive collection of equipment from across the Fallout universe (without cluttering up the main file too much). It includes: Weapons Armour Power Armour Weapon and other Equipment Modification This file is still a work in progress. While it is largely complete, there are still a few items that I haven't yet written up (largely because I haven't figured values for them or haven't yet figured the mechanics). Fallout Genesys Factions The third file, this one provides summaries of a number of factions within the Fallout world as a tool for both GMs and players. For each faction it includes: A brief history and background of that faction Character creation for that faction, including new character options where applicable New equipment appropriate to each faction Sample characters for each faction Fallout Genesys Adversaries The final spin-off file is a collection of Adversaries for use with the Fallout setting. It includes: Assorted creatures Various typical NPCs such as Raiders and Mercenaries Modifications for creatures to give them additional abilities As said, this is very much a work in progress. I appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism.
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