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  1. It may be possible to make a legal deck, but it isn't possible to make a playable deck. With her special rules, putting in everything including the kitchen sink just means you will be sitting around uselessly watching a lot of pretty cards cycle by... I think we have to accept that some characters are just going to be for people with more cards. I'm okay with that as long as it doesn't happen very often. I think we have to give the designers a little leeway if we want to keep getting new and fun character designs.
  2. Okay, here is my, probably not going to happen, wish list. They are all cards that I love for theme, but never seem to fit into decks... Hand Cuffs (2): cost=1, fast. Kerosene (3?): reaction is fast. Intrepid (2): add a "?" icon. Persuasion (2): no elite limit. Colt Vest Pocket (3): fast, shuffle into deck instead of discarding. Fence (2): cost=2, fast. Coup de Grace (3?): doesn't end your turn. Counter Spell (0): only yourself. Enraptured (2): +1 icon, x2 effect. Trench Coat: I have no idea... I just want it to be something Roland would want to take...
  3. I've given up on guessing what will be in the next set since I'm always wrong...😟 For example, in return to Carcosa I really wanted them to give us playable versions of Trench Knife and Knuckleduster. E.g., Trench Knife (2) add +1 damage when engaged with 2 or more enemies. Knuckleduster (2) add +2 combat when attacking exhausted enemies. Sadly, these cards only exist in a warped alternate reality and wishing for them only leads to madness.
  4. I'm hoping that "as if engaged" doesn't provoke AoO. I was hoping Matt's full quote would offer some clarity. I seem to remember it does, but without the original response I can't say if that's just wishful thinking or not...
  5. When "In the Know" came out Matt Newman explained how "as if you were at that location" works. Luke's ability makes that ruling important again, but I can't find it. Does anyone have a copy of his full answer?
  6. Yes, yes... Keen Eyed Carolyn racked up enough resources to go whackity-whack on Hamster Lord of Carcosa with a meat cleaver... but she still couldn't keep me sane... Also, not exactly a meat cleaver...
  7. I agree, Versatile is versatile. However, except for what is already covered by the Taboo List, none of what you just mentioned is game breaking and the cost is high.
  8. This. I, personally, think Versatile is great card design. It's virtually useless for the players who try to build the most efficient decks possible, so it probably won't hurt game balance. However, it's perfect for the players who try to build thematic decks, allowing them to cram in a few more inefficient but thematically appropriate cards without taking out the cards needed to actually make the deck work. Not every card will appeal to every player...
  9. I got lucky. I drew the instant death card twice while one away from triggering it. Of course I did have my entire board wiped out three turns from the end of the scenario so "lucky" is relative...
  10. Thanks. 1. Since the resolution didn't mention any effect from the horror I assumed there wasn't any, but it "felt" like there should be... though I had drawn the instant death card twice just before my final decent into madness so that added stress may have been punishment enough. 2. I hadn't even thought about the different resolutions based on conviction/doubt. All is clear now!
  11. I just finished Dim Carcosa (not return to...) and I wanted other peoples opinions. 1. I took over 3x my starting sanity in horror; no effect? 2. We were instructed to take two physical trauma; shouldn't that be mental given the setting? Everything else seems pretty straightforward. The only other time I played this we all still had sanity left so I didn't pay much attention...
  12. I see Tommy playing very recklessly (as befits a rookie). I see him taking lots of attacks of opportunity to make up for spending so many actions playing assets and to improve his economy. My big concern is lack of card draw...
  13. I think Tommy is a perfect candidate for the same kind of deck construction as Tony Morgan, choose a class + skills and events only. It boosts flexibility without increasing power too much. That's my bet anyway.
  14. I don't think she'll bring unique abilities to a team. I think she is going to be interesting because of how she plays. For example, I love Calvin. There is something deeply satisfying about living one point away from death and swinging a sword at 13+ combat. As far as the team is concerned I could play any generalist, but Calvin provides a very different experience for me. As long as she's effective and my play experience is different enough (and fun) I'll be happy.
  15. I think she'll be just fine. Able Bodied and Rise to the Occasion should give +3 each. Last Chance seems made for her. Fight or Flight and Trial by Fire last the whole phase. And Cornered turns every card into a (soon to be replaced) +2. That's all just off the top of my head. I just can't imagine her having trouble passing tests.
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