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  1. Looks like i have yet another project for this afternoon...
  2. FFG now has finally completed the holy trinity of my favorite movies,star wars,lotr,and marvel!
  3. Wow I came on today to ask about how to get better at playing and I saw this.
  4. I'm sad they aren't releasing any imperial epic ships such as the raider or the assault carrier...
  5. *imperial march plays* thanks for the help, luckily my friend is new as well...
  6. i was going to wait for the decimator to save up but i might be able to get the tie/sk
  7. My friend is bringing a scum squadron of some kind.I was wondering if this list is any good? its pretty much what i have... https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com/squad-preview/2d078306-87b9-4668-b2cc-e233db808020
  8. i was wanting to make a tournament ready scum list and wondered if people had any good ones
  9. what about scum and villainy is it any good
  10. thanks I will share the lists with him
  11. my friend is going rebellion do you have any good lists for a noob rebel player?
  12. thanks for the help ill look into getting the rest of the ships i need
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