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  1. they look good. Barry Harker did some pencil weathering on a YT-1300 on page 1 (check it out)
  2. ok thanks I just thought because baze says gain 1 I could jyn them 1 at a time.
  3. if I have the baze crew with the jyn crew can I get unlimited evades? step:1 focus-step:2 baze to gain an evade-step:3 repeat step:2 once for each ship at range 0-1 baze- While you perform a action, you may treat it as red. If you do, gain 1 additional focus token for each enemy ship at range 0-1, to a maximum of 2. jyn- If a friendly ship at range 0-3 would gain a focus token, it may gain 1 evade token instead. I never actually gain the focus I just gain an evade so can I get unlimited… would this work?
  4. I'm amazing at bumping if I try to or not.
  5. if you ion fat-han then he can only be in 2 places. (ion 1-straight or inertial dampeners)
  6. if your asking the ace is moving before you. pull into the open and do the fastest k-turn you can manage. (at least a 4 k-turn) the ace probably wont go very fast or they might pass you. if you are at range 3 and they are in the appx center of your arc they wont make it out with a boost barrel-roll combo. if your asking you are the ace and you are moving first pull a k-turn on the round the enemy ace is most likely to k-turn you both are stressed and then you trade shots. (stay at range 3)
  7. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    things like this or like this are what I commonly fly. ( I don't have a u-wing. )
  8. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    I guess I was wrong, and I am just having trouble liking the rebels, and finding good lists to fly. thanks for changing my mind🙂
  9. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    at least I can't.
  10. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    fat han can be in 8 different places by just dialing in a 4-straight. you can't predict 8 different places for 1 ship
  11. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    it's bad (a-wings, hwk-290) or its op (fat han, leia)
  12. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    that's the problem they have leia, fat han that stuff is broken.
  13. bobafett1228

    why ffg?

    Why is the rebel alliance so bad? Yes they had some nasty builds in first edition, but I thought second edition was made to balance things out... It seems I am wrong. 😥 no offense ffg
  14. I've found a phoenix squadron pilot with squad leader is ok, but is still not very competitive.
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