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  1. Disclaimer: I am not an professional sound technician or native English speaker. Some terms may have been used wrongly. ----------------------------------------------- How to use material presented here to create ambient background soundscapes RPG sessions: Track, ambience and singular sound -Track refers to single sound file, either stream from YouTube or downloaded MP3 file. -Ambience refers to combination of tracks that are part of a particular scene and are constantly running on a loop on background, while player characters remain in that scene. -Singular sound refers to track/s that GM is able to launch quickly on top of ambience soundscape as needed. Track frequencies -When creating soundscape you should avoid packing too much tracks on just one frequency area, that way your ear is not able to separate between the individual sounds. Example of bad combination: thunderstorm, heavy engine and explosions (each located to low frequency area). -Try to compile ambience tracks so that they utilize all of three general frequencies: Low: Booms, heavy things Medium: Human speech, medium things High: Beeps, chirps, small things Volume -Ambience sound should always stay on background during a game session, so that players do not need to raise up their voices. This is tool of subliminal mood building, where sounds should mainly be heard when players are not speaking. -Short singular sounds can be used on much higher volume than ambient ones during gameplay. Doing it simultaneously when player throws a dice gives extra immersion. -Changing relative volume of tracks during gameplay makes sounds to come closer or go farther depending on how you change volume levels of independent tracks. Sound speed and pitch -With YouTube and sound editor it is possible to change speed of track and it's pitch. This gives you possibility to radically change how played track sounds. -Slowing down or lowering pitch on some tracks (test this on half speed) makes them sound of alien language or something weird instead of what it originally sounded of. It also makes sound source of any track to sound more larger as slower the track gets. -With speeding up some tracks same happens as with slowing down but to other direction. Higher the frequency (increasing pitch) track has smaller the object on it sounds (test this on double speed). Priorities -Are you GM or DJ? In my opinion it is more important to run a good social game than try to reach the perfect background sound. This is supplemental tool for game sessions and not an stage for cranky DJ egos. -If several different soundscapes are needed during the game session then it is better to do some work beforehand. Create ready MP3 file/s of ambience soundtracks beforehand as transition from one scene to an another can be instant with pre-made tracks. Lazy persons soundscape creation with YouTube 1. Open required amount of YouTube pages on your web browser. 2. Search wanted ambience and singular sounds from YouTube pages. 3. Pre-adjust each of YouTube page's sound volume to suit your soundscape. 4. Put ambience sounds on a loop and singular sounds ready and paused. 5. When soundscape is ready, set it to mute from your computer volume control and just let the soundscape loop on. 6. When players have arrived and are ready to start the game just unmute your computer and keep ambience running through whole game session. 7. Use singular sound/s during game as needed. -Plusses: Easy to set up. -Minuses: Requires internet connection. Prone to browser crashes. If several soundscapes are needed during session change from one to a another is slow. In depth soundscape creation -If you plan to use several different soundscapes during a game session this approach makes it fast and easy compared to a YouTube method. -Download required sound tracks as MP3 from YouTube and edit them by using Mixer or Multi-track editor. -Plusses: When work is done you do not need internet connection during the gameplay. You have better control of volume levels of tracks (and reverb, pitch, etc). Possibility to edit downloaded tracks. Larger sound libraries available as you are able to snip required parts from "sound effect bundles" available on YouTube. Fast transitions between premade soundscapes during gameplay is easy. -Minuses: "All work and no play makes a Jack a dull boy." You need to learn to use mixer/editor. You have to download your sound library to a computer to be able to produce meticulous content. You do not have time to sleep or write the game because ending of three different tracks need to be synchroniced. Examples of easy YouTube soundscapes Trench Warfare: My first idea of the soundscape to use during RPG game was set on WWI trenches. Ambience: Constant rainfall and distant explosions. Singular: Infantry charge is used each time the player characters start their attack. Imperial Guard jungle operation: This was developed for game set on a jungle planet where the players had characters of Imperial Guard heavy weapon team. Ambience: Either Jungle day or Jungle night depending of the time of a day at the game. Singular: Autocannon (used by player characters during their heavy weapon shooting actions) and Constant warfare (Continuously on during endgame after enemy reaches the lines Imperial Guard is holding). -------------------------------------------------- Following ones are latest ideas that I have been designing for my current campaign: Imperial frigate bridge: Ambience: Millenium falcon engine, Factory sounds and Beeping machinery. Singular: Battle ambience distant (during inevitable void combat), Small arms fire (if star vessel is boarded during void combat), Nuclear alarm (if star vessel receives critical hit during void combat). Techshrine of Omnissiah: Ambience: Mechanicus ambient 2, ROBOTIC welding and Orbital transmissions. Singular: Geiger counter used by a tech-priest to scan the characters. Lair of the heretical cult: Ambience: Cave with dripping water, Beeping machinery, Bubbling in a cave and Demonic whispers. Singular: Demonic chorus when chanting starts and Daemon of Nurgle when the daemon is summoned. Inside void suit and engaged to combat: Ambience: Space helmet breathing, Heartbeat fast and Combat radio chatter. Singular: Plasma gun sound when the character shoots enemies. Daemon of Nurgle: Ambience: Bubbling ooze, Swampy thing, Flies buzzing and Monster sounds, Quotes from "Heart of Decay" audio drama. Singular: Godzilla breath when it launches attack with daemonic powers and Unnatural evil laugh when it is taunting the characters. ------------------------------------------------------ Ready made soundscapes by others: Battlefield Ambience | Ambient Sound Effects for WH 40K 1 hour Necron invasion vs Imperium 1 hour Xeno invasion vs Imperium 1 hour Exoplanet -Forest Ambience Sounds, Sci Fi Insect and Fantasy Creature - 5:49 Xeno planet 3:43 minutes Victim of Nurgle's blessing in the rain 1 hour ------------------------------------------------------- I have created library of suitable sound effect and ambience tracks from YouTube, sorted by general and vague topics. I will be expanding and organizing it further as there is time left over from actual game mastering. Sound effect library is collected from sounds planned to be used in WH 40K campaigns and majority of the sounds can be classified to sci-fi/combat/industrial/urban/horror/etheral effects. Nature: Jungle day Jungle night Thunder storm Calm sea Calm ocean Forest day Peaceful stream Blizzard and wind Fireplace at night Cave with dripping water Forest ambience Birds Insect Buzz Rainfall and thunder 10 hour Lava bubbling Underwater bubbling Bubbling mud Bubbling mud 2 Bubbling mud and steam Bubbling ooze Ocean waves crashing on rocks Sandstorm Flies buzzin Bees buzzing Snake hiss Snake hiss 2 Combat: Constant combat Urban combat Star Vessel/Fortress Xeno machine and horn sounds Missile launch countdown short Combat Distant explosions Combat radio chatter Rain artillery gunfire 1 hour Small arms warfare 10 hours Tank moving Battle ambience distant Plasma gun Infantry charge Predator autocannon Imperial walker Small imperial walker Industrial: Industrial samples and impacts Industrial and factory Heavy impact cinematic Machine room sound Refinery Fluorecent light Industrial fans Industrial exhaust fan Factory sounds Construction heavy machines Military Vehicle, Farm Vehicle Industrial ambience, machines 1 Industrial ambience, machines 5 Industrial ambience, machines 7 Industrial ambience, machines 18 ELEVATOR Industrial ambience, machines 20 clunk Industrial ambience, machines 24 Industrial ambience, machines 28 ROBOTIC welding Industrial sounds 10 hours Beeping machinery Reactor Chrushing, grinding Urban: Institute ambience City traffic distant ambience City rumble ambience Heavy traffic ambience City ambience with constant rain Big machines at work Mad science lab Server Room 188 | Quiet Cy-Fi: Ambience Library sound Radio chatter and space static Cyberpunk cityscape Star vessel/fortress: Star vessel ambience Millenium falcon engine Space station Sci-fi lab Alien Spacecraft Sound Effects Space Sounds White Noise Station cargo Space station Space ship Spaceship Sound Effects, Battlecruiser and Spacecraft Passbys Warning signals: Nuclear alarm 1 h Warning sound Reactor meltdown 15 min Space alarm Cockpit alarm signs Mechanicus ambient: Mechanicus ambient 1 Mechanicus ambient 2 Ethereal ambient: Abandoned ship Space station Eerie ambience Haunted forest Drumming Demonic whispers Demonic chorus Spell chanting Cauldron bubbling in a cave Ethereal bubbling Ethereal bubbling 2 Large monster breathing Cave monster Random knocking Xeno musicians Swamp thingy Godzilla breath Dark ambient Abandoned space station Dark ambience - Cave sound Sewers ambience Horror ambience Horror cinematic music effect Moaning ghost children Scary noises Male ghost breathing and screaming Creepy ghost child Monster sound effect. Handling organs Sinister piano sound Creepy young girl singing Ethereal sounds Mechanical/robotic: Electricity Tesla coil Fast mechanical clock Typing cogitator interface quickly Rotary phone dialing Vintage film camera rolling Radom digital noise VCR rewind noise Agitated alien Modem connecting Submarine sonar ping Radio static Agitated alien Robotic Droid Transmission Sounds - Lost Locator Transformer sounds Orbital transmissions Robot Sound Effects - Assault Mech - Robotic War Unit CASINO - ANTIQUE slot machine Star trek bridge sounds Computer sound Geiger counter Helicopter sound Internal sounds: Heartbeat fast 1 hour Heavy breathing irregular Space helmet breathing Vomiting Coughing Heavy breath wheezing Breathing and running Scubadiving Human sounds: Running footsteps Falling scream male Laughters: Evil laugh 1 Evil laugh 2 Evil laugh 3 Evil laugh underground Evil laughter ambience Evil laughter woman Unnatural evil laugh
  2. My current campaign is partially revolving around origins of Imperial technology. Noospheric space is based mainly on "Imperator: Wrath of Omnissiah" by Gav Thorpe. Any ideas, sources or feedback is welcome.
  3. Current campaign is set delve secrets of Imperial technology and origin of STC technology. Any ideas, sources and feedback is welcome.
  4. Current campaign is set delve secrets of Imperial technology and origin of STC technology. Any ideas, sources and feedback is welcome.
  5. Secrets of origin of the cogitators are lost in turmoils of age of strife. This STC template dominates Imperial computational technology. There are two cogitator templates, mechanical and digital: -Mechanical are reliable, slow, cumbersome, single task oriented. -Digital are delicate, fast, small, intricate and multi task oriented. Common Imperial portable Cogitator devices Calculance array, Scarce, Rogue Trader: Tools page 144 "Grand mercantile initiatives are attended by a swarm of scribes and ledgers, and the greatest can only thrive when supported by machines such as the calculance array. It is a noisy, man-sized stack of chugging, promethium-fueled rod-cogitators, often mounted upon a tracked platform. Its machine spirit accepts reams of figures, and other data, ordering them and spitting forth parchment summations and predictions upon command. It provides a +10 bonus to all Commerce Skill Tests." Components: Mechanical cogitator, mechanical display Hadd-Pattern dataloom, Very rare, Rogue Trader Tools page 144 "A limited data-engine and geometric display that has proven useful to those faced with challenging problems of logic or fragmentary information. It gives a +10 bonus to Logic skill Tests, and at the GM’s discretion may reduce the time taken for research or investigations, provided that the investigator has the Tech-Use skill." -Datalooms can be stacked together to increase performance. 4 Datalooms are able to handle information flow of standard Imperial world, 30 data-looms can handle information flow of secter and with 64 looms you can decipher secrets of warp. Components: Digital cogitator, MIU interface, Display Remuneration engine, Very Rare, Rogue Trader Tools, page 146 "A tool and symbol of status for wealthy factors and brokers, the optics and prongs of this heavy device rapidly stack, count, and assay the worth of diverse currencies. Any attempt to cheat by Sleight of Hand or similar method of distraction suffers a -30 penalty where a Remuneration Engine is used. Its temperamental machine spirit requires the constant attention of tech-adepts, however." Components: Mechanical cogitator, mechanical display, sensor Locke-pattern Long-range auspex, Very Rare, Into the storm, page 136 "This is a larger and more powerful version of the hand-held auspex devices used by Imperial agents, usually mounted on a large, transportable chassis for added stability. Though bulky, it can scan huge areas of terrain as well as the sky above and the ground below to detect movement patterns, vox signals, seismic disturbances, and other programmed criteria. Its onboard cogitators analyse and display detected information. The Long-range Auspex counts as an Auspex in all respects, save its range is 5 kilometres and it can penetrate walls up to a metre thick. Good Craftsmanship versions increase the range to 10 kilometres, and Best versions grant a +30 to Awareness Tests made with the device, instead." Components: Digital cogitator, sensors, display Diagnostor, Rare, Rogue trader page 144 "The diagnostor is a sophisticated medical device used among high ranking planetary officials and other powerful individuals. It can detect and diagnose almost every ailment known to the Imperium, and can be incorporated into medical kits, servo-skulls, and other dedicated servitors. Rogue Traders who are often away from proper medical assistance feel that such devices are essential on their voyages. A Diagnostor provides +20 to Medicae or Perception Tests to determine an ailment. Any success indicates the proper medical countermeasures." Components: Digital cogitator, sensor, digital display, Ocular catechizer, Inquisitor's handbook, page 127 "A device favoured by ranking adepts, sages and Administratum officials, these arcane and intricate-looking eyepieces are designed to magnify objects and help identify and analyse visual patterns and data. They are somewhat temperamental instruments, requiring stillness and concentration to use; their machine-spirits are notoriously easily vexed, much to the pain of the operator. Using these devices gains a character a +10 bonus on Literacy, Lore and Search Tests where the close examination of objects, symbols and deciphering written text is involved. Other Actions cannot be attempted while using an ocular, and if a failure by four or more degrees is rolled on a Test involving the device, feedback through the eyepiece inflicts 1 level of Fatigue on the user. The eyepiece can also record its impressions to an attached data-slate for later study." Components: Digital cogitator, sensor, miniature display Calculus logi upgrade, DH2, page 182 "These bionics are internal cogitator implants which aid in data retention and processing. The user can rapidly sift through stacked dataslates and parchments, applying intuition to vast reams of data far beyond the capabilities of a normal man. This implant grants the user a +10 bonus to Literacy, Logic, and Scholastic Lore tests." Components: Mechanical/digital cogitator, cybernetic, Locator matrix, DH2, page 183 "Micro-cogitators implanted at the base of the skull allow the user to be aware of the direction of the planetary poles, the Acolyte’s present location to within a few metres, relative velocity, altitude, time of day, and other valuable information. The user must still have access to maps and other planetary data in order to benefit from this information, however—knowing one is at a specific location on a planetary surface has little meaning without knowing what is over the next rise, or what is the direction needed to reach a given destination." Components: Digital cogitator, sensor, cybernetic Cogitator system, Inquisitor's handbook page 146 "Machines created to sift and consider data, to calculate and to process the sacred language of algorithm, these devices range from small portable models to larger logos tabernacles and matriculation-engines integrated into manufactora, star ships and archive centres. Using a suitable cogitator grants a bonus on Literacy, Logic and Lore Tests when having to compare or sift through large volumes of data. Emplaced These cogitator systems analyse and process vast quantities of data (planetary tithe records, genotype reconstructions, and so on). Most also feature auto-quills to print data-scrolls, machine-spirit shrines and symbiotic operations-savants or holo-projectors incorporated into their structure. They grant a +20 bonus on relevant Tests. Proper rites and rituals must be observed during cogitator operations on this scale or they will become subject to severe inaccuracies and glitches, perhaps even possession by malign spirits. Personal These portable units are capable of analysing the information from data-slates and similar sources, and provide a +10 bonus on relevant Tests." -Can be mechanical (cumbersome, slow, reliable) or digital (small, fast, fragile). -Used to analyze information stored to imperial data-storage. May be specialized to certain areas of information on cost of variety of information. Bonuses and penalties up to GM, but rule of thumb +5 specialized bonus bringas -5 to other topics. Components: Cogitator, power source, MIU, touch display Void Abacus, ITS page 140 "While the search for priceless archeotech is one of the most profitable endeavours a Rogue Trader can undertake, there are those who dedicate their lives to the suppression and elimination of many wondrous items from the Dark Age of Technology. One such item sought after by both camps is the Void Abacus, most famously unearthed on the cursed Munitorum planet of Soloman in the Markayn Marches but also recovered in the bowels of many an ancient hive spire or nameless space hulk. For these can do something very valuable indeed—when integrated into a ship’s auspex and propulsion systems they can allow a ship to make accurate void jumps four or five times longer than normal without a Navigator’s aid. This allows many more types of ships to travel safely, something the Navigator’s Guild cannot allow. While the Guild cannot directly outlaw their use, they can act to buy, destroy, or sabotage any and all they can find. That they will arrange for the same fate to befall to any vessel found using one is an open secret as well. Having an Abacus networked into a ship’s systems allows the crew to safely plot warp jumps of up to 5-10 days in duration with an Ordinary (+10) Navigation Test." Vessel/habitat components including major cogitator systems Star vessel/fortress bridge or habitat HQ -Command center directing power, life support and defenses of conglomeration of STC components. Components: Cogitators (both mechanical and digital), MIU, data-chest, hololithic sensor displays and controls, weapon systems controls, vox comm controls, flight controls, life sustainer controls. Imperial Tacticae Vault: (Strategium), Power: 1 Space: 1 SP 1 Very rare "Filled with cogitators, a holo display and other tools needed to thoroughly brief your men on the mission ahead. +10 to commands rolls for commanding the actions of ground troops. +50 achievement points from military themed objectives." Components: Holithic recorder, vox system, Improved Navis Nobilitae Sanctuary Power 1 Space 1 SP2 Very rare "A more spacious meditation sanctuary for the navigator to use while piloting the vessel through the warp. Includes complex cogitators to assist in calculations as well as all the luxuries the Navis Nobilitae are accustomed to. +10 to all checks made for navigating the warp." Components: Resonance chamber, Cogitator unit, Luxury Quarter Auto-stabilized logis-targeter Pow: 5 Space: 0 Extremely rare RT page 207 "More than simply an auger array, the Logis-Targeter uses near heretical cogitator circuitry from the Dark Age of Technology to ensure extremely accurate weaponry.† External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit. Image of the Void: Increase the ship’s Detection by +5. Targeting Matrix: All Ballistic Skill Tests to fi e the ship’s weapons gain +5." -Dark age of technology component which replaces augur arrays. Components: Digital cogitators, MIU, hololithic sensor display, hololithic crosshair display. Cogitator interlink Pow: 1 Space: 1 Extremely rare, ITS page 161 "Though the creation of true artificial intelligence is one of the darkest heresies of the Adeptus Mechanicus, this wasnot always so. The Men of Iron were the most infamous example of such technology, but the Dark Age of Technologygenerated many others. The cogitator interlink is designed to amplify the starship’s core cogitator, enhancing the ship’s operations considerably. Sophisticated cogitation operation: This starship’s Crew Rating gains a +5 bonus." (archeotech) -The ancient cogitator interlink is designed to amplify bandwidth between the starship’s drive's cogitator and cogitators distributed among other components, enhancing the ship’s operations considerably. Cogitator sphere Pow: 6 Space: 1 Unique -Efficient and heretical archeotech cogitator configuration that grants excessive bonus to machine spirit housing it. -Cogitator interlink and Auto-stabilized Logis-targetter are two halves of forbidden cogitator sphere and hereteks dabbling with forbidden science of AIs are always willing to purchase them. -Theoretically star vessel that has Auto-stabilized logis-targetter, Cogitator Interlink and Void Abacus would be able to autonomously travel between star systems.
  6. STC data storage and display devices (ROM) Imperial data storing is based on revered single modular STC template, the data-cube. These crystals are pressed, polished and ignited by grand auto-factoriums of several Imperial forge worlds. One STC data-cube is able to store infinite amount of data but it takes infinite amount of time to up/download it. As need for faster data transfer bandwidth between data storage and cogitation unit is imperative in large systems, data stored is distributed between large quantity of data-cubes and controlled by cogitator unit. Thus basic components remains same and they are just stacked up to gargantuan proportions (the Imperial method) for higher performing storage/cogitation portable devices or habitat/vessel components. Portable data storage devices Data-cube, Common -Enormous capacity for storing data but up/download times are too slow for storing beyond reasonable amounts of data. -All Imperial data storage technology is based on data-cube STC. Small systems operate around single data-cube, larger installations like data-vaults are stacked with endless rows of data-cube racks. -Can be used for hiding and smuggling sensitive information. Can be implanted under skin. -To insert or access information it requires data-cube reader/writer. Components: minuscule STC data storage module Data-wafer, From abundant to unique -Size of Imperial Tarot card. Components: Data-cube, hololithic projector, STC card operation interface, password generator. -STC template data-wafer are used across the imperium as key-cards, for identity authorization as Cognomens and to command robots. Inquisitorial rosette in use of Inquisition or doctrina wafers used to operate Kastellan robots by Cybersmiths are examples of data-wafers used in the Imperium. -Wafers which contain hard-coded imperial propaganda are abundant. -Personal imperial documentation wafer is scarce. -Stolen authority wafers (inquisition, imperial navy, ecclesiarchy, etc) are extremely rare. -Lost STC wafers (unique operational configurations, missing Kastellan command wafers, archaotech password key-cards) are unique. Data-slate, common, Rogue Trader Tools page 144 "Data-slates are commonplace in the Imperium, the primary means of storing and reading printed text and other media such as video or audio recordings. They are so cheap and easy to make that many contain a single media recording, such as text, and can only play that single file. Others can re-record new information, or transmit and receive data from other devices." -Size similar to Imperial primer. Components: Touch sensitive display, hololithic projector, data-cube and MIU interface. -Hard-wired data-slates are abundant and filled with imperial or ecclesiarchical propaganda that enhances hypno-doctrination of Imperial citizens. They can be about creed, imperial rules, saints, maps, etc. -Basic data-slate can record and can re-write their content. -Specific data-slates may be rarer, in example Almanax Astrae Divinitus, extremely rare, Rogue Trader page 143 Memorance implant, DH2 page 184 "This implant is a neurally-linked datavault and pict-capture array, often incorporating augmetic replacement of one or both eyes, that records information on people or scenes viewed. It can then later replay that information, or overlay the present view with additional data on people and objects viewed. It is a tool of chroniclers, loremancers, and masters of ceremonies, as well as factors or nobles who like to see the secrets of their rivals overlaid upon their view of the negotiating table. It provides a +10 bonus to Trade (Loremancer) tests or other tests in social situations where the recorded information provides leverage or value." Components: Data-cube, sensor, MIU interface, cybernetic Data-chest, Rare -Transportable. -Closed system: cannot be manually operated, only through MIU interface or component interface. -Used to locally collect, store and transfer large amount of data. Common component in imperial structures as precinct-fortress, cathedral, research facility, etc. Components: Armor, EMP shield, Mechanicus firewall, rack of data-cubes and MIU interface. Data storage vessel/habitat components Data-vault, Very rare Pow: 1 Space: 1 -Imperial STC component. Grants +5 to logic and lore (ones uploaded) checks of habitat/vessel. -Tech-shrine and Administrator vault are upgrades of same STC template component. Components: Halls of data-chests, cogitator room, cooling system, EMP shield, Mechanicus firewall -Component requires core or drive to power up. -Used as component in habitats, star fortresses and star vessels. -Has cogitator installed and can be used to analyze and study data. Data-mine, Unique, (archaotech) Pow: 5 Space: 10 -Ancient STC wonder. Knowledge of building such component is lost to the Imperium. -Known vaults located to Terra?, Mars? and Jericho Reach. Components: Archeotech mysteries
  7. The Cant Mechanicus refers to the number of strange dialects spoken by the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus that blend the machine tongue with those of the wider human race. These include Binharic cant, Lingua-technis, Hexamathic code, Noospheric bleed and Novabyte, amongst many others. Few outside the Adeptus Mechanicus can comprehend these tongues, let alone reproduce them. All these languages have their roots of origin in lost glory of Dark Age of Technology. Binharic cant: (Requires Tech-use) -Based on holy zero and one. -Used for transmission of bursts of small data packets. -Pure binary language that is used in liturgies and chants of Mechanicum. -Universally understood by any individual or object with Imperial machine trait. -Precise and robust digital signal that is perfect to use in combat situations but slow to use when large amounts of data is transmitted. -Human can speak it but non-augmented vocalized binary data transmission is extremely slow. Lingua-Tecnis: (Requires Tech-use) -Machine to human interaction language. -Representational language developed to ease interaction of STC technology and humans. -Can be used by humans to interact with entities with Imperial machine trait. -Can be communicated without augmentation. Noospheric bleed: (Requires Forbidden lore Adeptus Mechanicus or Archeotech and MIU implant) -Machine to machine interaction and digital reality description language. -Used to perceive and interact within Noospheric space, STC digital environment invented during dark age of technology and adopted by Mechanicus priesthood. -Can be used to interact with entities, both human and machine, if they have MIU implant. -Impossible to speak or understand without MIU implant. -Breaking Noospheric connection abruptly may cause momentary disorientation for those who are still connected. -Perfect for transmissions of large quantity of data. -Extensively used by troops of Mechanicus. Magos Dominus is positioned to top of Noospheric hierarchy and is able to perceive it's surroundings through sensor- and datafeeds connected to Noospheric space. Hexamathic code: (Requires Forbidden lores: Mechanicus/Archeotech and Warp/Xenos) -Descriptive language to analyze and interact with data emitted by Immaterium and non-Imperial technology. -Necessary to master if one wants to build interface between imperial and Warp/Xenos technology. -Can be used to interact with Xeno entities with machine trait. -Impossible to speak without proper augmentation (Machine trait). -Warp engine, gellar fields and other warp related components require this code to work. -Code has hexagrammatic warding embedded within that aims to filter harmful signals of non-Imperial source. Novabyte: (Requires Forbidden lore: Archaotech) -Core programming language of STC technology. Can be used to alter functions of cogitators, data-cubes and other Imperial technologies. -Imperial STC technologies are infused with Novabyte command lines when they are produced at factoriums. It is forbidden to alter those command lines. Techpriests who are able to understand this language use their knowledge to purge Imperial systems of digital viruses and scrapcode. -It is forbidden of Tech-priests to use Novabyte to program something new, it must only be used to analyze and correct functions of existing Imperial STC systems. -Holy language of the Omnissiah that can be used only for it's glory. If non-Mechanicus are known to use it, they are hunted down by Priesthood of Mars.
  8. Equipment: Complete armory Collection of Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Black Crusade, Only War and Deathwatch weapons and equipment Cybernetics Weapon, armor and upgrades and bestiary index Mechanicus weapons Mechanicus weapons and armor Home-brew equipment, encounters and other stuff for Rogue Trader Void ship/fortress/habitat hulls and components: List of components used in habitats, space stations and star vessels Home-brew component descriptions A Home-brew component descriptions B Home-brew component descriptions C Star ship hulls for Rogue Trader Star ship hulls for Rogue Trader with pictures Component special qualities Additional material: Mechanical form of a tech-priest Dark heresy psychic disciples converted to Rogue Trader Tau, Necron, Eldar, exotic armoury, xeno star vessels Harlequins, Slann, Alternate career ranks, other stuff Mechanicus homebrew Space marine Acheron sector, homebrew Karybdis Abyss, homebrew sector addition Lost dataslate -Lathes extra Expanded boarding Abhuman, xenos character paths, additional levels for RT basic character and other stuff Nuclear Warfare and Post-nuclear Survival in the 41st Millenium Ordo discordia storage, large homebrew collection for several WH40K games Wrath&Glory homebrew Black crusade supplements Hierarchies of Imperial Ordos The Regimental Standard for Imperial Guardsmen Creation tables for Imperial/xeno troops and other Unpublished Deathwatch/Black Crusade/Dark heresy material https://www.scribd.com/ Has large collection of homebrew materials made for different WH40K games. Check out the material and take 30 days free trial to download what you need. Random generators: General citizen demeanor generator Warhammer 40K Imperial name generator 1 Warhammer 40K Imperial/Xeno name generator 2 Star vessel, star system, primitive species, xenos, treasure generator for Rogue Trader Ultimate collection of random generators for multiple topics Sector generator (hex map) Artwork: Floor plan editor Futuristic cities Large collection of futuristic scenes Soundscapes: How use and create ambient soundscapes in WH 40K games Background music Wiki: Warhammer 40K lexicanum Warhammer 40K wiki – Fandom Websites containing Rogue trader/Dark Heresy campaigns and fluff: Goblin online Lodge Blackman Games Dark trader Ars Scripta Gaming tales Boundless profits Ultima Tectum The Orthesian Herald 40K Pride and Profit Obsidian portal Warhammer RP Books: Rogue Trader books as PDF available online Fan films: Inquisitor Damnatus
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