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  1. It could even drop Zizi to Seftin Vanik if necessary. It wouldn't be ideal since Zizi is so great, but the sacrifice could be made.
  2. I imagine that they are still good, but have been downgraded to manageable. They had somewhere around an 80% winrate in galaxies if mirror matches were excluded. If that is dialed back to around 60%, that is fantastic. 5 PWAs with Crack Shot seems much more beatable for plenty of lists, and 6 Stalgasian Hive Guards with no talents has a greater chance to be initiative killed by a wealth of I4's that just couldn't compete against the PWAs. Overall, Nantex feel like a much more reasonable match to come against.
  3. The LAAT is well priced, and it is good. It's a swarm enabler. It has the same cost as Drea Renthal w Dorsal for a similar effect. They both have their pro's and con's but I think it leans towards the LAAT being better. Drea has a mildly better dial and can fuel more shots per turn, but is limited to generics. The LAAT has more health, and can provide greaters rerolls to both limited pilots and generics. Another comparison is to Sinker, who can punch harder, but has to maneuver oddly to provide rerolls while the LAAT can rotate to stay relevant. Sinker is more expensive and has one less health. I suspect Warthog Swarm will make greater waves now that Nantex have but chucked out the airlock.
  4. They could make New Republic a keyword for pilots that were actually New Republic pilots at some point.
  5. That's why I link to the FFG Squad Builder. It's the one thing the official builder is good for.
  6. It might be worth trading Black One for Daredevil on Nien, or dropping Starbird on Zizi since Zizi won't always know where a ship will be to fly over because the high initiative. Zari seems like the ideal Starbird Slash carrier since she doesn't mind driving into people, so she will likely be in places where she will be driving over someone anyway.
  7. Judging by how Outmaneuver has been ruled that it works with Krassis, I'd say yes. But I do not think those were FFG "official" rulings, but rather premier level judges that ruled in favor of it working.
  8. I only say it because people like to have a villain, not because Rey-Wings is an NPE.
  9. New Republic would likely all skew to Resistance. The Resistance is covertly funded by the New Republic, while the Rebellion has ceased to exist by the time of the New Republic.
  10. I find the problem being that a tooled up useful Poe isn't worth the Rey that I could get at a similar price. Starbird seems lackluster for Rebels, while Tailslide actually has some potential that needs explored in both factions.
  11. 5A is a solid "it can get you to the cut" list, but once you are at the cut, something is probably going to kick your butt. Sort of like Wookiees right now, I can see them fighting their way into cuts, but climbing to the top 2 seems unlikely. 5A hasn't been strong since Wave 3. I won't say it isn't good as you say, but the dream definitely finally died at Worlds 2019.
  12. Rey is a beast. She will almost guarantee that Poe is ignored, as she is far too great of a threat, meaning Poe gets free reign. I ran him with PA Nien and Zizi versus Guri/Fenn. The shear maneuverability of all the ships is bonkers. I only used Overdrive twice, but it let Poe harry Guri to keep her away from my If you can already line up bullseye, the negation to his offense is already undone. Doubling down on it it may not be the right choice. I have yet to try Backwards Tailslide, but yes, you do suffer the effects of the obstacle. Yes, but you cannot do it as a Poe action since it is already turned the white boost into a red action, and Poe cannot turn a red action into a red action. --------------------------- I would like to suggest Primed Thrusters. This gives Poe even more maneuverability, making him even more dangerous on K-turns and Tallons. Being able to 3 Tallon, then barrel roll, then boost using a 2 template was interesting. Certainly, I got double-stressed, and it turns off mod actions, but you can still boost and roll even with the stress. His maneuverability is fantastic.
  13. I imagine that if 6 Nantex wasn't a thing. Rey-Wings would have been the meta-villain for people to complain about. It is strong, and very strong in a good players hands. I wonder this, too. I don't think Rey is specifically good against Nantex, but brought the game more to the realm of 40-60 chance. still favoring the Nantex. But Rey should still be good, but Nantex warped the meta so soundly, that it might have been keeping things that are strong against her away. She is definitely still strong (I'm still taking her to Coruscant) but perhaps the aces that couldn't counter Nantex will show up to outfly her. I have yet to fly her against Wookiees and that gives me some worry, as she and the A's burn to concentrated fire.
  14. I believe this does work.
  15. A few weeks back, the Midwest Scrubcast put out a survey asking you, the X-Wing Community, who you thought was an ace. We narrowed it down to i5 and i6 with the additional consideration of not having any upgrades. This blog details the results and has a few conclusions thrown in as well. Check it out here.
  16. As much they want to make cash, I don't think costing PWAs down to 30 points was done to sell Nantex expansions.
  17. Nantexes are dead, now back to your regularly scheduled RZ-2 complaining.
  18. Say you Overdrive a 2 hard SLAM with Poe, making you use a template 1 speed higher. Is it still a 2 speed maneuver? The OT do not say that you are executing a maneuver 1 speed higher, only that you are using a different template. Would R4 make this blue?
  19. You might as well change one of those Green Squadrons to Suralindra. She's the same intiative, yet cheaper with an ability.
  20. My confusion comes with FerroPaint is that it does not say "acquires a lock". Hypothetically, it would be like if an upgrade said, "after a ship focuses" instead of "after a ship performs a focus action". "After a ship focuses" terminology shouldn't exist. It should be "after a ship gains a focus token" or "after a ship performs a focus action". We have no room in the rules for "after a ship focuses". That is what is happening here with "after a ship locks". It's terminology that shouldn't exist.
  21. @Ryuneke I know it costs more, but I'd put Seasoned Navigator on Han that Kaydel. Both are worth trying out, with SeasNav costing a hair more. Might be worth trying either way, and with Contraband, Korr, and Rey's Title, doing red maneuvers won't be as hampering. Also, I just realized Kaydel lets you change your maneuver to any basic maneuver of a higher speed. Maybe, Kaydel is better.
  22. I want this to be true, but with the way that Jango's went, I think the Rogue will be CIS.
  23. It does work. Whether the combo will be good is up in the air currently.
  24. Overdrive for 6 points on Poe seems right. Slap an R4 on, and Poe is stupid maneuverable. I look forward to flying him a plenty.
  25. HU-fricking-ZZAH! I honestly thought FFG would wait until the November change. BRAVO FFG! Thanks for observing, and thanks for fixing.
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