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    So far, my opinion is that they are just right in price, but that is with very minimal play. Sense might make them stupid good, but I have yet to use it or have it used against me. As much as this ship has going for it, the (mostly) 2-die primary and 3 hull really dials it back in.
  2. These are the best choices with the Blade B-Wing taking the cake, with the same offensive output as the X, but also with more shields to take that Crit on. Ideally, they need to be sitting near a high priority (or at least juicier) target like Wedge so they tend to lend themselves to formation flying. Formation flying is dangerous because it makes your movements predictable, which is the greatest argument for making this a 1 point upgrade. Chewbacca is a curiously decent carrier for Selfless since he can turn that crit down, but as he is a priority target, folks will likely shoot at him instead. Also, if you are flying a Falcon, you should be taking Leia, Lando, or Han.
  3. This. Hyperspace doesn't feel like Extended-lite anymore, but actually it's own curious, weird format. It may be distasteful for some, but it is actually something different.
  4. The A-Wing is one of the best ships to fly in Aturi 2.0. Jake pilot + Sabine pilot = broken.
  5. 2 points is a decent price for it. 3 points was fine at the start of 2nd Edition, but it dropped in usefulness as the meta evolved. 1 point sounds a little cheap, but 0 points, as @GuacCousteau said, it becomes auto-include and an annoying attribute to Rebels. If we had a instance scale, I could go for 0 for the first instance, and then 1 point each when you have 2, and then 2 points each when you have 3 of them.
  6. I would have given that title to Republic, but now they have a ton of options with the 3 new ships.
  7. Three new ships in the faction, and the best you got is "droid swarm, I guess"? Mate, this is the exact mentality that eschews creativity. What were you working with on the Zam/Maul front? Surely lacking Maul doesn't write off the Firespray entirely. Perhaps we can expand from there and find a list that still has Zam.
  8. PhilGC was exploring Boba double mod slot in his latest blog: https://suchanxwinghipster.wordpress.com/2020/11/24/the-firespray-chronicles-part-1-i-work-alone/ It's worth the read from one of the best Boba players.
  9. Feelings have nothing to do with it. The facts that you posted show 27-31% of people playing generics. That is a lot. 303 is a significant amount of 969. 245 is a significant amount of 908.
  10. This. As @PaulRuddSays said, list building in Hyperspace this time around is actually going to require some intuition because the default choices have been removed. Scum isn't Boba+X. Imps aren't Aces. CIS lost Discords. FO lost FO swarms. Resistance lost Adv. Optics. Republic are probably an faction again. Rebels, admittedly, are kind of samey. But now people actually have to scratch their heads and say "what works here?" and builds something that works. While I am definitely not a generic player and am happy to see a dip in generic play, this claim rings incredibly hollow. Plenty o' folks like playing generics.
  11. While I had an extreme distaste for the initial app, saying it stinks of those things seems a bit harsh and perhaps misinformed. The first app was developed by 10clouds, a Polish studio, while the new app was developed by Minneapolis based MentorMate. Once MentorMate started development on the new app, it stands to reason that 10clouds was out, and further development on the old app was a non-possibility without renewing contracts with the studio that gave you the bad app in the first place. It is uncertain as to when MentorMate would have got the app ready if Covid and protests in Minneapolis hadn't happened, but it is fair to say that almost every industry has been delayed this year, especially non-essential businesses like tabletop gaming. Mid-2020 would have been a reasonable timeframe for me. I don't see why they wouldn't be honored. It's still Asmodee that is selling you the product technically, not FFG. Some folks have already got their hands on the Wave 8 X-wing content, so your fears should be allayed there. I can't speak to anyone receiving Armada pre-order since I don't pay attention to that, but again, FFG does not dictate order fulfillment, Asmodee does. So you should have the same fulfillment problems that you have currently.
  12. Cluster mines have now returned to normal mine activation. If you drive over them, you roll for damage. Huzzah, they are still inferior.
  13. Yes. But new RR now has errata'd Dormitz limiting to small base ships. The day is saved!
  14. They'll need to adjust strategy. 2 point Thread Tracers and 2 point Ion Missiles open up the diversity, and 5 point Prockets were already good at 6 points. Also, the majority of the rest of the faction dropped in price, making many other build that incorporate more than just a single chassis viable.
  15. Can also take Marksmanship. Also, why does this ship have a mod slot? Now it can regen.
  16. Now that Crack Shot is three points, I would like to rescind my recommendation for using it. Too expensive en masse now.
  17. I'm not saying this is reason to panic, but Tripsilon is back.
  18. I'm not even certain suffering the hit damage (or a replacement crit) is paying a cost. Fuel Leak says "After you suffer 1 critical damage, suffer 1 hit damage and repair this card." Suffering damage and repairing both seem to be triggered by the original crit.
  19. Crack Shot is strong in epic. Saying "it is a waste" is either hyperbolic or lack of understanding its strength. It is comically easy to line up a bullseye with wings and huge ships on the boards and cancelling an evade result is great. It is definitely rougher to run at 2 points compared to it's old single point cost oviously, but Nantex-play should have affirmed that massed Crack Shot is very strong. However, I will agree with you that Marksmanship is great in epic. Against wings it is okay, but against huge ships it shine. Huge ships crits are very debilitating. Once you get past the shield regen, layering crits end those ships. I've yet to try DeadeyeShot in epic (for obvious pandemic reasons), but am interested in the possibilities. Have you had a chance to try it out yet?
  20. I'm not exactly clamoring for force aces to sit back on top, but during all of Galaxies, I saw much more swarm play than I saw force aces. I played against maybe 4 Kylos and that was it.
  21. Umm... 42. Focus should be the Wookiee's action 90% of the time.
  22. I figure this should be a Gunner upgrade. Call it Munitions Specialist.
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