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  1. No doubt he should be a little cheaper, as Jake Farrell is the same cost. 30 points would be a bit much of a drop. I think he is overlooked in that his "coordinate" is about as late as you can get. Put him next to Dutch Vander to pass out two locks after every ship has hit it's final position. Opponents that thought they were safe from Dutch's and another Y's torps because they both took a focus are now eating two fully modded torps that get their pick of target.
  2. It's pseudo-supernatural reflexes that really are the cost driver here. Superflexes isn't cheap even at I4. Even if we value the ship ability at half of the cost of Superflexes, that's an 8 point uptick on the chassis at I4.
  3. I suppose another take away from this article is that we will likely get the points update on Nov 27th when the wave releases.
  4. Yup. It's the First Order version of R2 Astromech with some de-tokening options.
  5. Comparing these two cards, Jedi Commander doesn't enable you to lead a wing which is quite an oversight, especially when you could have just copypasted the majority of the text. It doesn't say what ship type or types a Jedi Commander can lead, or how many they can lead. It's not restricted in any way, so you can put this on a CR-90 Corvette in one of the command slots. Even if we are to assume that it should go on a non-huge base ship, you could put the Jedi Commander upgrade on Oddball, since it isn't restricted to the Jedi keyword. Also, if a you were to put this onto a say Shaak Ti with two Jedi Generals in tow, if Shaak did a purple maneuver, the Jedi General's purple maneuvers would now be red despite having the force to do a purple maneuver. It would have been simpler to errata this in the epic section to address purple maneuvers in a wing and left the original "You are a wing leader..." text.
  6. Counterpoint: without conversion kits, 2nd Edition would have died immediately. I do agree with what I believe your sentiment is, in that FFG didn't get to learn off of each wave releasing, so OT ships got the least polish and lack new mechanics. But I will also say that not doing the conversion kits does not mean that they would have learned lessons from the wave iterations. "Fully execute" seems to be a lessen that they forgot after wave 2. Pre-movement reposition is now baked into a chassis. Pilots with high orange and purple keep popping up in factions that already have those.
  7. I may be the single dissenting voice, but Squadrons isn't really hitting the mark for me. Perhaps it's because I'm on console? I find myself continually wishing I had like 6 more buttons for all the functionality of the inputs. Are the rest of you beautiful people playing on PC? Mouse and Keyboard? HoTaS? I'm hoping the rub lies in the format I'm playing and not the game.
  8. I think it might actually be intentional. Otherwise, these remotes would likely be shot down before they ever got to be used.
  9. I'm not certain I would put it on any ship even at 1 point, as the real cost is the shield and the action. The one ship I want to put it on is the StarFortress, and that ship cannot take it as the upgrade is restricted to small and medium base ships.
  10. They could probably see a drop, true. FFG clearly thinks their ability is very strong, but the community has not bit on that. Back when you could get Ric Olie at 42, why would you have even bought a Handmaiden. At launch, they actually cost more than him. If the N1 had a native evade action, they'd be better, but having to go full throttle to even consider the ability is rough.
  11. Hera is a cheaper Duchess and is most likely overlooked. Airen is a limited I5 coordinate and is definitely overlooked.
  12. You have inaccurate information there, and I can see how that would skew you opinion of Tarkin, but Tarkin's locked object can be range 1-3, not just at range 1. give him an R3 Astromech, and he gets his choice of 2 separate locks to pass off. Almost certainly the Eta-2 won't have a mod slot, but Synchronized Console doesn't need to be on the Eta-2 for it to get the lock. Any friendly with Sync'd Console at range one can pass the lock. This is further enabled by Wolfpack giving nearly any defender an actionless lock on a target. So not only does this give the Eta-2 a non-purple lock, it gives friendly low initiative ships locks that they can pass to others such as the Eta via Sync'd Console. Also, the LAAT hands out re-rolls anyway, removing the need for lock at all. I imagine that may have had something to do with being 4 points cheaper, allowing for 4 copies of Crack Shot, and something to do with being more maneuverable, as well. Presumably, Tarkin will be priced similar to an A-wing, and will be similarly maneuverable as one, as well, (at least closer than a Y-Wing) making him fairly comparable to Jake.
  13. Putting Plo on Wolffe or Jag who can generate their own offensive mods would be the right choice. Particularly on Jag, since the opponent either needs to fire into your reinforced 9 HP ship, or shoot your buddy, thereby giving Jag a lock. Give those buddies Dedicated and if they shoot Jag, then Jag now has reinforce with defensive rerolls for strain that Plo will clear from the buddy in the end phase.
  14. Almost certainly this isn't a good list, but... Omega Squadron Expert (34) Snap Shot (7) Automated Target Priority (1) Omega Squadron Expert (34) Snap Shot (7) Automated Target Priority (1) Omega Squadron Expert (34) Snap Shot (7) Automated Target Priority (1) Omega Squadron Expert (34) Snap Shot (7) Automated Target Priority (1) Omega Squadron Ace (28) Fanatical (2) Total: 198 Do the typical bowtie for the SF at setup. Either you snag calculates or damage off of your Snap Shots, then take your actual shots. You get double the chances to collect calcs, and you can just take evades once you establish a bank of calc giving the list longevity.
  15. HMPs need to be further looked into. I think they might be worth their points but folks need to figure out where they excel best. Ryuneke has some batreps in the batrep subforum, and they seem pretty good when massed against aces. The times that I've seen them perform poorly are when they were piloted into a field of obstacles. MultiMissile Pods seem a waste on them, but Ion Missiles or Conc Missiles paired with DRK-1 droids seem to greatly enable them.
  16. This is kind of where I'm at. I feel that at this point, I'd just be rehashing the same point, kind of like BoomOwl and svelok when they talk about aces being too good. I tune them out, and would expect anyone that hears me speak against Nantex again would just tune me out the same. Especially at this point, there are so few detractors to the "Nantex are bad for the game" camp, that most discussion would likely lean towards an echo chamber.
  17. I think FFG is putting that on a trial basis right now. If LAAT+5 is good, then they made the right choice, but if it isn't, they can try change it to LAAT+6 in November. I have personally flown against LAAT+4+ARC and LAAT+4+Missiles, and they are strong lists. I was very much on the LAAT might be over costed until I flew against those lists. It a faction identity!
  18. I think I might buy a couple of Eta-2s just for the Hyperspace ring for the other ships that can dock with it.
  19. Perhaps folks aren't taking into account Fire Convergence, enough. Consider Drea Renthal with a Dorsal Turret at 51 points. She has mildly better dial but less health and none of the crew/gunner support to really be a stronger support ship. Her ability works an unlimited amount of times, but only for generics, only for primary attacks, and only for one die. The LAAT works for any non-turret attack (primary or otherwise) for both generic and named pilots, and for two dice. The limiter here is it is only for a max of two attack per round. I'd have to say that these are fairly similar abilities or at the very least similar enough to justify both at a cost of 51 points.
  20. I'll give you the boring and bland, but the LAAT has plenty of tricks and synergy. Cody, Wolfpack, Synchronized Console, Fire Convergence, and Warthog's ability really enable the generics in what has largely been an Ace faction. But yes, boring to fly. It's basically an Auzituck on the scale of exciting maneuvers.
  21. RZ2s are better RZ1s than Fireballs though, and there are approximately 704 RZ2 pilots to choose from. And if you are looking for ship cheaper than an A-Wing, you take Finn or Rose. I don't think Resistance hates Fireballs, but rather that most Fireballs have their role better filled by other ships/pilots. It's kind of like the Scum Z95, which competes with the M3A, TIE, Tug, and Escape Craft for relevance.
  22. I totally get this. I enjoyed Mandalorian, but much of it felt a little lite. The fluff/filler is incredibly noticeable and detracts from the overall quality, but the non-fluff/filler is very good.
  23. It's like 2 points. Perhaps, it should be used more.
  24. Agreed. Especially with the X-wing's role: soak and deal damage. If Thane isn't realiably doling out damage, but rather playing "Go fish" with his opponents cards, he's not pulling some of his weight. He needs to be doing damage and when optimal, triggering his ability. Also, nailing Bullseye in an X-wing isn't a fantastic prospect. Compare to maybe Soontir doubling down with Deadeye and Optimized Prototype. Soontir's role is to deal damage and avoid damage. Soontir is much happier to spend offensive dice results to keep all of his green tokens for defense. If he is in arc, he will save the tokens and just flip shields and cards. If he is out of arc, he can spend tokens to just deal damage. Also, it much easier to chase bullseye with an interceptor, and Soontir wants that bullseye anyway.
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