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  1. I'll give it to you, but it's not a hill I'd die on. Good. I'm not completely crazy. That AdSens was equivalent to 6 points in 2nd Edition and allow more than one action. This AdSens is a completely different beast. I did not take you as condescending, but my brain got lost in what you were saying. To @GreenDragoon's point though, Triple Aces aren't exactly triple aces when you add a fourth ship. I hope you don't find me duplicitous when I say, "agreed". It's why I was saying that "I know my definitions are wishy-washy and subject to opinion." It doesn't really help the discussion. But I think it lands in the same realm of saying something is good or bad for the game. I didn't realize it was hypothetical which I suppose is my bad. We are not communicating well with each other. Perhaps we should take a break.
  2. I would argue, but I am not even certain what I'm arguing against on this. Should I have considered infinite points in my assumptions? Dee is fallible and can be wrong, and for this upgrade, he largely isn't wrong. AdSens is good on three pilots: Redline, Guri, and 4-LOM. All three of those have means to get extra action economy; for everyone else, yes, it is likely garbage. For Redline, it changes him from a high initiative bruiser like Wedge into a bruiser ace like Whisper. I feel like I'm going loony. 🙃 Are the merits of AdSens on Redline really in question? Am I the crazy one on this?
  3. It was definitely around, and had 4 Jukes at the time, then dropped to 3 Jukes after the first update. It was unhealthly, too, but I don't remember folks complaining about it until SoL disappeared. True. It's a moving target, and "all the toys" is hyperbole. The things that would have been and actual sacrifice in SoL would have been Juke, Protorps, or AdSens. Those are the necessities that no one was even considering taking off, and they didn't need to because they were only bidding against mirrors and maybe Boba/Guri. I know that is kind a soft clarification and is, again, a moving target. So, I'll take that criticism. But Soontir with a shield upgrade is still Soontir. Redline without a Protorp is not worth really worth fielding. I'm not certain if I agree. I'm not certain it is or was. R4 was 2 points reducing the bid to 5, still a substantial bid. If Ani was considering taking off R2, that might have been a sacrifice at a 4 point gain. But again, they still had a bid, even with both astromechs in tow. Even without the astromechs, they are both hyper-repositional ships with 3 force - still worth fielding. Again, I know my definitions are wishy-washy and subject to opinion, but dropping an R4 isn't a sacrifice.
  4. This is where I am at. The main thing is that Triple Aces in any faction shouldn't be able to fit all the toys they want and a bid. They should be sacrificing something at some point for that bid.
  5. Is anyone saying that? BoomOwl and svelok will if you give them the chance, but they are known quantities.
  6. They should have gone with Palob who was more Rebel than Scum in my opinion.
  7. I seem to remember a list called Squad of Legend that folks were pretty up in arms about. It was 183-185 points (depending whether or not you took Crack Shot or Predator). That list after the first points update had a new cost of 199-201, or would have costed that if you could still take Vader crew on Whisper. That list would be 209-11 at present. Imp Aces are complained about, just less so now because they keep going up in price, justifiably.
  8. Conc's are 6, my homie. Perhaps you were thinking of Clusters? It will likely be like the Hyena. Maybe one is setup with double cannons, another setup with double missile, another with one of each, and then the final one might have system and relay.
  9. That Weir would be insanely strong. Blackstar, however, would be the oddestly, most maneuverable ship in the game. Make him a low initiative, and I'm all for it.
  10. Rebel Beef has been dialed back with points considerably. Ten, Braylen, Cassian, Wedge, Crack Shot, and Leia Crew, all went up. They must make sacrifices now, as opposed to taking everything for extreme efficiency. Much more manageable.
  11. He didn't originally, however. He received it in January 2020. I guess they figured Ensnare at I2 isn't super worrisome. Especially since he doesn't have and ability like Sun Fac or Chertek to capitalize on it.
  12. This seems to be the kicker. The difference between a 1 hard + straight boost or roll and a 5 straight + straight boost or roll and everything in between is huge. Especially when you can't stop the reposition to get away from the bomb.
  13. I 100% beleive the next FO ship will be the FO Bomber. The TIE Whisper is a strong contender, but with 2 Intercepty ships already in the faction, a bomber makes more sense to round the faction out.
  14. Hero Commentary: Norra Wexley doesn't look like she takes crap from anyone. We need Yolo Ziff in the game. Yolo is too good of a meme name to pass up. Villain Commentary: Interesting that they give us Ember and Holo's faces but not Vonreg. Midnight (Omega Leader) is now canonically a guy. QD and Holo are now canonized as female. QD we had surmized, but I don't know where we at on Holo. Ember and Backdraft are male. This General Weir wears a black Scout helmet? Seems odd for spaceflight. Overall impression: Cool. Give us the new named pilots. 2 new pilots each for the Y-Wing , RZ-1, and T70. 1 new pilot each for the TIE Bomber and TIE Defender. 2 new pilots each for the TIE Interceptor and TIE Fighter. 3 pilots for the FO Bomber.
  15. I believe that was the case with both the Fang/Afterburner and the Nantex/TC. They probably had them sent to the printers, then someone said, "If I put Afterburners on this ship, wouldn't that make it even easier to get to range 1?". And then changes were made in post-production to disallow that. I agree with all of these assessments. At 6 points, Prockets is just so much more reasonable to take. As for Tomax, he's super cheap since leveraging his ability is silly currently, so dropping MMP onto him might be decent. If the MMPs are 6 points, he'd be 3 points cheaper than Duchess. Certainly less Ace-y, but slightly tankier.
  16. Maneuverability is often tied to arc coverage so I'll agree that it's hard to separate the two. I would put forward 'time-on-target' as the what we are looking for, but I feel it just slightly misses the mark of what florkmargling represents. But as @theBitterFig said, arc coverage informs what maneuvers are good, and what maneuvers are good informs what arc coverage can be accomplished. They are hard to separate. In any case, it's no stretch to say that the Nantex is very maneuverable. It has more maneuvers than a TIE Silencer. The inability to bank boost hampers it slightly, but having the full suite of 2's and 3's and all but the 1 straight makes for a great dial. It doesn't stress itself, so the dial is usually fully open, and if it were stressed, it has as many blues as the Silencer to clear the stress (no blue hards, though). Add to that the ability to reposition even when bumped or when hitting 2/3 of obstacles, it's pretty dang maneuverable.
  17. We also got Afterburners in the Fang Fighter Pack and Targeting Computer in the Nantex pack.
  18. 5050Saint

    RZ-1 A-wing

    Action-less jam is not cool. C1-10P has proven that to me. The lack of "fully" after "execute a maneuver" always raises my hackles. Also, it is free action economy which needs to stay dialed back unless we want major power creep. Executing a maneuver and getting free lock is essentially stress-less Push the Limit. If you want to do a jam, have it add the jam action to the action bar. Summoning @ClassicalMoser with a hardy "They just need to drop in points." He has said it several times, and I agree. New pilots wouldn't hurt, but dropping the I1 to 27 and the I3 to 29 would likely be good enough.
  19. Echo Tactical Relay when!?!
  20. You quoted me saying that it was in the TIE/rb spread. Anyway, it's in the in-flight report video here at 4:45. Somewhere we have screen captures of it.
  21. Should we assume these will be like the Hyena, and each pilot will have varied upgrade slots? Also, I seem to remember hearing at some point if you dial in say a 2 bank left for a sideslip, you would place the template on the right side of the ship to execute it, but I cannot remember where I heard/found that. It wasn't during the HMP segment on the Gencon stream, I just checked that.
  22. If it's 7, you just drop a single Crack Shot. Or if an HMP is cheaper than 35 that works, as well. I'm hoping for 10 points.
  23. There is curious potential to stop after dropping two. If you sideslip to where a bomb would fall off of the board and reload, the next turn the bomb could not drop, then you could reload again. It's very niche, but possible.
  24. Wow. I didn't realize you had already provided one. This is great.
  25. That is very pertinent. Or would be, if anyone took Ablative Plating.
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