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  1. If I could get Duchess as a Reaper Pilot, the ship would be worth flying.
  2. They have two big problems working against them: 1. They are too fast. The medium base puts them out in front unless you are coordinating or doing red maneuvers to slow down to get stressed to turn of Ailerons. But that stress leaves you a hair more predictable. Once you you do engage, getting turned around is a bit ruff, and will leave you stressed so returning to the fight after your S-loop takes longer. 2. They cannot turn well. Both the 1 hard and the 2 hard are red. For the Lambda this isn't a problem as it lumbers slowly around, but the Reaper has to Aileron before executing the hard. The Lambda can still get shots once it passes the field of engagement since it has the butt gun, but the Reaper has not such option.
  3. If deplete is the offensive version of Strain, that sounds decent. I'd still like something a little more punishing for running away through them, but it is at least a consequence. I gave though to making the token received based on a die roll. Focus result gives a deplete, hit gives a strain, crit gives an ion, and blank gives nothing. A roulette of negative effects. It seems a bit much to remember though, but I'd probably even be fine with you not losing your action with that roll mechanic.
  4. Added a couple of the suggestions, left off TL;DR and BBR as Too Long Didn't Read is common internet parlance and not exclusive to X-wing, and most people say bendy barrel roll instead of BBR.
  5. Yeah, Fat Han was chosen basically because it was the ur example.
  6. Wedge and 4 die modified attacks, they do not like. You need to concentrate fire, as well. Don't spread your arcs to get a shot on everyone, take all shots on one ship.
  7. Well, it is kind of overpriced for a non-reloadable mine. So no love, pretty much yes.
  8. While I agree about the Soontir effect, but Starkiller Base Pilot makes appearances, and Lt. Sai and OGP are both solid and see game time. Lu'lo was also a curious choice as all of the A-wing pilots (generics included) are good and see game time. Greer is probably in contention for the best A-wing pilots.
  9. Inertial Dampeners went from 2 to 7 points. It over tripled in price. Now no one will take it.
  10. Inertial Dampeners was jacked up in price despite only being good on one pilot on one ship. And that ship cannot even take that upgrade now. So everyone else is now paying a premium for ID as collateral damage.
  11. I really hope they don't, but being a company that need to make money, I wouldn't put it past them. Especially considering how borken Republic is looking right now. They are strong now, but this expansion looks a little bonkers. A Jedi that can evade even when blocked and will get to jam anyone at range 0-1 while they still get force seems particularly wonky.
  12. I really hope they don't, but being a company that need to make money, I wouldn't put it past them. Especially considering how borken Republic is looking right now. They are strong now, but this expansion looks a little bonkers. A Jedi that can evade even when blocked and will get to jam anyone at range 0-1 while they still get force seems particularly wonky.
  13. Duchess's lack of a four and five straight makes him less of an issue. Also, one force is much different than the 2 plus that any named Jedi have. The 4 hull backed by 2 green dice makes him vulnerable, as well. Strikers for some reason get one shot super often for me, so i'm a little biased. Duchess specifically never gets shot the entire game, or gets one shot. As arc dodgey as premaneuver Jedi will be, losing Fine Tuned Controls for that turn will be nice. The net gain or loss is probably the same, but I'm starting to get salty about Fin Tuned.
  14. Ahsoka seems quite a bit better than Han Gunner since She is Han Gunner for more than one ship, and it is a force point if it isn't used. Hasn't Supernatural been "nerfed like mad"? Have we seen it used much at all. Kylo is great with it, and I've seen some Anakin and Obi use, but I don't see much of them, and they aren't really making waves. As for the Plated Hull, to me it seems great. Even against ATC and Marksmanship, because natural hits happen. If Vader gets crit, hit, hit, the crit gets modified to a hit, and then modified back, as opposed to switching to two crits and a hit. Especially on a 1 green die ship, this will be nice. Additionally, Luminara can further mod that crit to an eyeball if she is around.
  15. Agreed. I just watched one the GSP Poland matches where I guy rolled triple blanks twice on Seventh Sister, triple blanks on Vader, and QUADRUPLE blanks on a defender all in the same match, and he was still able to squeak a win out of the match with moderate to good decisions.
  16. So we get releases about every three months, give or take a little.
  17. In my experience, I've found that the average blues on the Viper actually give you less positioning option for the following turn. They aren't bad, but compared to the maneuverability of the whites and boost or barrel roll, the Virago boost limits you. Compared to Soulless One that gives two Hull and a reroll for 6 points, it seems overcosted, but I think that is because Soulless One should be 8 at least. Dropping Virago by 1 or 2 should be fine to match, especially because the extra mod comes with its own cost. It's like a talent slot on an I3 generic versus an I2 without a talent. The talent cost already has a bit of cost built in, so it should not cost much more at all for the jump to the next initiative level.
  18. I'd argue that this speaks more to Empire and Republic needing repowering than Rebel needing un-nerfed. The answer to Quad Phantoms and Rebel Beef wasn't to bring everything up to their level, but to depower them. This doesn't mean each of the lower faction don't need adjustments, (Scum and Rebels do need some love) but the two top factions need addressing first.
  19. It could be called the Five Sabers or the Gauntlet, both of which were races in Star Wars EU. Or the could call it whatever they call the races from the Resistance TV show.
  20. I hope this isn't the case. I'll review the video when I get off work, but fast playing your opponent is a **** move. If Whisper still had an evade token at that point, technically it was still the end phase, as Whisper had not cleared the token which is part of the end phase.
  21. I've been calling it "The Spanish Inquisition" because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Any really nobody expected my TAPs to do anything. BTW, does anyone have Kai Krupp's contact info? I want to congratulated him on winning where I did not.
  22. You are confusing Jesus with Dave Grohl. Regarding leaving the wing and rejoining, you could potentially drive into your wing facing the wrong direction, but as long as you are range 1 1, you get a stressless K-turn to get back in position. Doesn't sound broken, but it is interesting.
  23. Rebels are around and reliably making cuts. They just aren't monkey-stomping every other faction into the ground with hyper efficient beef so they aren't making waves. The non-hyperspace Rebel stuff that you mentioned needs looking at as I have yet to see a YT2400 do well since Dirty Dash, Ghosts are B-tier (not bad but not great either), E-wings are very mildy over costed right now. The lower 3 could drop by 1 point but no more. Corran could drop by 2, as his ability just isn't as strong in 2nd. Auzitucks are overcosted, but I don't want to see them drop much. A local runs quad Wookiees with Leia, and it is very annoying. Being able to hard stop twice in a row with 180 arcs is strong. It's not a great list, but I fear what is can become. Sabine Shuttle and TIE for that matter could drop back down by a point on the shuttle and by 2 on the TIE. I think FFG overreacted on how good they thought she would be (especially on the TIE).
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