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  1. I've give plenty of thought for Plasmas on Luke as it is decent anti-Boba, anti-X-wing, and anti-SF tech, but Protons being able to threaten 3 agility aces was crucial for this tournament. If you try Ten with a cannon let me know how it goes.
  2. Yeah, people are pretty much set on 5X and that's it.
  3. Some of these need cleaned up a bit. Captain Sarku - It says "At the start of engagement" and "if the defender" which are two different timing windows. The first is before anyone shoots, and the second is when Sarku is shooting someone. When is the deplete or strain supposed to show up? Is it before dice are rolled, because if so, Sarku is now Wedge against any Illicit slot ship with handing out a strain. Also, knowing whether a ship has a slot is not something easily readable on the board. I don't want to open my squad builder every time I I suggest this new wording: "While you attack, after the neutralize results step, if the defender has an Illicit upgrade equipped you may assign them a deplete or strain token." Essara Till - Solid. Best of the bunch. Eighth Brother - I'm against giving Empire another I4 pilot with 2 force. If he keeps two force, make his ability this: "While attacking before dice are rolled, if the defender has 1 or more forces charges active, you may spend one force charge. If you do, the defender must spend 1 force charge." If he drops to one force charge, make it this: "While attacking before dice are rolled, if the defender has 1 or more forces charges active, the defender must spend 1 force charge." Sixth Brother - Again, I'm against giving Empire another I4 pilot with 2 force. I'd like to spice this one up a bit, and add a bit of synergy with Eighth Brother: "While attacking, if the defender has 1 or more inactive force charges, you may change one blank result to a focus result." This way, Eighth Brother can remove a force charge on a defender, then Sixth gets punchier because that force is removed. Rianna Saren and Todra Mayn - I'm not a fan of faction specific targets. Targeting calc, illicits, and force each favors a faction, but actually covers most of the 7 factions.
  4. Honestly, the feel of the TIE/Ba pilots has been that they are fairly balanced pointwise for me. Maybe Ember should drop a point, since I will always take Holo at 2 points more. Dueterium at 9 points matches R2's and must be done during the system phase, weakening it a bit. Overall, the ship feels balanced.
  5. Force basically makes him an I5 Soontir Fel or worse, an I5 Vader. Grand Inq is somewhat balanced by needing either a missile or to spend a mod to get 3 dice attack. A forced up Carnor would have double reposition and two mod slots.Mods would likely be stealth device first as four green dice back by an evade and two force is nigh unhittable. Second would be targeting computer to get Jedi-esque lock focus whenever he isn't getting shot. His ability should be charge based, either 3 charge non-recurring or 2 charges recurring but he has the spend 2 charges to use the ability.
  6. At the start of activation, you may choose one ship at range 0-1. If you do, you may spend 1 charge. That ship cannot alter eyeballs results during the engagement phase.
  7. What I learned from my Store Champs was FO is very popular. 4 out of my 6 matches were against a First Order Ace + 4 buddies. No Boba or CIS made the cut. One out of two 5X made it into cut. Top Cut was 5X (Will Barnickel), 6 Strikers (Tyler Tippett), 4 JM5K (Marcel Manzano), XBB (Me), and then 4 FO Ace + 4 buddies.
  8. Compared to other second edition packs that have an excluded ship or ships, yes (aside from the other Wave 3 starter pack, obv). Compare to Lando's Millenium Falcon: 8 Ship Cards: 1 Autopilot Drone 1 Han Solo 2 L3-37 2 Lando Calrissian 1 Outer Rim Pioneer 1 Freighter Captain 13 Upgrade Cards: 1 Agile Gunner 1 Chewbacca 1 Composure 1 Han Solo 1 Intimidation 1 L3-37 1 Lando Calrissian 1 Lando's Millennium Falcon 1 Qi'ra 1 Rigged Cargo Chute 1 Seasoned Navigator 1 Tactical Scrambler 1 Tobias Beckett 3 pilots and 12 upgrades is drastically better than 0 pilots and 4 upgrades. If a new player started in 2nd Edition and picked Scum, and they bought one of each Scum Expansion, they would wouldn't be able to play 5 of their ships - the Scum Falcon, Escape Craft, Z95, YV666, and the Nashtah Pup Z95. That's $110 worth of ships that cannot be played. Compared to $28 of unplayable Republic ships. So, yes, saying the Gaurdians pack is unplayable is exaggeration.
  9. I'll play devil's advocate on the Torrent. Guardians of the Republic has been out for almost a year, making a rotation out not bad. Two of the stronger Jedi are from this pack and are still in Hyperspace, so to say you cannot use the pack is an exaggeration. Aside from the Torrent losses, Republic remains one of the cheaper buy-in factions. You can buy four expansions and get decent lists out of them. The only faction that can buy less and field a strong, proven list is Scum at three expansions (Firespray, Fang Fighter, one of the Maul expansions). Republic still has Ric Olie, the 42-point Wonder; Broadside aka "You Can Has Ions Nao", and Obi-flipping-Wan Kenobi. Take those 3 and something else, and you have a solid, competitive list. /enddevilsadvocate Dropping the Torrent does seem odd, but the only other ship that I think would be in contention to drop would be the ARC-170. The Y-Wing and the N-1 are still too new, and dropping the Aethersprite would have caused tremendous hissy-fits. Losing the Torrent, isn't super huge though, and the LAAT gunship should be popping to add some variety in the near future. If they had banned Gold Squadron Trooper, it likely would have had the same effect, as no one is complaining about not having Kickback, Axe, or whoever. But dropping a ship gives parity with the other factions.
  10. In Hyperspace, I believe this is the answer. There is enough low initiative ships in Hyperspace Maarek and I2 Tempest all with FCS should be decent. You get a 1 point bid against other I2's (like 5X) so you can guarantee your locks against them. I'd imagine they'd be decent against droids, as the ATC crit factory would be pretty harmful against their lack of shields until the scrum denies lock actions.
  11. I honestly wasn't certain whose it was. We have a local that uses a LEGO template setup as well, but I didn't have pic available. Glad yours was easily findable on the interwebs!
  12. I'd like to throw Crack Shot in that mix as well. Two die shots have a much greater chance against Bobby Feet when they can nullify a result.
  13. What is being excluded? Is GenCon excluded from having a Prime? Is Aug 1 excluded from having a Prime because of GenCon? If so, is the exclusion NA or US only? Is Aug 1 now excluded from May 2 through Aug 8? If so, where will Aug 1 now be located on the calender?
  14. See Palob for an example of this. Taking Palob right now is a risk, as Droids and Jedi either don't need or can't use focus or evade tokens. That's two entire factions he nearly useless against, but if he wasn't costed out of contention, I'd think we'd see him. He is a calculated risk but good. Having a pilot that was specifically good against force users or specifically good against droids is decent design space. We have a couple of "if you are calculating" positive effects. It would be nice to see a "if the defender is calculating" negative effect on an I3 or I4 pilot. A droid hunter would be super good against one faction, and niche against all the others except Empire and FO (who don't have access to calculate to my knowledge).
  15. Max Shields is 22, I think. 4 G1A Starfighters w/ shield upgrades and an Autopilot Drone.
  16. I find a 10+ bid a good indicator on three ships lists that something is amiss. Two ships less so. Team same team. To my statement before, Boba Fenn can take more upgrades, but a cannon on Boba is superflouos, and a torpedo on a Fang is a waste of points, particularly on Fenn. Fenn would gladly spend more points on a mod slot, but he doesn't have one. If Fenn could take a mod, we'd see less deep bids. Yeah, this was why I brought up the topic of Slave 1 and not Maul. Slave 1 is the only premaneuver reposition before movement left in hyperspace aside from Striker/Reapers. With Advanced Sensors, Precog Reflexes, and Supernatural Reflexes gone, he is king of reposition. I still see plenty of of PerCo Boba's flying around which, if you get rid of Maul, would make the go-to Boba build even cheaper.
  17. Hahahaha! Truth. I've had more problems with 3 ship list moving last with a 10 point plus bid than I have two ships with an enormous bid.
  18. In a 1-on-1 scenario, it's crucial. A Kylo that moves first is in a much better place if he can establish a lock and get a block. The block is crucial for getting double mods on Mr. Fett while not getting shot. A Slave 1 Boba, likely isn't getting blocked. There several other cases, but yes, sometimes hugging it out with Boba is the safest place to be. Banning Maul is a solution, but as @GreenDragoon said, Boba still gets passives even without him. More to the point, Maul can be used by other pilots and other ships, but I would imagine that Slave 1 is used by Fett over 99% of the time. Taking Maul out hurts the Scum faction as a whole more than it hurts Boba. Taking out Slave 1 would only affect Boba.
  19. The Krayt thread talking about Krayt things is a bit too... on topic. To move away, would our current hyperspace environment be better if the Slave 1 title wasn't in it? Boba is a powerhouse in his own right, and with few predators for him in hyperspace, does he really need the title?
  20. I wasn't operating under the same assumption you had about timing, but you are right. The cancel would need to come before the "deal damage" part. My brain was stuck on the "after you perform an attack that hits" part.
  21. Not necessarily. For Thane, his target must already have been damaged before the shot occurs. I cannot agree with this. Flipping a direct hit would net the same result, so you don't lose out 5 out of 33 times. But flipping an ion crit, damaged engine, structural damage, or double stress on Kylo, Fenn, Vader, etc. would be devastating. Decimators at the very least would hate it. Also, if you flew it tandem with Thane, you would know if you wanted to spend that hit to expose since Thane gets to go through the defenders pockets and look at the crits.
  22. This is an idea that I like. Second Sister: When attacking or defending, if the enemy ship spent a force charge, you may regain one force charge. Cad Bane: When attacking or defending, if the enemy ship has one or more inactive force charges, you may reroll two dice.
  23. If I'm looking at factions conceptually, I am probably viewing them through the lens of Extended. While agree with your sentiment, I left them out since Scum really has no equivalent. Scum, however, does seem like the best candidate for remotes moving forward. I hope FFG plays around with remotes in more than just the CIS faction.
  24. I pretty much agree. For tractor mechanics, it's a toss up as to which is stronger, but Ensnare is bonkers good since it can't be blocked. Calc sharing is leagues better than IG's. The ability to ignore obstacles is stronger in CIS. Struts are better than Scum TIEs anyday. Droids can maneuver onto rocks and debris and link an action while still being able to fire, as opposed to just being able to move onand off rocks. Qi'ra is similar to struts but for only one obstacle and requires an action to use. So this goes to CIS. For bombing mechanics, Hyenas are the cheapest T. Sim delivery service, and have unique ways to bomb, taking Zuvio's ability. Emon, Nym, and Sol have the edge on them, but the shear spammability of CIS bombs is strong. Tie? Up until recently I would have say that the Scimitar was better than any Scum large base, but JM5K is actually making a showing now. Scum has strong pieces, but it doesn't seems to stem from shenanigans.
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