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  1. I don't believe we have a troll. LoS in Imperial Assault measures from one face of the attacker's space to one face of the defender's space. If it is obstructed, no attack can be made. Two simple rules for LoS. But if they try to apply either of those rules into X-Wing, they will be doing wrong. Strictly speaking, X-wing doesn't have line of sight, anyway.
  2. The squad builder app doesn't give me much faith that Disney/FFG would buy out any current sim.
  3. If by organizing online we mean doing signups/registration and reporting of W/L and MOV, that seems fine. Running any official FFG tourneys via Vassal, TTS, or FlyCasual is playing with the fire that is Disney legal. Keep any online tourneys 100% unofficial and fan-based, and I think we should be fine.
  4. Let me elaborate for @GreenDragoon. If FFG official acknowledges FlyCasual, That will bring Disney's legal down on FlyCasual (and perhaps Vassal and Tabletop Sim by association) with a cease and desist as Disney pointed out in the intellectual property guidelines that GreenDragoon linked. In effect, FFG promoting our online X-Wing options would make them cease to exist. Ignoring those options is the best practice. Let sleeping Krayt dragons sleep.
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/3/17/COVID-OP/ Sad times. Likely a good call though.
  6. This, so much. I understand reprinting the base, familiar stuff for new players to get in (TIE/ln, TIE/x1, X-wing, Falcon, Firespray) but reprinting Z95s, M3As, JM5Ks, VCXs, Decis, TIE/in, TIE/d, etc. that still have plenty of shelf units has been odd. Especially, since most of those have little to no meta relevance, so no one was clamoring to buy them anyway. Gunboats were hard to find at the end of first edition in the first place, but now they are super rare/expensive.
  7. Completely agree. They should look at a upgrade/pilot that they have release before, and (if nothing was wrong with it) word the new upgrade/pilot that way. Model Cova's wording after Hera's wording. Model Oddball's wording after Oddball's wording. Don't just wing it, thinking that they are close enough.
  8. User name checks out. Truth. I know my favored Guri build costs 108 points, and Vader costs 75, but other than that? ***shrug***
  9. Probably the better call there. Call it Sabotaged or something similar. That would allow you to drop the astromech upgrade requirement. Forcing a failed action seems harsh without allowing a way compensate. Perhaps, this: "If the ship assigned the Sabotaged condition at range 0-2 performs an action, you may spend one charge to cause that action to fail unless that ship gains a stress or jam token."
  10. Honestly, I was just comparing him to Jek, who I've seen get significantly more table time than Kulbee at the same initiative. I suppose it isn't entirely fair to judge by that standard. Either way, you are right, with Saw's Homies being out of Hyperspace we really haven't be able to judge the drop in cost.
  11. I though about the Virago after I posted, as well. With as much as I have played Guri, I've only used the boost once, but when you don't have to worry about being unstressed for Adv. Sensors, perhaps it would be more than just a Shield Upgrade.
  12. He's a decent analogue to Snap, except even his slow maneuvers get to be fast if necessary. He is overcosted by a point though. All of the Saw's X-Wing pilots fall into the mildly useful category. Leevan could be even more mildly useful if he had a Talent slot. Debris Gambit or Juke would be interesting to play with. Edrio quickly runs out of actions if he is already focused, making his ability overkill. If he had a Talent slot, you give him Debris Gambit or Squad Leader for more items on the action bar. They all fall just short of being good choices.
  13. A blockable menace though. Currently she can 'nope' out of anything, but if you guessed PT Guri's maneuver, you can actually block her. She'd still be stupid maneuverable, but not as stupid maneuverable. Also, this would make Dalan Oberos worth considering.
  14. @Fordawn Could you add the capability for an upgrade card to take 2 symbols? Like how Calibrated Laser Targeting has a Config symbol and a Modification symbol or Barrage Rockets has 2 missile symbols.
  15. Having 13 people and cutting to Top 8 seems a bit much.
  16. Why Longshot specifically? Is there a synergy I'm missing?
  17. I've found it to be worth it on Ten and Braylen. Ten should have it stapled to his face, as roll into red lock, essentially makes him Braylen without defensive rolls. Braylen with foils and an Ion Cannon is solid, as you can either do his normal focus -> stress roll, or you can roll -> stress lock for a single modded-double tap. But honestly Braylen is fine without. Gina and the no-names can probably do without, until at least until we see what the cannon from the HMP Gunship is. The best investment on Gina currently is FCS. Adv Sensors on her would be solid if it wasn't so expensive. Currently, I don't foils as worth on anything other than the two established powerhouses until a worthy cannon comes along. Perhaps if they made straight damage cannon, but it is a double cannon slot (similar to barrage rockets double missile slot); It'd be useless on anything but double-tap B's or IG's unless it is a 4 die cannon.
  18. That seems decent to me. If you replace Guri's Sensor slot with something else, I'd be down for cheapening the I5 another point, as Gina Moonsong and Corran Horn could benefit AS but wouldn't buy them at 10 points.
  19. I think this is closer to the ideal. Either 5 rounds with a cut to top 4 or 4 rounds with a cut to top 8. 5 with top 4 cut seems best though. Greater than 7 rounds of play seems excessive for anything not premier level.
  20. Yeah, that was kind of my thought. Lambda's would love them. 4-Lom already loves it. What are we thinking for pricing then?
  21. The once per opportunity is still in effect. Vader takes an action -> ability triggers off of that opportunity -> takes another action setting up a new instance of "perform an action" -> ability triggers off of that opportunity -> repeat until no force left.
  22. It might help people to recognize that Lando essentially costs 5 more points since he is always rolling with his homie Nien. Leia is kinda, sorta, from a certain point of view, 5 points cheaper.
  23. I'm honestly asking here: what would be good pricing for Adv Sensor with Guri out of the picture (from say a slot change or something)? Would it be initiative scaled? And if so what scale? My perspective is off on the upgrade since 70+% of the time I see it on Guri, as she is the most likely to get the return on the 10 point investment. Along a similar vein, what would be a good price point for Passive Sensors on Vader? Since he is the only I6 with a Sensor slot, perhaps we could scale there, too. I0-3 costs 3 points, I4-5 costs 4 points (for Echo and Whisper), I6 costs 5. Would that be workable? Not to me, sadly. If bumping a Nantex prevented it, then yes, but the lack of "fully" on the execute making it unblockable means a "no" from me.
  24. It is not. It is during Reveal Dial step of the Activation Phase which happens before the Execute Maneuver step. So revealing a dial cannot be during the Execute Maneuver step.
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