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  1. Well, kinda. There are caveats and stipulations, but yes, gunboats can get around a disarm token or two.
  2. It could work. Cost it to 171 points. That'll get you a TIE Fighter and an upgrade or two. 🙂 Honestly, He still might be too good at 171 points. Needs playtesting.
  3. Yes, but how wide is a game of X-Wing?
  4. Oh, no doubt. Like Vader in a Defender, these things shouldn't happen. I hope that Kylo remains the only 3 red 3 green ship with force, and we are fortunate that he doesn't have an evade.
  5. I ran the numbers for a realistic amount of attacks. 8 focused 2 die attacks, nets 0 hits 88% of the time. 5 focus/locked 3 die attacks nets 0 hits 97% of the time. The only way to reliably hit Luke would be Homing Missiles, Bombs, or Discords. I'll jump on the bandwagon of Luke would need a new ability.
  6. That actually sounds like a STRONG Rebel A-wing. I like it, and I don't think a strong I3 is something that would upset a meta. The Rebel A-wings so far are useful, but not strong, it'd be nice to have some.
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/3/30/covid-19-and-product-releases/ All current releases are being pushed back April 2020, and looking forward anticipated releases after are being pushed back a month. Releases will resume as normal hopefully in May, but due to the unknowable-ness of how long this pandemic will last, they may adjust that further back.
  8. I never got Vader on my rolls, but Deicmators reliably came up, typically RAC. I kept getting far too many double Reaper + filler lists to reliably choose Empire. How we did it was we picked two factions, and would get to pick between them. I had Rebels and Empire. Rebels always had a decent list. The two Empire lists that I played were Duchess, Vizier, Feroph, Planetary Sentinel, Obsidian Squad Pilot, and then RAC, Mauler Mithel, two TIE/ln's.
  9. In our jank tank league, YASB Resistance rolls almost invariably would put a couch and a pod in every list. Pods often had Angled Deflectors for whatever reason, and Couches would be hyper bloated since they have so many slots. 70+ Joph Seastrikers also oddly popped up often. A-wings were almost never put up by YASB. The worst I saw was a two couch and two pod list. IMO, Rebels are the Hyperspace jank tank faction. Almost every ship/pilot is solid, and everything YASB builds is at least good enough for jank tank if not good enough for actual gameplay.
  10. How was your opponent putting damage into your ships? Did he have other ships firing at your TIE Advanced and TIE Phantom? And @Lyianx is correct, most of the time a 3-speed maneuver should clear a large base ship, and both the Advanced and the Phantom have a full selection of 3's and some faster maneuvers, too.
  11. @theBitterFig You deserve a crisp high five. Everything you said is spot on. I've been harping on this one since the start. Paying 5 points more than a Skull at the same initiative just to have an ability you can't use is odd, so then you need to pay a minimum of 6 more points to use it twice. That makes her 2 points more than Old T which is absurd. Her ability is to be Wedge for two shots when Wedge costs 3 points less than her.
  12. I wrote this before Droid struts and gas clouds were a thing, but this article has strategy and images for obstacle placement. Before Setting Dials: A Turn Zero Guide, Part 1
  13. The presumably was for the reason for CDT, not presumably FFG is in CDT. 🙂
  14. I seem to remember some saying at one point that one round of combat is supposed to equate 5-8 seconds of real time combat. @freakyg3 if the whole battle was 15 seconds, I'd hate to be a TIE Defender doing consecutive K-turns. Barf City.
  15. I'm working with the idea that no ships will be traded out and am only switching pilots. FO Midnight for QD seems like an easy trade. Resistance Drop Ello for Nien. Rebels Gold Squadron Veteran for Outer Rim Smuggler Empire Obsidian Squadron Pilot for Patrol Leader Scum Koshka Frost for Captain Seevor Republic Anakin Skywalker for Anakin Skywalker Separatists uhhhhh...
  16. No doubt, but I don't think Disney would see it that way.
  17. Yes, they do Central American time as that is where their HQ is presumably.
  18. FFG is doing a live on Thursday at 4pm to cover their Star Wars lines with what would have been Adepticon info. Perhaps they will address this question there.
  19. I agree. I find the idea interesting, but it seriously benefits one of the strongest factions out there currently, the droids. They are pretty much locked in to their actions before a turn starts: Calc or Calc -> Roll with an occasional Lock or Reload. And since they will be moving first, it's highly unlikely that their action will be blocked. Honestly, I'd be fine with this as a side event, but to put into organized play would greatly increase joust-wing. And really, joust wing is in a really strong spot right now, no need to make it stronger.
  20. That's why we just want an article. Something to tide us over for a month or two.
  21. Does anyone have the links to the Vassal Discord and the TTS Discord? We'd love to put them into the article.
  22. I agree with the "please, don't" mindset. While I want people to utilize the heck out of the X-wing sims out there, I don't want Papa Disney coming down and sending a cease and desist out. We saw several podcasts last year make changes because of a Disney memo to FFG on intellectual property. Mynock Podcast rebranded to Fly Better Podcast. All of the Patreon swag had to be re-branded as gifts instead of rewards. I have seen two completely free, fan-made games shutdown by Squaresoft and a free, fan-made Star Wars Battlefront game shutdown by Disney because of intelletual property issues. I worry that if we start using our X-wing sims in an official capacity, it will force FFG to recognize that they exist, and Disney will shut the sims down.
  23. How would linked actions be handled? Would the link be declared, as well, and if so, could you decline the link when you get there? If actions were added onto your bar from a crew or other upgrade like Targeting Computer how would that get added onto the action dial? Would we have a modular dial to slot in or take out actions?
  24. How would you propose to declare your intended action? Would there be a second dial with actions on it?
  25. De-FAQ the ruling, I suppose? Or if they had written "After a friendly ship reveals its dial, you may spend 1 Force Charge. If you do, before the chosen ship would execute the maneuver, it may reduce the difficulty of that maneuver.
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