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  1. Darren Grainger went 6-0 during Swiss there, too, with 4 Jumpmasters, and Marcelo Soto went 5-0 in the Worlds Qualifier with Nom Lumb is his list, as well. I honestly believe it is in the realm of possibility which is why I'm putting my money where my mouth is and issuing this challenge. Maybe someone will do it and suck $70ish from my wallet.
  2. My first thought is that Han Gunner on Miranda to get an I7 two die shot seems not worth 14 points. Drop him for Proton Torps on Wedge. With Esege able to pass out a focus, Wedge gets a double mod protorp which is gross. You'll likely get much more value out of those 13 points than the 14 point Han. Also, Shield upgrade seems an odd choice, and just makes Miranda cost more. Drop that for proton bombs on Esege, perhaps?
  3. 5050Saint

    Special Forces Aces

    If we brought it in to second edition, would we change anything to it? Would it be restricted to Empire and FO? Otherwise, Luke would love it. Small and Medium base only, but more expensive on the Medium base? Perhaps it would make Reapers more usable. I definitely think it is workable to bring this upgrade over.
  4. I like this, however, this basically makes him Imperial double-reposition Luke, getting force every time he is shot at. Two force with an evade on 3 greens is super strong if Inquisitors have taught us anything, and he wouldn't even need munitions and a lock to get 3 reds like they do. Can we just make it regular charges?
  5. As they try to make each expansion self-contained, I'd imagine this would need to come out in a Hotshots pack akin to B-Wing foils. People would cry and wail if they needed to buy the TIE/wi to get TIE/sf upgrades which would be understandable.
  6. Yeah, that's probably right. I left timing out because I'm lazy.
  7. I was worried it might be too close to Vagabond, so I added the Bob-style range 0 qualification and the need to spend force to further it from Bob (Finch Dallow). Also, the partially execute thing I think is cute because either you use it on your standard maneuver, or you can get cheeky and drop it after partially executing your aileron maneuver, then 3-forward away.
  8. I like it with the exception of Carnor having more than 1 force charge.
  9. Being hit, doesn't specifically mean you take damage. A jamming beam can hit without dealing damage. Consider Plasma Torpedoes for an example. Phasma defends against Plasma torpedoes and negates all but 1 hit result. She is considered "hit". She would pawn off that hit to a nearby friendly, but still lose a shield to the plasma torps clause "After this attack hits, the defender loses 1 shield."
  10. Haha! I hadn't even considered that possiblity. It's normally easier to come up with something, but when the FO have 3 interceptor-y style ships, making them unique is harder. I mean, I'm not ever trying to make the SF-style Whisper. The lore is basically "it's an SF with more tech". I would just make it a configuration for the SF that adds something. The Silencer-style Whisper at least has distinct look and the addition of the turret compared to the Silencer.
  11. u r smart I want there to be a way to make it so the 3 die attack is only 3 die with the turret forward without the use of SF Gunner (no gunner slot to help differentiate between the TIE/wi and the TIE/sf). Otherwise this is basically a punchier, more maneuverable, and dodgier SF. Perhaps the turret is a zero die turret that can still use the missile launching ability?
  12. Second Sister - Intrepid Investigator - I4 Interceptor 1 Force Charge Setup: After placing forces, assign the Dogged Pursuit condition to 1 enemy ship. While you perform an attack against or defend against the ship with the Dogged Pursuit condition, that ship can modify only 1 Focus result (other results can still be modified). Ninth Sister - Ruthless and Reckless - I2 Reaper 2 Force Charges (has bomb slot) After partially executing a maneuver, you may spend one Force Charge to drop a bomb at range 0 of your base. Now what would the Stinger Mantis ship be like? 2 die, with 3 dice in bullseye? Has all 5 straights and they are blue. Has all three turns, but the 1 and 2 turn are red.
  13. It's mentioned to have a heavy weapons turret, so we it could have that same ship ability. Three die primary, with the front-back only turret being two die. Removing the double reposition will go a bit of the way to make it different than the Silencer or the Baron. Keep it fast with a strong dial, Silencer-esque, perhaps with S-loops instead of Tallons and the K-turn? Give it the three bank blue? Missile slot, Cannon slot, sensor slot, tech slot? Or drop the sensor for another tech slot? To differentiate from the SF, it only has rotate into red lock and rotate into red focus as its linked actions.But the fairly blue dial should make up for the red linked actions. Basically, I'm smashing a Silencer and a SF together, creating a heavier but more costly RZ2A.
  14. Yeah, DBMs seem average. For Deathrain, I think I'd just take Concs.
  15. Easiest? Yes. Fastest, too. Laziest? Only if they don't make good on the replacement dials. It might be worth considering that the person handling the dial replacement may have been let go in the recent downsizing (as the new way to get returns/replacements has me believing) which could have got things lost in the shuffle. I am at a loss for recourse if the links that they provide are dead as @h0racio says. Perhaps trying a general email address or phone number?
  16. Asmodee actually has been really dang good about missing dials, components, etc. I lost my VCX back in days of First Edition, and I contacted them asking if I could just purchase the dial, and they gave me one free of charge. There was one particular lady from Asmodee's support (Brenda, maybe?) that got a lot of praise because of how well things were typically handled. The Tantive dial is it own incident as they would need to print the new dials to get distributed as they don't have years of spares lying around. Admittedly, I would think they could have at least given us an update by now.
  17. The Fine-Tuned Thrusters ability would happen before you would perform an action, so yes, you could perform both in the same turn. But, the barrel roll or lock would always need to come first. As to the second part, yes, executing a blue maneuver would clear both tokens. You remove one of each kind of token that is cleared by a blue maneuver. You could potentially clear a strain, a deplete, and a stress by dialing in a blue.
  18. I've give plenty of thought for Plasmas on Luke as it is decent anti-Boba, anti-X-wing, and anti-SF tech, but Protons being able to threaten 3 agility aces was crucial for this tournament. If you try Ten with a cannon let me know how it goes.
  19. Yeah, people are pretty much set on 5X and that's it.
  20. Some of these need cleaned up a bit. Captain Sarku - It says "At the start of engagement" and "if the defender" which are two different timing windows. The first is before anyone shoots, and the second is when Sarku is shooting someone. When is the deplete or strain supposed to show up? Is it before dice are rolled, because if so, Sarku is now Wedge against any Illicit slot ship with handing out a strain. Also, knowing whether a ship has a slot is not something easily readable on the board. I don't want to open my squad builder every time I I suggest this new wording: "While you attack, after the neutralize results step, if the defender has an Illicit upgrade equipped you may assign them a deplete or strain token." Essara Till - Solid. Best of the bunch. Eighth Brother - I'm against giving Empire another I4 pilot with 2 force. If he keeps two force, make his ability this: "While attacking before dice are rolled, if the defender has 1 or more forces charges active, you may spend one force charge. If you do, the defender must spend 1 force charge." If he drops to one force charge, make it this: "While attacking before dice are rolled, if the defender has 1 or more forces charges active, the defender must spend 1 force charge." Sixth Brother - Again, I'm against giving Empire another I4 pilot with 2 force. I'd like to spice this one up a bit, and add a bit of synergy with Eighth Brother: "While attacking, if the defender has 1 or more inactive force charges, you may change one blank result to a focus result." This way, Eighth Brother can remove a force charge on a defender, then Sixth gets punchier because that force is removed. Rianna Saren and Todra Mayn - I'm not a fan of faction specific targets. Targeting calc, illicits, and force each favors a faction, but actually covers most of the 7 factions.
  21. Honestly, the feel of the TIE/Ba pilots has been that they are fairly balanced pointwise for me. Maybe Ember should drop a point, since I will always take Holo at 2 points more. Dueterium at 9 points matches R2's and must be done during the system phase, weakening it a bit. Overall, the ship feels balanced.
  22. Force basically makes him an I5 Soontir Fel or worse, an I5 Vader. Grand Inq is somewhat balanced by needing either a missile or to spend a mod to get 3 dice attack. A forced up Carnor would have double reposition and two mod slots.Mods would likely be stealth device first as four green dice back by an evade and two force is nigh unhittable. Second would be targeting computer to get Jedi-esque lock focus whenever he isn't getting shot. His ability should be charge based, either 3 charge non-recurring or 2 charges recurring but he has the spend 2 charges to use the ability.
  23. At the start of activation, you may choose one ship at range 0-1. If you do, you may spend 1 charge. That ship cannot alter eyeballs results during the engagement phase.
  24. What I learned from my Store Champs was FO is very popular. 4 out of my 6 matches were against a First Order Ace + 4 buddies. No Boba or CIS made the cut. One out of two 5X made it into cut. Top Cut was 5X (Will Barnickel), 6 Strikers (Tyler Tippett), 4 JM5K (Marcel Manzano), XBB (Me), and then 4 FO Ace + 4 buddies.
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