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  1. @gennataos Out of curiousity, why Tallie and not Greer? I thought you were sold that Greer was better than Tallie. Is it for the simplicity of having two 2's and two 5's?
  2. Gotcha. Losing Lu'lo was the biggest thing, but having ran into several 5A at Worlds, I never really saw them as gone.
  3. Honestly, I think I would drop the reroll all together. Make it a 2 die turret range 2-3. Add in a charge based bonus attack for the "twin." Two charges recurring, spend two charges to perform a bonus attack from this turret, allowing the double tap only every other turn. Maybe have it take up a turret slot and a gunner slot to future proof. Range bonuses and overall lack of free mods would hopefully tones this sucker down. Dorsal is rarely taken because of the 2 die attack rarely doing damage, so I don't think it would be OP. For a Synced Turret, keep the required lock to fire from 1st., but allow a single reroll FCS style. Might be a problem with the VCX or a Lok w/title as those could have the sensor FCS and the Sync reroll. But then again, Matchstick isn't exactly blowing up the meta with his multiple "free" rerolls, so maybe it wouldn't be OP.
  4. They are a solid A tier list. Decent to strong, but not overbearingly so. As to the second part, what single point nerf got rid of them and when? I honestly do not know what you are referencing here.
  5. No doubt. Tournament results are primo for what changes they make, but they must be listening to more than just that. Before the Nantex started making any good showings, FFG started making ability queue changes and tractor changes due to the community cries of "NPE!". They likely don't have a finger on our pulse, but they do hear us shouting and hollering.
  6. Not necessarily point changes, but they do pay attention. The first image is from October 2016, and the Guns for Hire upgrade came out November 2017. Someone's custom upgrade on the forums became reality. It's not an exact copy, but it is unique enough of an idea for a specific ship that FFG likely took inspiration from the custom card. I saw something similar for the T-65 Renegade Refit that came out in Saw's Renegades; it had nearly the same wording, except it was a title and not remove a torpedo slot. FFG pays attention, but obviously not to everything. If something need addressed, the more often we talk about it, the more likely they will see it and possibly address it.
  7. I think a 2/2/3/3/4/5 would be fine. Or at least 3/3/3/3/3/5 to make Vader pay for his shenanigans if he wants to take them. You could even make it 6 for him.
  8. They have an end game, but it's the last 250 cuts of a deaths of a thousand cuts from A-Wings. I'm not certain the it's the T70 that doesn't fit with the faction, but rather the A-Wing, but the A-wing is the best chassis so it feels more like the T70 doesn't fit with it. Most of the faction is a "trade your punches and outlast the opponent" faction, but the A-wings are a strafing hit-and-run ship. I don't know where the Fireball fit yet.
  9. If we had to change, I'd do this and remove initiative killing. Lore wise, we could say that rookie would be taking the first shot they could while veterans would be more calculating picking their best shot.
  10. You question isn't really rules related and should be asked in the Squad lists sub-forum or in just the general forum. Aside from that... Ric Olie and Broadside with an Ion cannon are solid in most lists. Obiwan with CLT is probably the best CLT Jedi out there. Add another ship to those, and you have a decent list. Maybe N1 Anakin or one of the ARC pilots.
  11. Talking about problems is the next best way for them to get addressed, behind tournament results, I would think. I will say that right now it might be a little pointless as we have no major or even minor events swaying the meta or even oppressing local game nights. Everything right now is casual play, so you can play however you like. In the end however, yes, you play the environment given to you. And right now, we have one of the most balanced meta's I've played in. Droid swarm is a little strong for my liking, and Slave 1 is a little to good in hyperspace, but honestly things feel good. But the biggest reason we are talking about points is that we are bored and want some X-wing. The easiest things to get passionate about right now is our perceived balance injustices. Points topics would be around without Covid, but right now we can't fly in the environment presented, so we will complain about it. Complaining is how we care. I know I want to be hyped about X-wing, but man, it takes effort since I can't truly see table time.
  12. FFG's twitter dropped this yesterday 5/19: Fantasy Flight Games releases are beginning again in the United States! You can view our upcoming page now to see what's currently shipping to retailers near you. https://fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ I don't think Boba needs touched much, but dropping Slave 1 from Hyperspace is great. Moving Slave 1 to variable pricing based on initiative sounds good hyperspace or extended.
  13. Fearless Fenn is too good at presenting a threat. If you ignore him in favor of Boba, he's going to light you up. Poe no doubt would be a nuisance and would be rough to end game against, but doesn't cause the early game ruckus that Boba needs to survive. Same consideration for Soontir. none of them would be a bad choice, it's just that Fenn is the more right choice for Boba. Both Soontir and Poe need more toys to threaten as much as Fenn.
  14. Kavil and Broadside would almost never miss with TLT. No, thank you. Ion Broadside is enough of a pain already. If we brought in Autoblaster turret, it would still need the range 1 restriction, and would need to be a 1 die turret since it would naturally get a +1 range bonus.
  15. It does, but that part is a trade off, a negative for a positive. The taking a damage card at the start is all downside though.
  16. Negative abilities in X-Wing are pretty much trade abilities. Suffer this negative effect to either trade it for a negative effect elsewhere or suffer a negative effect to trade it for a positive effect. The only straight negative I can think of is that the Fireball starts with a damage card.
  17. That's semantics of what good, bad. and decent are. I don't care about moving goalposts. I care about poorly designed abilities. They should not exist.
  18. No pilot should have bad abilities. Every ability should be decent or better. Otherwise, the ability should exist. I will however, acknowledge that the higher your initiative, the weaker your ability should be.
  19. I think I must be misunderstanding you. If Obi-Wan starts with 3, and spends his max one force this round, he will regain that one force next round and be at 3. If he can only spend one force per round, and regains one per round, how will he ever drop below 2 force? Are you meaning you can only spend one force per phase? If not, could you explain further? My brain isn't catching on.
  20. People have hangover from the old Thrawn series, where he was apparently a military genius. He might still come out lacking from those books, as well, but it has been so long since I have read them.
  21. Complexity creep I am fine with as long as it doesn't ruin current interactions. Clarifications on Cova Nell ruined a lot of other interaction because of how they worded Cova. Clarifications and rule changes on Nantex ruined other ships interactions. Calrifications on TA-175 timing ruined a couple of other timing interactions. As someone pointed out before, if they had a technical writer/editor that would look at how they worded things in the past so they don't conflict it would help tremendously. PIPS Putting pips in the squad builder sound fantastic. This would allow for cheaper ships that would be too good if you had another on the field but are to costly to field otherwise. It would also allow control over upgrades that are too powerful to have multiple copies (Hyperspace Tracking Data was one). Additionally, you could set different limits for different game mode, allowing Epic to have more Precise hunter for instance. If you limit to one charge spent per round, anyone with multiple charges could never use them. My solution was that you can only use one force per defending/attacking instance. That way if you roll 3 eyeballs, you can only change 1 without a focus.
  22. The timing is nearly the same, but something like the Grand Inquisitor crew says "After an enemy ship at range 0-2 reveals its dial, you may spend 1 force charge to perform 1 white action on your action bar, treating that action as red" and would trigger at different times on those reflexes cards. For Supernatural, Vader could perform the action action before triggering Grand Inq, whereas Precog has the same timing and would tirgger based on first player. @nitrobenz got all the other pertinent stuff.
  23. An actually usable Oddball? How dare you suggest suggest such a thing! /s Truthfully, I like the V-wing being a proto-A-Wing with the Lateral Thrusters. Oddball being able to get triple action economy off of that would be a solid use for him. Give him an R4 depending on the dial and maybe a missile and call it a day. Oddball's biggest drawback has been that he is piloting ships with poor blue maneuvers.
  24. Thank you, but I wasn't asking for rules clarification, I was asking the OP about their philosophy. They seem to think you shouldn't be able to spend lock on an attack that requires a focus. I was wondering if they felt the same about the reverse.
  25. Would you say the same for the opposite? That you cannot spend focus on a missile that requires a lock?
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