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    Importing TIE/D

    How about this: You really have to sell out your defense to get that extra offense. I also make it limited, because why not.
  2. Amilyn Holdo can also move a cloak token to a Huge Ship which is the reason I believe that Cikatro had been errata'd. How would a huge ship decloak?
  3. Ten has great synergy with the foil. Roll into stressful lock is essentially lock + focus. Braylen less so, but if Braylen needs to take a turn not shooting but still taking shots, he can get stress and an evade ensuring he's taking as minimal damage as possible. Overall, I agree is isn't worth 2 points, but on Ten specifically it definitely is.
  4. Thane is very middle of the road, which to me is fine. The odd piece of him is that his ability would be great at a lower initiative. His effectiveness truly depends on what crits he can flip. Direct Hit, Panicked Pilot, and Disabled Powered Regulator are game changers since you can keep hammering a target that has them, but plenty other crits don't matter.
  5. Part of the strategy with Ten Numb and Braylen is knowing when you are going to get blocked and either execute a red maneuver to get stressed, or if they are stressed from the last turn, performing a white maneuver to retain the stress. Ten and Braylen should always be able to modify dice. their mods are unblockable. This where I'm at. She's not bad, but also not good. Advanced Sensors would probably make her fantastic. She has some synergy with K-2S0 pilot and Ezra pilot/crew, but why take a weak piece to make another weak piece better when you can just take 2 strong pieces in Ten Numb and Braylen Stramm that work independent of each other. Or as someone suggested, for a little cheaper, take Thane for an ability that won't screw with teammates.
  6. That is a huge swath of area cut out by Jango, and quite a bit strong. Consider both Amidala and Ember as way to dial that ability back some.
  7. You are doing the Lord's work @emeraldbeacon. Way to be, awesome. The few flowcharts of your's that I have seen have been very helpful.
  8. Yup. Thanks for catching that! I'll edit my error.
  9. It seems pretty cut and dry to me that Reinforce is modifying the dice by adding an evade result. Adding a result is listed as a type of dice modification. The green Reinforce token is effecting the dice, causing the modification. Making me believe that the green Reinforce token cannot be used to modify the dice by adding an evade result.
  10. I'd imagine we will see them in the future. Could be as a mine or a remote. Would either need to be low damage or high cost as it would require less skill to hit. Sabine would be even more powerful.
  11. I would say between 2.1 and 2.2. If you have placed a marker down, you have declared your intent to rotate, so you must rotate at this point. I'd say once you have placed the ship back down in one of the potential directions you have declared which direction you will face, and you shouldn't be able to take it back. This is all conjecture by me. The only hard and fast actually ruling I could hold someone to is that it must be after they execute the maneuver, so something like K2SO pilot would trigger before the rotate.
  12. I had brainstormed up a Cad Bane pilot ability as basically, when attacking or defending, you may spend one charge. If you do the defender may not use force charges to modify dice. I think thematically it fits Cad very well since he continually stymies Jedi. Seemed to fit him better than Jango. I actually had the ability to detonate a bomb after you drop one and Jango's pilot ability instead of the title (since I have him as a Scum pilot and Slave 1 is already taken for that faction). Basically, Jango would have two non-recurring charges, and his ability would read "after you drop a bomb, you may spend 1 charge to detonate that bomb immediately". This would pair well with seismics (Thematic!) since it's easlier to be out of range of an obstacle when you immediately drop. Also, the ability pairs well with Cad Bane crew who has the same timing window. Jango could drop a bomb, then red boost to safety, then detonate it. Since both were bounty hunters that worked for the CIS, it would be cool for this pairing to synergize.
  13. This is currently how it is in the format. I agree that it should stay this way.
  14. You have an option to add the TIE Advanced Prototype and to add TAPs.
  15. Hard disagree. Rebel Beef was point and shoot. It was incredibly predictable, but it was hard to deal with even when you knew exactly what it was going to do. Average folk could do very well with it, and became truly dangerous if someone who was actually good flew it.
  16. Not balanced at all. But I'd love for Separatists to run at a deficit. Reb's have plenty o' tools people just don't know how to use'm. They just don't have autopilot lists like the late Rebel Beef.
  17. True physics should be taken with a grain of salt in the Star Wars universe. Spacetugs used tractor beams to move larger ships "through orbital transfer yards and transit corridors" so small ships using tractors to move bigger ships is canon.
  18. At range 1 you'd be throwing 3 dice with uncancelable crits. 4 for Kavil. With Greedo gunner, he'd be dealing at least 1 uncancellable crit a round. Sounds harsh. I like this idea. Make it require a turret and a missile slot and you have a turret for the Aggressor that can't be taken by any of the troublesome Y-Wing pilots, or anyone else for that matter. Add a missile slot (or a new title that does) to the Scurrg (since harpoons aren't around making that ship NPE) and it could take it, too. 10/10. Would endorse.
  19. Just to clarify, I meant "it's better than getting a TLT". My statement was ambiguous. Agreed. Some can be addressed by removing slots and whatnot, but removing a turret isn't an option for those three pilots. Kavil would become a mini-YT2400, ick. Each new turret idea I come up with is kinda ruined by one of those Y-wing pilots. Drea effects things, too, as you would probably never add a double-arc turret upgrade with her around, but with her new prohibitive cost, maybe you could work it.
  20. It better that TLT. I would want it, but Kavil and Broadside (and probably Matchstick at that point) make me not want a 3 die turret. We could price those pilots much higher, but then that would shoehorn them into taking that turret to be effective. There would need to be a limiter for this kind of turret as well.
  21. The K-wing (much like the Jumpmaster and the Auzituck) got nerfed for how good they could be in 1st edition. The K-wings are paying for past sins, Miranda the most. FFG is making efforts to fix the Jumpmaster, but the other two are sitting ugly. I think a decent "fix" for the K-wing would to be to add a way for K-wings to fire after slamming. I think a configuration like the Starwing would be the best way to go. Perhaps have a bombing specific config and a shooty-slammy config. Shooty-slammy only allows shooting if the defender is locked like in the OS-1 Configuration. The bombing config would allow for dropping of bombs )not mines or other devices) after slamming, maybe? This would hearken to their old bombing tricks, but disallow the dropping of mines which is where that was truly abused. That might be too good. A sensor slot would be helpful, allowing for passive sensors to enable more munitions or FCS to make strafing runs better. But it would give Rebels a decent trajectory simulator platform, and I still have PTSD from 1st edition Rebels doing that.
  22. This conversation was happening in a different thread, as well. As a good design principle, the higher a pilots initiative, the less useful their ability should be. I think Vonreg hits this nail on the head: a decent I6 ace, with an okay ability. I hope FFG tries to embrace this principle moving forward. There are inherent problems with this philosophy, though, as an ability might only be a strong ability on a high initiative pilot. If we swapped Soontir Fel's and Turr Phennir's initiatives, I think we'd believe Turr Phennir's ability was too good, but as it is, it's lackluster. But outside of those specific kinds of abilities, give the strong abilities to low initiative pilots. Finn is a good example of this.
  23. Get out of here with your "logic" and your "real world physics".
  24. But it also gave Y-Wings (and pretty much every 1 or 2 defense die ship) a VCX/Decimator experience. And therein, lies the problem.
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