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  1. Thoughts: - It would be cool to have her ability sync up with Chop. Thumbs way up on this. - Giving her elusive would be almost auto-include. - This ability would definitely jive with the B-Wing theme of playing with stress, since red maneuvers will do that for her. - The "or complete an action" raises my hackles thinking that this could be abused. On an A-Wing that would give Hera triple action economy. Perform action step to Lock -> Hera ability to Focus -> Vectored Thrusters to Boost. Next turn, four forward out of the fight and grab a strain. Overall, however, I like where this is headed.
  2. You can perform the all four of the action as long as those actions are not the same, as you cannot perform the same action in the same round. In your first scenario, yes, you could do the do the Jam->Calculate as the first action and as the second action perform the Lock-Coordinate. However, the ssecond scenario of Lock->Calculate then Coordinate->Calculate would stop after the coordinate as you have already performed the calculate action before. This is correct, you will keep losing energy each time you get stress until you run out of energy. At that point, you become like every other ship where you cannot perform actions while stressed.
  3. This was still my favored change (if we aren't changing PTA to fully execute). It still allows Tugs to move small bases and reduce agility if they get it in bullseye. Tractor beams shot that apply more tokens than the base size needed could do the same.
  4. R4 Astromech escapes the Cova Clause, and so would give Hera 2-hard blues. If it's bad on an A-Wing, it's definitely bad on an R4 X-Wing.
  5. You could always not take struts on any of them! No? Okay, that's fair. More seriously, I've heard your sentiment from several CIS players, and I'll say "I get it" but you folks still baffle me. Given the choice between a 20 point vulture vs. a 19+1 point Vulture, you choose the 20 point one. Baffling.
  6. Fair points, but I will disagree. I liken her to a less powerful Advanced Sensors Guri as Hera would have one less attack die and one less health. If she had three attack dice, I would understand cries of OP. But back when Hera could take Nien to compliment her ability (before Cova ruined it) the attack shuttle had 8 blue and 5 red to choose from, yet no one made use of her mobility then. Not only was she not considered strong, she was flat out not considered at all. The A-Wing would have 2 less maneuvers to choose from, but, I will admit, the difference in changing a 2 hard to a 4 forward or 2 hard in the opposite direction is great. The two die attack is again what I think would keep her in check. That and I6's. I'd love to have a group of us "make the game better" forum goers have a TTS group or something where we could test ideas like this out. Testing possible point thresholds, slot changes etc. It might be too much to hope for to have people play a version of X-Wing that doesn't exist, and may never exist. But does it have the Attack Shuttle or the Captured TIE? Having a Spectre Cell expansion would just be a simple way to get those released. Unless you are hard set on them being separate expansions, why drop a turd on this idea?
  7. Give me a Separatists/Scum pack that has a Firespray and a Rogue-Class Starfighter with pilots for both factions and I'd be happy. Put Jango in both factions, I don't care.
  8. There may not be FFG official events, but there are plenty of us still playing. Vassal and TTS league are pretty popular. Gold Squadron has had several large international TTS tournaments. The bigger rub I see is that the pool of data for informing the changes is smaller than normal. Discords/Struts and Boba/Slave 1 seems to have unambiguous "these need addressed" signs on them, but other than that, I don't know what they would change. Perhaps they have done some playtesting for changing slots or something for ships that they knew were weak back at the last points change, but other than that *shrug*.
  9. Exactly. Call it the Spectre Cell Pack. That would cover the Attack Shuttle and Sabine's TIE. Pheonix leans more towards A-Wings.
  10. I like the idea of expanding that gamespace that way.
  11. Aside from that one dumpster fire thread a couple of weeks ago, we've mostly done okay without them. Mostly.
  12. Considering we don't see either of those pilots on the board, I wouldn't mind it. Sabine had a heyday at launch but has since fallen out of vogue. Sabine would be fun in an A-Wing, being all sort of maneuverable, but not oppressively so at I3 with only a two die primary. Honestly, though, Hera would definitely get flown in a B-Wing or an A-wing without being game-breakingly powerful. Perhaps if you gave her Advanced Sensors in the B-Wing she might get tiresome, but with that upgrade at 10 points and the B-Wing's slow dial, you could price her accordingly. I'd love to see other pilots, but I'm definitely down for those two Spectre pilots to drop into one of those chassis.
  13. Thank you. I was curious myself.
  14. When Ensnare was clearly designed to be on most if not all Nantex, it's weird to rob them of it, right? It's why we don't see the ship in Hyperspace at all. Blockable Natntexans however, can be priced effectively, I believe.
  15. 1. Change Hera Syndulla pilot, Nien Numb crew, R4 Astromech, and Cova Nell pilot to matching terminology so they all work properly. 2. Remove "fully" from the "fully execute" on all of the Oddballs. 3. Change Lancer-Class Sabine Wren's ability to work on offense and defense. 4. Change Predictive Shot's timing window from "after you declare an attack" to "after you modify attack dice". 5. Punishing One adds a die to the turret arc. May not be necessary now, but I'm for it. This is my actual number one, but Boom Owl already said it, so I left it off. I'd rather afterburners be left out of it, but if that is the cost of getting rid of escape artist Jedi and more importantly unblockable Nantendos.
  16. I agree with the spirit of your post, but I don't see the same thing that you are talking about. 7 pages of people talking about the game and what they hope to see in the future and only on page 8 do people start negging Star Wars sequels.
  17. They could definitely add FO/Resistance at some point, or even make that the sequel to this game utilizing whatever crew members survive the story events in this one as members of their repective factions. It might be simpler to balance at that point as shields exist in both factions at that point.
  18. I'm mildly disappointed that it isn't third person, as third person games are my jam, but still very interested. It appears that the ships without canonical shields won't have them, but will be able to more quickly change power distribution between systems. With that, and pretty much every Imperial ship being faster, hopefully that will balance things. You can see in an Imperial cockpit image that a TIE Fighter can take three upgrades, and it has 6 concussion missiles, 4 seeker warheads, and a repair system that has four pips. The repair system at least gives some recovery for shieldless ships, and I imagine the four pips recharge over time as they are different from the simple numerical count of the missiles and warheads. Similarly, the TIE Bomber that fires the beam cannon has four pips next to it while the rockets have a 3 next them, and the multilock missiles have a 5. This quote form the article very encouraging. One of the problems with BF2's starfighter assault was the simple upgrade system of tier 1 lasers to tier 4 lasers style. People that played longer would naturally destroy ships faster as they had tier 4 stuff, allowing them to get more points to unlock the other tier 4 stuff while the newbs had to grind to get better unlocks.
  19. Makes sense. They were in short supply in first edition, and only got more so. Phantom and Punisher also make sense due to the popularity of Redline and Whisper/Quad Phantoms soaking up all of the models. I'm also for the StarViper and the E-Wing, mainly because I want updated models. Folding wings on the Viper and a prettier sculpt for the E. While there is sadly a dearth of female player, non-binaries are actually over represented at 1.4% when compared the 0.39% of the US population. Desktop here, as well, and the small text is tiny, and if you zoom in, it is pixelated and hard to read. Anywho, great job collecting, collating, and charting all of this information! I look forward to future surveys/infographics.
  20. I am hoping that this is a limiting mechanic in multiplayer. Like maybe you get 10 points of power and you get to spend them between offensive, defense, munitions, and maneuverability. I remember not enjoying the Battlefront 2 multiplayer at the start because of veterans that had their stat cards maxed out would kill me in a heartbeat, and then once I leveled up, I was rinsing newbs left and right. Also, they need to sort their heroes out a little better. Poe and Luke would be invincible in a skilled player's hands as they had regen boosts (imagine that!).
  21. I forgot about that being a thing. I changed the settings almost immediately, but roll should have definitely been a different input than yaw.
  22. Not normally. There are pilots and upgrades that allow for this. Stabilized S-Foils for the B-Wing or IG-88B allow for firing a cannon after a primary attack. IG-88B actually even lets you fire a cannon attack after a cannon attack.
  23. Rogue Squadron was my favorite. It's been along time since N64 and GameCube, so perhaps they could improve on that arcade'y feel. It had many different rebels ships, each with their own personality and role. Battlefront 2 narrowed that down to three roles, but I'd like to see it expanded out again.
  24. 5050Saint

    Importing TIE/D

    You say that, but you would also have to not spend your evade for every I2-I5 shot that come at you which kind of defeats the purpose of the evade defensively. So whether you are spending it to attack at I5 or not spending it until I1, it hampers your defense. Nice catch on the bonus attack; otherwise I modeled it off of IG-88B who can double tap with a cannon, whose ability isn't super powerful. Could be changed to "after you perform a primary attack" if it is too strong.
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